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Make Your Life Epic Verses The Normal Tulsa Marketing Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic marketing firm puts all other Tulsa marketing firms to shame. The reason is that we offer far and above more services to help you create more revenue for your company than anyone else. We are able to offer you services such as photography, creative writing, video production, Internet marketing, public relations, sales coaching and social media management. A lot of the marketing firms that you come across will only be able to offer a few of these services. We feel that you to have the opportunity to work with one single client for all of your needs and not have a different marketing firm shop out the different parts of your project to people all across the US. Call us today at 918-851-0102 to find out more about what these marketing firms are doing.

Our award-winning photography team is all set to show you how amazing your product or service can look visually. We understand there are two types of photography. Good photography and bad photography and we focus on just doing the good photography. Good photo is one that creates interest in a product or service and may even want someone to straight up purchase it. Other Tulsa marketing firms offer bad photography. These photos depict a scene that is not enticing your customer to do anything else other than turn the page or look away. I saw an ad in a magazine the other day that was for a private school in the Tulsa area. It was a picture of a girl in the uniform doing homework with her parents in the background.

This girl had the saddest look on her face that it made me want to find out who she is and go by her a puppy. My eyes then went to the parents in the background who had a look of disgust on their faces while looking at their daughter doing her homework. I’m not sure how this was supposed to make me want to send my kids to this private school but this is the image that they chose to use. What I could gather from the scene is that this girl hated her private school that her parents made her go to and that her parents were so disgusted at how much that they had to pay in the background that it show it on their faces. This is example of bad photography. The hardest part is that I know that this school paid thousands of dollars to have this image taken and also placed in this magazine.

It is sad when Tulsa marketing firms use company’s money to take pictures like this in place ads when it only hurts them. This is something that will never happen when working with Make Your Life Epic. Will keep you in the loop during the whole process to get your opinion on what you want your company clients to think of when they think of you. Again we will not shop out your photography or any other part of your campaign because he will do it all in house.

We want your company to be very memorable to anybody who sees an ad depicting your company. We don’t want them to pass right by and flip the page or look away because our main goal is to create new customers each time we place an ad. We have been doing this for a long time and have figured out how people think so we know where and when to place ads. We hope you give us the opportunity to work with you and show you what we can do for your company. Please give us a call today.

Make Your Life Epic Does What The Normal Tulsa Marketing Firms Can Not

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

What we do at Make Your Life Epic is grow your overall business by getting your company in front of the people who will buy your product or service and do it in a memorable and compelling way. This is far different than normal Tulsa marketing firms out there. What we have discovered it our research is that most marketing firms use a shotgun approach and spit your name out there so as many people can see it as possible not caring about how much money of yours that they spend. There is no focus on who they are trying to hit and the information that is given out there doesn’t set your company apart from any of the other businesses that you are trying to differentiate yourself from. Let us show you how we do things different by calling us at 918-851-0102.

How would you differentiate yourself from the other businesses that may be considered similar to yours? If you sold Persian rugs, what are some things that could make your company different? Are your rugs actually Persian? You put some type of sealer on them to make them last longer than everyone else’s? Was one of your rugs used in the movie the Prince of Persia? Whatever it is we will help you find a way to set yourself apart from all the other companies similar to yours. This is one thing that most Tulsa marketing firms do not do.

Best-selling recording artist, Rod Stewart once said, “Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. Its image, not what you sing.” Rod really understood that it’s not necessarily the product you put out but how you market it. It would be interesting to see what would’ve happened if Rod Stewart didn’t do any differentiation marketing throughout his career. Would anyone have ever noticed him? What if he quit after his first album? With what we have seen throughout history is if you can’t set yourself apart from all the clutter out there you will not be able to weather the storm.

Many of you have been weathering the storm for quite some time while working with other Tulsa marketing firms. Get out of the rain and give us a call because we want a help you stand out from the crowd. You will never find a better marketing firm who does more to increase your sales than we do it Make Your Life Epic. Our company was even started by one of the most sought after sales geniuses, Clay Clark. He was the US SBA entrepreneur of the year. Clay has developed an amazing sales process that can teach even the most sales challenged team members how to be great. Give us the chance to teach your employees how to sell your product.

Clay uses everything that he has learned over the years and created an amazing strategy for all businesses including his own. He really is somebody who practices what they preach. He would not be using it on his own companies if it wasn’t as successful as we make it out to be. His strategy will help you turn all of your prospects into actual paying customers that will increase your revenue and keep your doors open. Take the time to give us a call so we can explain to you how we can help your company grow.


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