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Make Your Life Epic Provides The Best Photography Out Of All Of The Tulsa Marketing Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

If you want to work with award-winning sales coaches, public relations experts, Internet marketing gurus, video production and photography professionals, creative writing geniuses and social media magicians you will need to give us a call at 918-851-0102. We are able to handle so much more than other Tulsa marketing firms. Will not tell you that we are going to work with you and shop out all of the different aspects of a marketing campaign all across the United States. Everything stays with us here so we know at what stage everything is it and how we can better help you. Most marketing firms will send different pieces like your photography and video production to the East Coast because they are not able to handle it in-house. By doing this they lose all control it are at the mercy of the other company they are working with.

Have seen time and time again where one of these marketing firms sends a piece or most of the marketing campaign to different parts of the United States and when it’s time for the campaign to be done they are scrambling to try and find out the status of every piece and why it is not completed. Like I said before they are now at the mercy of all the other companies that they work with and they have no control over any part of your campaign. Here at Make Your Life Epic we keep everything in-house so if we have a question about any piece of the puzzle we walked on the hall and ask. We do not feel it is respectful to you to send your campaign to other people that you do not know in charge you more to do it.

The reason that we do not have to send it anywhere is because we had everything in-house for you to take advantage of. Even if he wanted to send it to the top people in each of these categories would still send it to the people at our company because they are the best. Every day I’m amazed when I read the articles written by our creative writing team. They are able to understand people’s minds and how they perceive products and services and then portray them in a way that makes you want to buy them. It is a gift that they have but they also work very hard at refining it and keeping their knowledge up-to-date.

Our social media gurus are ready to take your company to a new level. Whether you want to connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or any other social media outlet, we can help you do that. The best part is not only can we help you connect in those ways that we can show you how you can actually create customer loyalty and interaction through each of those pages. Most Tulsa marketing firms think that it’s enough just to have these pages and update them every now and then. They would be false in thinking that these are not venues to create new customers because they most certainly are.

Social media is the best way to reach more customers by not spending a lot of money. This is also a reason why other Tulsa marketing firms do not want to push to have you do this because that would just be taking money away from other things that you could be paying them. Make Your Life Epic does not care about sucking the biggest amount of money out of you because we just want to see you succeed. We are successful enough not to try and weasel every penny from you and we get more enjoyment out of watching your eyes get huge and you find out how much your sales can increase by working with us.

Make Your Life Epic Provides The Best Internet Marketing Out Of All Of The Tulsa Marketing Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Are you ready to work with a marketing firm that has helped great companies like Hewlett-Packard, Valspar, Farmers Insurance, Maytag University, and many others? We suggest you stay away from all those other Tulsa marketing firms that just don’t understand the times we live in and how to really increase your sales. Because nothing really matters in a company if you can’t produce sales. It’s great if you have 1 million prospects waiting in the wings but right now they are producing no income for your company. This is where we come in and help you turn those prospects into paying customers. Give us a call at 918-851-0102 and we will show you how.

“Nothing matters until something sells,” is what our president Clay Clark always says. Clay is the US SBA entrepreneur of the year. On the surface this comment may sound very uncaring towards customers but if your business owner and you don’t make sales you won’t be able to offer your product or service to anybody again. If you feel like your product and service is beneficial to people and you will want to make sure that you sell enough to stay in business so you can still provide it. This is where other Tulsa marketing firms just don’t understand. They focus so much on building brands and getting your name out there that they forget that you need to sell things.

They focus so much on theories that have failed over and over again but some great. The only things that we do are based on proven case studies that we have used over and over again and will not fail us. This is how we have become the top marketing firm around. Another reason why we have become so popular is because we can offer so many more things than other marketing firms can. We can offer things like photography, creative writing, video production, Internet marketing, public relations, sales coaching and even social media management. Most other firms can offer a few of these things and then have to shop around to find someone to take care of the rest.

When they have to shop around the different aspects of your marketing campaign this means that the pieces will move all around and not be in one spot and also it will cost you twice as much to get it done. This is why we have decided to have everything we do produced in-house swing keep everything together and make sure that each one of our divisions is on task so your marketing campaign is completed on time. We do not want to have to tell you that our photography company on the East Coast got too busy and couldn’t complete your photos so you have to push your marketing campaign out another month.

Things like this aren’t just an inconvenience for you but these things can also cost you thousands and thousands of dollars because you have to wait to implement something that could create more customers and create more revenue. The best thing is unlike other Tulsa marketing firms we will never have to tell you that our East Coast photography company doesn’t have your photos. We will walk down the hall to our photography division can pick the photos up ourselves. This is why so many high-end clients come to us to get there marketing needs fulfilled. You can tell that they are sick and tired of wasting their time with the other firms out there and just want things done right in their sales increased.


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