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Amazing Video Production Offered At Tulsa Marketing Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic will help you quickly grow your business because it is our passion is an award-winning team. We want you to handle your business and leave the marketing to us. I’m assuming you did not start your company because it a passion for search engine optimization or writing PR articles but rather you had a passion for your product or service. We do have want you to take that time away from your company and we would love for you to trust us to use our proven strategies to increase your sales and in turn make you more money. Many such as the Valspar, Farmers Insurance, Oral Roberts University and many others have put their faith in us that we could handle their marketing and they have been extremely satisfied with what we have done for them. Give us a call today at 918-851-0102.

Most Tulsa marketing firms are not equipped to handle so many areas that we are at Make Your Life Epic. Here at To Make Your Life Epic we handle everything like sales coaching, social media management, photography, creative writing, Internet marketing, public relations and even video production. The average firm usually shops out one or many of these different areas because they are not equipped to handle everything in house. What that means is that your project will be shipped from location to location having different parts of it done in different places. Nothing will be done in the same location and there is always the chance of something getting lost or missed when handled in this way.

We at Make Your Life Epic feel that everything should be handled in one location unlike other Tulsa marketing firms so you will get the best service and the best price possible. We feel that if you can’t do it all you need to get out of the business because every client deserves the best and you just don’t get the best if your project is floating around all over the country. If you need some great visuals for marketing campaigns we have amazing, award-winning photographers on staff that will be able to portray what you are trying to get across to your customers and do it with beautiful photography. Our photos are deathly worth 1000 words.

If you need help with your video production we can also do that and we do it very well. If you are looking to create a Super Bowl commercial we can handle quality to do that and do it well. If you’re looking for someone to produce a weekly YouTube commercial or segment for your customers we can do that also. There are very few limitations that we have as a company unlike most Tulsa marketing firms. Like I said before will keep everything in-house everything will be cohesive and not confuse your client.

We base everything off of our years of case studies that are proven and not off theories like most firms. Everything we do have a purpose to create you more sales. We are very intentional about everything we create because we don’t want to waste your time if something is not going to be productive for you. You as a client are extremely important to us and we want to work directly with you to give you the best marketing possible that will increase your sales. Give us a call and we’d love to start working with you.

Amazing Photography Offered At Tulsa Marketing Firms

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Here at Make Your Life Epic we produce award-winning results that can take your company to new heights. Over the years we have been able to provide service for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Maytag University, Farmers Insurance, Valspar paint, Oral Roberts University and many other amazing clients. These clients work with us because they know that we will get them the results that they are looking for when it comes to increasing their sales. Many companies come to us because they had given up on all of the lies that other Tulsa marketing firms tell them and they want someone to tell them how it is how they can produce better sales results. We can show you how if you call 918-851-0102.

Make Your Life Epic was created by none other than the famous Clay Clark that is the US SBA entrepreneur of the year. Clay has spent years creating new companies that offer great products and services to thousands of people. The problem that Clay ran into over the years was that marketing firms were not able to increase sales like they should have been able to. So what Clay did was take his years of knowledge and case studies and develop marketing plan and method that would work for any size company that wanted to increase their sales.

Clay found that the Tulsa marketing firms out there all said the same thing. They wanted to build your brand and get your name out there. Those two things sound great in theory but neither of them will get you the sales you need to keep your company going. They may create many, many prospects but a prospect doesn’t pay the bills. Clay found a way to turn those prospects into paying customers. Because Clay was unable to find any marketing firms that could offer any sort of help to businesses around the area he decided to start his own company.

Make Your Life Epic can do so many more things than any other firm out there. We can help you with your sales coaching, social media management, photography, video production, public relations, Internet marketing and even your creative writing. Most companies will be able to handle one or two of those areas and then find other companies around that can do the rest the work for them because they aren’t able. What that means is that they will find an expensive photographer or video production manager and get them to the work for them and then come back to you and make you pay for the work that they shopped out and also pay them for doing it. We call this a scam but it is the norm for most Tulsa marketing firms.

We keep everything in-house because we find that the whole strategy stays much more cohesive if one agency is working on it. The whole project stays right here with us. Your project is not travel to California for photography then to Florida for some public relations then up to Minnesota for some video production and so on and so on. We know you’ll be very happy with the level of service that you will receive from the first moment we meet with you. We want to find out everything about you and your company so we are able to help your company succeed.


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