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Tulsa marketing agency | fantastic podcast

The leading Tulsa marketing agency Extra Myle Agency is going to be able to teach you how to set up the most amazing podcast. With a free 60 minute assessment for your business you will be able to ensure that you are going to find them here to help you become a successful entrepreneur and to push your business the next level. Do you want to create time freedom? Would you like to scale your business model so that you can franchise.

Our Tulsa marketing agency likes to educate our entrepreneurs and business partners. One of the many things that people don’t realize is for your business to be successful you have to have a ton of content added to your webpage on Google. With a podcast the new record on average 10 minutes a day you will be able to add content to your webpage that will help get you to page 1. With over 1000 words spoken in about 10 minutes you will be able to upload that content after it has been transcribed to the webpage and add additional pages to your site. Don’t worry about what you say most people aren’t even going to be reading it. It is just content that is required to have by Google.

Podcast are easy to setup is just a matter of getting a voice to text software system installed on your computer and our Tulsa marketing agency will be able to help you with that. Voice to text software that we use is Dragon it is an amazing learning program that adapts to the user over time. By speaking clearly and just talking about your business you can easily add 1000 words of content to your page each day.

Choose not to do an amazing podcast our Tulsa marketing agency will be able to help you out with the content for your pages by delegating work to our SEO team. Our dedicated team spends hours a day writing content for webpages just like yours. We will tailor content to your individual business so it is relevant to your webpage and using keywords that you would like to provide for the your coach will help you determine that is needed our team can set that up for you.

Go to our webpage at makeyourlifeepic.com where you been watching video testimonials from entrepreneurs and business owners like you. You can also listen to the www.thrivetimeshow.com/business-coach-podcast/ this is the example of the most phenomenal podcast you are going to find you will learn so much even just by listening to the content on a daily basis we break down how to make podcast as well as interviewing different business people the movers and shakers if you will. Our website you can thought the form and schedule your free 60 minute assessment. We also have a list of services available so that you may look over and start picking and choosing which services systems are going to be right for you. As always our main goal is to help you grow so you can obtain that financial and time freedom that all entrepreneurs are looking for. Go check out our webpage today and make your life epic.

Tulsa marketing agency | winning at trade shows

Extra Myle Agency has 12 years of experience with trade shows. Make sure to fill out our form online to one of our amazing representatives can reach out to you and schedule your free 60 minute assessment. Tulsa marketing agency will beat any competitor’s price by 50% with many years at trade shows our ownership has come up with the best for tradeshow excellence. We offer information on setting up the trade shows.

Our Tulsa marketing agency ownership has actually created a tradeshow so they are going to be the most experienced people to teach you how to set up the best systems to generate the most leads from any tradeshow visit. They actually have the system broken down for you at their website thrivetimeshow.com once you signed them to work with us you are going to be able to go review these videos how to set up the tradeshow booth. With our tradeshow experience you are going to find it that we have the most useful and helpful information out there. Don’t waste your time with our competitors they are not going to have all of the information that you need to make your life epic.

Tulsa marketing agency will also be able to set up the slide that you will want to show on your televisions in your tradeshow booth, as well as setting up the graphic for your pop-ups the hands and other marketing media you will want to be handing out at the tradeshow. We can make recommendations on how to make your boot the most noticeable at the tradeshow so you are generating the most possible traffic in your group. All of these things are going to be very important to the aesthetic of your tradeshow booths. Going to want to make sure they are of the highest quality, and the most detailed work available.

Our team will also help you with best practices on filling out the lead sheets and lead tracking at the trade shows you are going to. Tradeshows are and amazing way to generate leads especially if you are in a service industry. If you are in photography, or a florest, party planner, wedding planner these are all going to be businesses that will thrive at a tradeshow. Tradeshows are how many businesses generate leads by traveling across the country to various tradeshows you are going to be able to reach more people and a shorter amount of time. Most tradeshows have thousands of attendance that are actually looking for businesses like yours. If you’re not marketing at tradeshows you are absolutely missing out.

Extra Myle Agency would love to spend an hour talking to you to show you how we can set up these amazing systems for you and help you win at tradeshows. Go to our website at makeyourlifeepic.com just fill out the form to set up your 60 minute free assessment. You are also going to want to review our video testimonials, review our success stories and check out all of the amazing marketing services that we have to offer to you and your business. Also make sure to visit our podcast page at www.thrivetimeshow.com/business-coach-podcast/ where you can hear these tips and more from our owner Clay Clark.

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