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This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

“Be remarkable. Boring is invisible. Remarkable people get talked about.” Those are words by Seth Godin; a talented best-selling author and also a marketing guru. This is something we believe very strongly in and why we are at the top of the list of Tulsa marketing firms. There is so much clutter out there when you are trying to be the one that someone chooses over another company but mostly will just don’t know how. We can help show you how to be the “purple cow” that stands out from any other company that resembles yours. All you need to do is give us a call at 918-851-6920 and let our award-winning team go into action.

Make Your Life Epic marketing firm was created by self-starter, Clay Clark. Clay, spent years hearing marketing firms all say the same thing, “you just need to get your name out there” or something like “build your brand and your clients will come to you”. The one thing you noticed is those companies did not produce sales. Clay Clark has started many, many different types of businesses over the years and he is found that his unique approach to creating the sale is far superior to anything you will find at any other Tulsa marketing firms. This is not a theory but rather a proven method that will blow you away.

From the moment we sit down with you or your team we have one goal in mind and that is to show you how to create sales. Whether that is through current prospects or to create repeat customers or even to create prospects that have never heard of your company, we can do it all. There are so many wonderful products out there that fail not because the product is in good but because the company just didn’t know how to market it to their clients. Even if your product is better than others the only thing that matters is who has the better marketing plan.

Unlike other Tulsa marketing firms we have created a lock tight method that will set you apart from your competition and create more sales. We want to take the time to find out what your goals for your company are and what exactly you’re product or services look like. After finding out that information we are able to determine what really sets you apart as a company and why someone should choose you over identical company. We call that “finding your purple cow”. Everyone has one but not everybody has discovered it or has learned how to use it for their advantage.

Will spend time on showing you and your team how exactly to apply this to your marketing plan and what this looks like to the whole team. We all know the gray quote by Thomas Edison, knowledge without application is meaningless, that we believe that wholeheartedly. We will show you ways to measure the results so you know that what you’re doing is making a difference. We will also work with you while you’re implementing your plan to see if anything needs to be tweaked or enhanced. We do that because the world is changing constantly and we need to make sure that we adapt with it.

Tulsa Marketing Firms Are Important To Your Success

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

What are you doing to stand out from all the clutter of the businesses that do the same things you do? Are you hiring Tulsa marketing firms to help you learn what you should do? Well you only need to make one phone call to us at Make Your Life Epic marketing firm because we have an amazing business plan method that will get you the results you need. So many Tulsa marketing firms focus on building the company’s brand or just trying to get their name out there and relying on theories not proven plan. We are very different at Make Your Life Epic marketing firm because we go by proven results in the show you those if you give us a call at 918-851-6920.

Make Your Life Epic was started by the US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. Clay is a marketing guru that is spent years learning what really works to help companies make more sales. He is learn them personally and he is also researched and talk to many of the top marketing firm executives around to find what really does work and what gets you nowhere. Clay has been able to work with companies such as Quiktrip, Southwest Airlines and many, many more because of his great reputation for getting results. Clay and his award-winning team will focus on one thing, getting you more sales.

As I just stated our main goal is to get you more sales because your company is nothing if you can’t sell your product or service. One thing you need to understand is that just because your product or service is not selling like you thought it would does not mean that your product or service is not any good. It probably means that you are just not using the correct marketing plan that sets you apart from the other clutter out there. We will find a way to help set your company apart were a customer would choose you over a similar company. This not a difficult process but you need to make the change before it’s too late.

We have a wonderful method that has been developed by our owner Clay Clark over his many years of failures and accomplishments. Clay has taken the hits for you while learning the best way to do things you can reap the reward but not have to go through hard time of discovering it. When we meet, will find out what your goals and beliefs are as a company and trying to determine what really sets you apart from other companies. We will find that way that you are different in market that to help you improve your sales.

Our application process is different than other Tulsa marketing firms because we have an implementation schedule that you are able to follow to always feel empowered and know what specifically you need to do next. So many times companies have a plan but just go about the steps in the wrong way. We also have a great unique ways of measuring your plan to make sure it is working for you not against you. We also feel it is important to follow along your implementation process and be prepared to make little tweaks in order to have it continue working for you even as times change.


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