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Are You Searching For The Best Tulsa Marketing Firms?

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic marketing firm is ready to take on any of the Tulsa marketing firms because we know we can do things for you that they cannot. We are here to quickly grow your business by looking at what your company does the best in developing a marketing strategy from that. We develop a plan for your company to make sales based on proven strategies that we have developed and tested over the years. Our plan isn’t just to get your name out there or helping build your brand because those things alone will not make you sales. And without sales you will need to close your doors. If you aren’t hitting your sales goals each month you need to give us a call at 918-851-0102.

“Nothing matters until it sells”, is what our president, Clay Clark always says because you will not survive without sales. Clay Clark is the US SBA entrepreneur of the year and has spent years perfecting this marketing plan that can take your company to a whole new level. Clay understands you as a business owner because he himself owns dozens of businesses. He understands that is important to have your name out there in the public and also building your brand is something create, but your sales will come from finding something unique that sets your company apart from others and makes yourself memorable. This is not based on theories but rather proven case studies that have been tried over and over until perfected.

Make Your Life Epic is different from other Tulsa marketing firms because every time someone visits us they will go through the exact same process because it is proven to work. It is a five step process that many marketing firms have tried to imitate but cannot because they are stuck in the old ways of their understanding. Like I said we follow a proven plan that it is all based on case studies and not guesswork. We start out with gold discovery where we get together and find out exactly why you are in business, what you truly offer and what sets itself apart. We also want to find out how much profit you will generate per close deal and this is how you will stay in business.

Next we will focus on differentiation of your product versus your competitor. We want to find a way for you stand out in the crowd. We need to brainstorm and find out what makes you memorable that your competitors do not offer or cannot offer. Then will show you how to apply this marketing plan to your business. Thomas Edison once said it that knowledge without application is meaningless. This rings true in this circumstance especially because you need to apply this to your company and its employees to work.

One of the most difficult parts to do for most Tulsa marketing firms is measure the results that they produce for you. At Make Your Life Epic this is something that we do especially well for you because we aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions. We want you to succeed even if it means finding out things that are hard to see. Lastly we know that times change and people change so in knowing that we need to make sure that we make incremental improvements to your marketing plan. It is a very competitive marketplace and we want to make sure that you are at the top of the pack.

Who Is The Best Of The Best Of The Tulsa Marketing Firms?

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

Are you currently working with one of the Tulsa marketing firms? Are they upping your sales each and every week and just completely amazing you? Well, if they are not than you need to call us at 918-851-0102 because that is what we do and we do it well. We are Make Your Life Epic marketing firm and we are here to amaze you. We are not going to make you promises like every other Tulsa marketing firms just to get your money; we will actually show you results. We don’t work off theories and hunches; we work out of proven case studies that have been tried over and over again.

You want your company to be remarkable or do you want to be boring and invisible and blending in with the crowd? Our president, Clay Clark wants to make you stand out and be noticed by everyone around you. But not only does he want that he wants you to make sales! He always says, “Nothing matters until it sells”. Because really does it really matter if you have 1000 people that like your product that nobody will buy it? It’s great that they love your product but if they don’t buy it, you will be out of business.

Unlike other Tulsa marketing firms, we follow a proven process that has been tried over and over again through many case studies. Each time a business owner meets with us they will fall the same process because it is proven. Our method sounds simple but no one has been able to replicate it with the same results that we have. Each time we meet with the company we start out by finding some things out like what you really are in this business, what are the products and services that you offer your clients and what makes you different from every other company out there.

We also want to find out how much profit that you will make on each deal that is closed in order to find out how may deals you need to make pay your bills to make money. Will then look at exactly why someone would choose your company over all the other clutter that’s out there. We will find the thing that makes you different than the others whether it’s a service you offer or the way you offer it or product that no one else has. Whatever it is we will find out what it is and how to use that to your benefit. How will we make your company memorable?

Thomas Edison said knowledge without application is meaningless and we take that very much to heart. We understand that you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you’re not planning on using it is worthless. We will ask us set up an implementation schedule so you will feel empowered because you will know specific things that you need to do for your plan to be effective. Will then measure the results to find out if the marketing plan is doing all we want to do. We’ll leave you hanging after that because we will look at the plan and make incremental improvements along the way because people change in times change and we want you to stay on top your game.


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