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An Amazing Tulsa Business Coach From Make Your Life Epic Will Be Able To help You Through The Hard Times

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

We have an amazing Tulsa business coach at our marketing firm called Make Your Life Epic. The name of our company says a lot about us because we truly do want to make you and your company epic and we put it in our name because that is our true goal. When you meet with our coaches, your company will never be the same again and will never have low standards again because your company truly will be epic. Unlike other Tulsa marketing firms we do not try to lower your standards so it makes ourselves look better but rather we want you to expect amazing things from us because that’s all we offer and that’s all you will receive every time. Give us a call today and we will show you exactly what we can do for your company to make it truly epic. Our phone number is 918-851-0102 and we would love to hear from you.

Webster’s dictionary defines epic in a few different ways. The first is “heroic; majestic; impressively great”. Another is “of unusually great size or extent,” and yet another is “spectacular; very impressive; awesome.” Take a second to think of these definitions defining your company. Would you describe your company as being spectacular or majestic? Almost all people probably would say no unless they are currently working with us. We know what the definition is and our goal is to make your company really become epic and fit the true definition. Our Tulsa business coach won’t be happy if you sales just increase by a little bit because that’s not what we strive for our customers.

Other companies may be happy with that but it’s not alright with us. Our amazing sales method was developed by the master of sales himself, the one, the only, Clay Clark. Clay was the US SBA entrepreneur of the year. Clay and his team are experts at figuring out what makes you stand apart from the rest of the companies that are close to yours and through that create a large amount of sales. It’s very true that having 10000 prospects isn’t as good as having even 100 sales because having prospects doesn’t pay the bills. It’s great to have those 1000 prospects but our Tulsa business coach will teach you how to close the deals and make the sales and then create repeat customers that will come back again and again forever.

If that happened in your company could you see yourself becoming epic? If you were able to double your sales and in turn hire more salesman and then double those sales again and hire even more salesman and so on and so on. I would think that it could make your company epic. This is what we do and unlike other marketing firms, we won’t develop a plan and then leave you fend for yourself while trying to implement it. We will have your plan all set for you and be right by your every step of the way. We will be there to help you do improvements along the way because times and trends change and so do people spending habits. We want to help you make changes on the run.

How people spent money five years ago is very different then how they spend money today. We are able to take that into account and our coaches can come up with the best marketing plan for your company specifically. Clay Clark always says, “Nothing matters until something sells”. This may seem blunt but it is a very true statement for everybody who owns their own company because their livelihood really depends on making sales. All of you are in luck because that is what we do the best and we will do that for you. Please give us a call today and we will get you going the road to being epic.

An Amazing Tulsa Business Coach From Make Your Life Epic Will Show You How To Get To The Top Of Google Search

This Content Was Written By Make Your Life Epic

There was a very wise singer and songwriter that once said “half the battle is selling music. Not singing it. Its image, not what you sing.” That very quote was said by best-selling recording artist, Rod Stewart. We are Make Your Life Epic feel this is a very true statement from a man that has been in the business for many, years. I think it is very obvious that this statement is very true. You can see this when you look at other artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift the truth is glaring. My explanation will come in the paragraphs below but I wanted to let you know that you can call for an appointment to talk to an award-winning Tulsa business coach at 918- 851-6920.

For those of you that have listened to Taylor Swift actually sing her music and listened to the lyrics it is the exact same thing as a 13-year-old reading pages from her diary. Other countries have actually used her live singing as torture techniques. If you take the time to look at her she is kind of funny looking and extremely awkward. You may wonder how did this girl take the music industry by storm and put it in the palm of her hands. If you also look at Katy Perry; she is a woman in her 20s who sings about things like she’s 16 and lives the life of a Valley girl. Just like Taylor Swift her live performances have been rumored to be the cause of multiple people going insane and being placed in an asylum. Sadly, her actual appeal as a singer and person is extremely low.

This is where Rod Stewart’s comments take over. When you look at these two girls from the beginning, both of these girls were marketed like no one else. Taylor Swift’s marketing firm took the fact that she had no formal training in singing which is why she sounds so horrible and have turned it into a positive that anybody could be her. They found a perfect way to differentiate her from anyone else in the market and it really worked perfect. Her flaws were turned into positives that made her even more popular. Katy Perry was marketed as a girl who dated everyone and that was her stick. Katy also bought out every commercial on the radio and other media outlets for months so her name was the only one heard in the whole year of 2010.

In both of these cases their Tulsa business coach found their “purple cow” that made them really stand apart from everybody else. If their Tulsa business coach wouldn’t have figured that out then they would have been just another horrible singer with a guitar and another untalented girl who dated all of Hollywood. Make Your Life Epic works a like these marketing firms except we do not lie or stretch the truth because we will find something truthful that makes you stand out. We don’t have to make something up because we know that you will have something that differentiates yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Take the time to come see us today and we will explain to you our method and show you all the different case studies and proof that what we do works. Make Your Life Epic doesn’t have anything against Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but rather this was just a great example to show that the people that are epic have found a way to make themselves really stand apart from the rest of the crowd. We are definitely excited to work with you and find out how we are going to help you stand out from the crowd. Give us a call anytime at 918-851-0102.

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