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Tulsa Marketing Firms To The Rescue, But Which To Choose?

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

When looking into Tulsa marketing firms, do you want an average firm or do you want the best firm? Well if you are like most people you probably want to choose the best marketing firm in town. If that was your answer then we are excited to hear your voice that Make Your Life Epic when you give us a call today at 918-851-6920. We are not afraid to say that we are the best because we have the clients the results to prove it. We have been that chosen firm for Hewlett Packard, Valspar, Farmers Insurance, Maytag University, O’Reilly’s Auto-Parts and so many other well-known brands.

“Be remarkable. Boring is invisible. Remarkable people get talked about.” This was said by Seth Godin, and amazing best-selling author and marketing guru. Seth hits it right on the head with how you want your company to be in this ever cluttered marketplace. If you just fit in with the crowd and don’t stand out you’ll be completely boring and invisible and definitely irrelevant. Our president, Clay Clark also understand this and has been years developing a marketing strategy for any company that wants to create more sales for themselves. If you want to just get your name out there you can go to one of the other Tulsa marketing firms because that’s all that will most likely happen. Your name will get out there but you will not see the increase in sales that you need for your business.

The remarkable and give Make Your Life Epic call today. We base everything that we do for your company on years of case studies not on theories. Our owner Clay Clark has been developing these strategies over the years with his own companies and has created his plan to a science. We may ask you the hard questions that you may not want to answer but we want you to succeed and get more sales and if that means feeling a little uncomfortable we think you’ll be okay with that. You will not find any problems with your current marketing plan, to ask the tough questions.

Each time a client comes to Make Your Life Epic will guide them down the same, proven path that we take each business down because it is proven. We know that you have gotten into this business because of product or service that you are passionate about, not that you are passionate about marketing and sales. That is why you leave it to the professionals like us here at Make Your Life Epic marketing firm. Again, we are far above the other Tulsa marketing firms because we understand your customers. Rod Stewart once said, “half the battle is selling music, not singing it.”

Rod understands that creating his music was actually the easy part just like creating your product or service is easy part for you. Now trying to market that to your customers is where they can get tricky. That is where we come in and take you by the hand and follow our proven process to get you more sales. If you have hundreds of potential clients floating in the air you can use us to get them to buy and then get them to come back and buy again. That is what we do and we really do it well.

Don’t Waste Time With Unproven Tulsa Marketing Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

A very wise TV show one stated, “knowing is half the battle”. That is something I learned while watching G.I. Joe when I was a child. This is a good very simple statement but so many people are missing this fact because they are working with the wrong Tulsa marketing firms. They can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on flashy marketing campaigns but yet they will never find out what will really get them the sales that they need to keep their business afloat. If they stayed with these marketing firms they will never “know” because the firm will never tell them. To get in the know give Make Your Life Epic marketing firm today at 918-851-6920. Go Joe!

The one thing that we want you to be is educated and in the “know” of the reasons that you are doing each thing you are doing with our company. We don’t feel that anybody walk by blind faith when it comes to the financial stability of their company. That is why we use proven case studies to show you the reasons why we do things we do. Most Tulsa marketing firms based their decisions on theories that should work but have never shown the results. We believe that if we set you up with a strategic marketing plan that if you fail that we fail. But the thing is, we don’t fail.

Our president is the amazing Clay Clark who was US SBA entrepreneur of the year and is currently running dozens of successful businesses today. He has come up with this marketing strategy over the many years he has been creating and marketing his own companies and is found out what has worked and what hasn’t. So in other words he has done all the dirty work for you so you don’t have to put your company at risk. Clay truly wants your company to succeed. And his feeling of succeeding is getting more sales.

You could have hundreds of prospects and that would mean anything to your accountant because they wouldn’t have any money to put towards the bills. That is why we don’t focus on things like building your brand and getting your name out there because those things alone will not make you money. If you focus on the sales and how to get more than in time your name will get out there because you have more customers and your brand will be bigger and stronger. This is one of the things that most Tulsa marketing firms do not understand. They will spend thousands of dollars on getting your name out there that nobody has a call to action or you need to buy.

One thing we really focus on with your company is finding out how you will differentiate yourself from all the other clutter out there. If you are plumber, why should someone choose you? Are you the cheapest? I you the fastest? Are you so good-looking that it doesn’t matter if you even know how to fix pipes? This is what we do find out about you and your company so we will be able to market to the right people in the right way. I asked that you put us to the test and give us a call today.


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