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Tulsa Marketing Firms Are Plentiful, But Which To Choose

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

There are so many Tulsa marketing firms that make so many promises that they will be able to increase your profits and help your business. But how can you know which Tulsa marketing firm can really help you in your time of need. While you do your shopping for a firm you will find the majority telling you that they will focus on building your brand and you will also find some that are focused on eating your name out there. While both those things are great, neither one of them will actually make you more money to pay your bills. By calling 918-851-0102 and talking to Make Your Life Epic you will be talking to a firm that will increase your sales and profits.

The reason we focus on increasing your company’s sales is that while we do that it will also get your name out there for other people to see and also build your brand strong and epic. Those two things will come to you without focusing on them specifically. We are very different than other Tulsa marketing firms because we base everything we do awful proven case studies and we do not base everything off theory like the other firm. These case studies of been developed over the years by our president Clay Clark, US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay definitely knows how to run a company that increases profits because he has been doing it with his companies for many years.

We also follow the same method with each client that we work with because it is proven and we know what works. Start out with a gold discovery process or we sit down and find out why you are truly in business, what services or products you offer and figure out how much profit you will generate per close deal. If you don’t all how much of make up each deal that you close you will not understand how much revenue you will make. This is one of most important parts of running a business.

We then move on to finding out how your company differentiate itself from all the other companies out there and figure out why someone should choose you over the others. Unlike other Tulsa marketing firms we find a way to get you to stand out in the crowd. Will find a way to make your company memorable and not just one of the many. Will then show you how to apply knowledge that we have bestowed upon you and incorporated into your everyday work environment. We all know that knowledge without application is meaningless.

Will actually have a specific implementation schedule for you so you are able to follow it from point A to point B and specifically know what you need to get done at each point.
Focus on measuring the results that you get. Is your search engine optimization working? How is the Billboard doing? Can we do anymore in terms of social media? We will answer all of these questions and find out how each of them is doing. Will stay with you after this is done so we can make incremental improvements along the way. People change in times change to need to know that your campaign is still the right track.

It’s Time To Make a Change From Other Tulsa Marketing Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Rod Stewart, best-selling recording artist once said, “Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. Its image, not what you sing.” There is a lot of proof in this statement because there are so many top singers out there that have no idea how to sing. The thing is they surround themselves with great marketers and find a way to turn all of their downfalls into likable features which makes them popular. Take Taylor Swift for instance. That girl write songs that my eight-year-old could write and has the voice of a cat get a run over by a semi. But she is selling more CDs and selling out more venues than almost anyone else right now. Give us a call at 918-851-0102.

The people that are marketing Taylor Swift have taken things that should hurt their sales in turn them into things that make customers want to buy more. Like her horrible voice, they just say that she is a normal person with very little singing ability so even you could be famous like her someday. Also the truth about her extremely simple lyrics have also made people believe that they could even be famous one day just by seeing their diaries. All of these things that increased her sales her marketing team sat down with her to find out how they can differentiate her from the rest of the crowd so they can sell more music.

Unlike most Tulsa marketing firms this resembles the type of method that we use here at Make Your Life Epic marketing firm. Our method is the same for everybody that we meet because it is a proven method that reduces the best results for everyone. We start out by learning about why you can business owner in the first place. We find out what your goals are as a company and even look into how many sales you need to make to reach your financial goals so you have a good idea of where you are financially. We then move on to brainstorm on how your company can set itself apart from the hundreds of other companies that are just like yours out there.

We look at your product and services and see what is a little different in your company that can stand out that the other companies just don’t offer the same. Maybe you are able to offer your service 24 hours a day when most can’t. Or maybe your team members offer your product while wearing a purple elephant suit. We want know what that is until we brainstorm with you find out more what your company that we will find out how to differentiate yourself from the crowd. We don’t want you to past up by dozens of other companies because you the same in your customers eyes as all the others.

We believe that Thomas Edison was correct when saying, “Knowledge without application is meaningless”. You can have all the knowledge and the world, get all the degrees all the prestigious colleges in the world and yet all that knowledge is worthless unless you apply it to something great. At this stage of the process will show you exactly how to implement our strategy where other Tulsa marketing firms do not. Will actually come up with the implementation schedule to lead you feeling empowered so you know exactly what you should be doing and how to get from point A to point B. We will make your company epic unlike other Tulsa marketing firms.


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