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Out Of All Of The Tulsa Marketing Firms, Who Has The Best Internet Marketing Division–Make Your Life Epic Does

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Rod Stewart once said, “Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. Its image, not what you sing”. Rod Stewart knows more about sales and marketing than most Tulsa marketing firms do. He understands that is not what he writes but how he markets it to his fans. He also knows that he could have 1 million fans but if nobody came to his concerts or bought his CDs he would be sunk. The main problem with other Tulsa marketing firms is that they focus in getting the fans not making the sales and that is why they fail so horribly. If you want to work with the marketing firm that knows what’s going on give Make Your Life Epic a call at 918-851-0102.

I think we see this very often in the music world. Most recently I think the most obvious person think of is Taylor Swift. This girl, even though really sweet, can’t sing at all. I believe they have stopped having her sing live because they need to alter her voice so much through a computer to make it sound okay. But does it stop Taylor Swift for becoming the top female artist today? Not at all she is one of the top producing female artists today and sells out her concerts in an hour less. So using rational thought how can she be so popular? It all comes down to marketing.

Her marketing firm works a lot like ours does because we find ways that we are different and take those things and use them to our benefit. Taylor Swift marketing group has taken her lack of any talent and goofy looks to show that she is just like everyone else and if everyone else listens to her music they can become as famous as her someday. We work a little bit differently because we find something that sets you apart and make people remember you because of it but we don’t stretch the truth or lie. We want to help you become memorable.

If you own a burger shop in Tulsa how are you going to stand out from the rest the burger shops? Do you have the juiciest burgers? Do you have cheese stuffed in between two patties when they are cooked? Do you so much grease that they case so wonderful even though people may not survive the full burger? Whatever it is we want you to be different than your competitors because if you just advertise your burgers you are not advertising your location but rather anybody who sells burgers. We want you to only advertise your burger shop and for people to come eat at your store.

We have been helping companies discover how they are different in how they should present themselves for years and have been able to help companies like Farmers Insurance, Valspar, Hewlett-Packard and many, many other clients. We use only proven case studies when determining how to create our marketing method because we did not use made up theories like other Tulsa marketing firms. We will not take your money and run because we want to be there right by your side as you grow and develop as a company. We are excited to grow alongside with you.

Tulsa Marketing Firms Who Stay With You As You Grow — Make Your Life Epic Does

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic marketing firm is far different from any other Tulsa marketing firms out there. We are able to help you with every step of the marketing process including sales coaching, social media management, Internet marketing, public relations, video production, creative writing and also photography. We can help you with any one of these marketing outlets or we are able to take you from start to finish and show you how we can make your company’s profits explode. Your unlike any other Tulsa marketing firm because we don’t outsource 90% of the work to other creative firms and that is also why we are so much cheaper than the other Tulsa marketing firms. Give us a call to find out at 918-851-0102.

We here at Make Your Life Epic believe that everything should stay in-house because we wanted to be the most cost-effective and complete marketing plan that you will ever see. We have seen over the years the pieces of the plan get overlooked because they were sent to other agencies to be worked on. We will not send your photography work to the East Coast and your public relations up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin or your social media outsource to India. We don’t work this way and we don’t feel that you are respected as a company if anybody else treats you that way as well.

Will keep everything in-house to make sure that you are taking care of and that you are able to have any good questions answered immediately as they arise. You’ll be able to see the process forming before you will not have to look to another country to see how your social media is being worked on. These are views by our whole company especially our president Clay Clark, US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year. Customer service is extremely important to us and we feel that we can handle that the best if everything is all in one place. Our past clients have also appreciated that is well.

We have excelled greatly at our sales coaching because it is led by the one, the only Clay Clark. Clay’s efforts to some as the top marketing and sales genius around. When you decide to work with us you will experience a high volume of incoming website traffic, inbound phone calls and email inquiries that you will need to convert to sales. This is where our sales coaching comes in great because we will show you exactly how to turn these prospects into actual paying customers an actual returning customers. We believe that everyone can be trained on how to sell and close deals. This is something that we may differ on other Tulsa marketing firms. I guess we just have more faith in people’s learning ability than they do.

Our public relations division is also second to none. We develop custom tailored public relations strategies unlike any other company around. We don’t just go by the surface events that most public relations firms like to bring up the public. We like to dig deeper and find stories within the stories that people can relate to and want to make them buy from you. We believe that a company is deeper than just collecting canned food for the needy. While this is great and much needed there are so many other stories that need to be told as well.


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