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This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic to help your company Excel in ways that other Tulsa marketing firms cannot. The team at Make Your Life Epic produce award-winning results because we follow proven case studies that we know work. Most Tulsa marketing firms go by theories not actual proven results. We want you to focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest. To help your revenue explode we can help you the following areas, social media management, sales coaching, public relations, Internet marketing, video production, creative writing and photography. If we can help you with any of those areas give us a call at 918-851-0102.

We will blow your mind at the amazing things that we can do with your social media management. We will be able to handle your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and any other social media than you that comes along. We know you didn’t start your business to handle social media so that is why we are here to manage it and also use it to your advantage to help you gain sales. Many companies have social media accounts but they develop know sales in doing so so we feel that it is worthless to have them unless you are planning on driving sales to them. Let us show you how we can do that. We have ways within our strategy to make your company social media pages to become contagious to those who view them.

Sales coaching is also one of the amazing things that we can do for your team. Most sales teams have never actually been coached on how to sell in their life. They may have a written booklet that they follow to help them sell but truthfully it’s all up to them on their own to learn how to do it. Also the belief is that you are born where you can sell and is not a learn technique. We disagree with that and no for multiple case studies that sales is definitely something that people can learn to do and do it well. The president of our company, Clay Clark is actually one of the top sales trainers in the country. He uses the exact same methods on his companies as we will use on yours.

Our public relations team is also second to none of the Tulsa marketing firms understand public relations like we do. Most marketing firms have a generic form to fill out to come up with public relations stories to try and get your company name out there. We feel that this is more for custom tailored strategy that we need to spend working with you to find out the stories that will really resonate with people and want them to buy with you. We really want to folks in discovering your story notches stories are you helping a soup kitchen but maybe the stories of your ships that you have overcome to get to the point you are now.

This day in age demands that you understand Internet marketing. The problem is that a majority of companies do not understand Internet marketing and how the connection to use it. The Internet is a free resource to you where you are able to reach millions and millions of people that could be potential clients and buyers. There is no other free venue that you are able to do that on. It’s all about understanding how you can use it to your advantage. Our goal is to have somebody type some basic information about your company into Google and your name and website pops to the top. Let us show you how we can do that and I’m sure you will be amazed.

Tulsa Marketing Firms That Help You Get Your Name To The Top Of Google

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

“Nothing matters until something sells,” is what our president and US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark always says. Unlike other marketing firms we focus on getting you more sales because prospects mean nothing unless they turn into paying customers. Make Your Life Epic marketing firm is like a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs and wants. We don’t just focus on one area and let you stand for yourself on the rest; we can help you with anything you need. Whether it be sales coaching, social media management, photography, video production, creative writing, Internet marketing or even public relations we have you covered. Pick up the phone and give us a call at 918-851-0102.

Most Tulsa marketing firms will hire out when it comes to doing photography for their marketing strategies. What this means is that they don’t truly have control of what is done and how your project is managed because they are putting in somebody else’s hands. We believe that that should not be the way it is. When you come to us and need us to do something we will be able to do it in-house and not shop around with other companies and give your project them. If they can handle it they should send you to a company like Make Your Life Epic that can. We truly can do it all.

Our award-winning photography truly is amazing that we know just how to get the visual that will drive customers to buy from you. If you take a picture of juicy hamburger there are two ways you can take it, good and bad. That good picture will make you look at that hamburger and want it now and do anything they can to find out how they can get to your location and get that burger in their mouth. The bad picture will leave a bad image in their mind and probably in their mouth about what your food is like at your location and they will never shop there again because it will be forever engraved in their mind. This is why we believe that the visuals you use for your marketing campaigns are extremely important and can really hurt your image for years to come if you use a bad Tulsa marketing firms.

We not only focus on photography for your campaign but we also can do amazing a video production. Whether you need a weekly YouTube video shot that talks about your service or gives tips that people can do themselves or if you need a commercial shot for the Super Bowl we can do it all. This is also another area that most Tulsa marketing firms shop around. This also means that you are not getting the best price for your campaign but rather you are paying inflated prices to other photographers and video production managers to get a watered-down visual of your product or service.

A Make Your Life Epic also focuses in-depth on public relations because there are so many ways that you can show your company to others that are basically free venues and great publicity. We dig a little bit more in depth than most firms do because we want to find your story that not everybody knows that people will never forget. Most public relations will talk about companies helping out in soup kitchens or helping build a house for the needy and that is about it. We will bring up all stories like that we also understand that there’s something deeper that we were able to resonate with people on a deeper level and help build your brand.


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