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Tulsa Marketing Firms That Understand Sales Coaching

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

If you tired of marketing firms taking your money and not giving you the results that you deserve then call us at 918-851-0102. If you are going to work with us we agree that you deserve a great increase in your sales we haven’t done our job. Make Your Life Epic can help your company and so many different ways whether it’s with your photography, creative writing, Internet marketing, video production, public relations, sales coaching or social media management. We are one-stop shop where you can get everything covered for your company. We don’t farm things out like all the other Tulsa marketing firms because all that means is that you’re paying inflated prices for a lower quality of work.

Our creative writing team has really discovered that most companies do not understand how exactly to write about a product or service that is compelling for people to buy. We really look at the meaningful ways that we can write about your product or service in order to deeply impact your customer and make them want to learn more or even purchase. We at Make Your Life Epic take the time to find out what services and products or company provides and we will help you write the perfect text that will convince your buyers that you are the right product or service for them. We guarantee there’s no creative writing team out there that can stand against us.

Our award-winning photography department is second to none. We believe there is to types of photography, good photography and bad photography. Good photography is what we do at make Your Life Epic and we have proof of that from our multiple awards. Photography really can make or break a whole campaign. If the type of photos do not resonate with the people you are trying to sell to the campaign will be worthless or even deter them from wanting to buy anything from you. While studying other Tulsa marketing firms we have even found that some photography has even been upsetting to some clients and have ties the relationship that they once had with their customer.

Our public relations division knows how to find correct stories that will hit home with your customers. Not only that we know where they will be reading so you will be able to touch them at the right time. You can have the perfect article but if it’s not in the correct location and has the correct timing it will be worthless our team has done case study after case study to understand where your market spends time reading or watching and we will know exactly how and where to touch them.

Unlike most Tulsa marketing firms Make Your Life Epic produces award-winning results. Our strategy and method created from none other than the US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. He has been described by some as a top sales genius around. As I mentioned before we base everything up case studies that have proven results for your company. Clay uses the exact same methods on his multiple companies as he will use on yours because when you know the best you would use the best for everything you do. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and will explain how our process works and what we can do for your company.

Tulsa Marketing Firms That Excel At Social Media Management

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Are you ready for your company to take off and become epic? If you are not, stick with one of the current Tulsa marketing firms that you are working with. But if you are ready to Excel give us a call at 918-851-0102 and talk to us here at Make Your Life Epic marketing firm. The amazing that we are here for is to help your company explode when it comes to sales and getting those prospects to become paying customers. Our president, Clay Clark who was the US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year always says,” nothing matters until something sells.” In all business owner should know that because they have to pay the bills.

We here at Make Your Life Epic can help your business in so many ways. We will be able to help you excel in your public relations, video production, Internet marketing, sales coaching, and social media management and also blow you away with amazing photography. We do everything in-house which keeps costs down and the quality high. Most marketing firms only handle a few things and shop out the rest of the work to other creative agencies that charge them and armed a leg which in turn charges you an arm and a leg and probably the shoulder as well. We have had the opportunity to work with some the top companies around such as Valspar, Farmers Insurance, Hewlett-Packard and many others.

We are able to help you with your public relations because we want you to have a brand that you can be proud of. The average Tulsa marketing firms tell you to go out and do some nice things for some needy people and they’ll take some pictures of it and make you look good. We hear it Make Your Life Epic feel that each one of you has a deeper story to be told that will really resonate with your customer and make them want to be a customer for life. People like when you are transparent with them and telling her story will show them that you have nothing to hide.

Make Your Life Epic hasn’t top sales coaching around because our president is known to many as the top sales coach anywhere. Everything we do has been developed by him over his many years of creating businesses and by him finding out what does and does not work. Your company will need sales coaching because we will be generating a ton of website traffic, email inquiries and inbound calls from our other marketing vehicles. Most Tulsa marketing firms believe that you are either born with a knack for sales or you are not. We believe that the art of sales is something that can be learned and enhanced. We will show you how to convert all of those leads that you have into paying customers because that is what really matters.

Our sales coaches that have worked with companies like Farmers Insurance and Oral Roberts University will show you exactly how to turn those calls in the phone and clicks on the computer into cash for your company. Your wallet will be so glad that you did. We will need to repair you for all of the incoming traffic that your company will receive so you are not overwhelmed and you understand how to handle everything.


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