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Top Las Vegas Motivational Speakers for Business – Clay Clark

If you’re wanting to motivate your employees and breathe a life and energy back into your business then you definitely need to hire America’s Number One Business Coach, Clay Clark. In Addition to Las Vegas motivational speaking, Clay is spending much of this time working in businesses of all industries helping to expand sales, strength and leadership, and focus energy. He has worked with hundreds of businesses and some of the top fortune 500 companies including Farmers Insurance, Valspar Paints, UPS, and Others. Audiences from across the country rave about clay’s unique ability to communicate how to implement these proven systems to motivate employees and businesses for further growth and success.

Clay is not just day Las Vegas motivational speaker. He owns his own businesses, from which he started as a college freshman from his dorm room. Clay went on to turn that first business into the largest wedding entertainment company in the US. He is gone on to develop eight other businesses, all which have been taken to the next level. He is a master at improving business systems with practical steps necessary to reach financial and motivational goals. He is that the last two decades studying some of the most successful people in businesses and is taken away all the gold nuggets and put them into the cauldron at the core of each of his own companies.

Clay is the Entrepreneur of the Year as awarded by the Small Business Administration. He has been seen on major media outlets including all of the major TV networks. He has been featured in the Times as well as the Post, highlighting his contributions to the business community. He was named the Metro Chamber Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year at the Early Age of 20. His motivated thousands of individuals and help them to take their businesses to the next level. No matter what your organization’s issues or concerns may be, Clay Clark is ready to listen and to use his experiences business knowledge and proven outcomes to help you get over the hill and take you to the level of success that you set out to achieve.

No matter what industry that you may be an, Clay is helped businesses from almost every major industry to achieve higher levels of success. He is able to motivate individuals in those organizations both the top and frontline levels. Clay teaches audiences time management techniques that are guaranteed to produce results when implemented. Before implementing these time management techniques, employees and managers alike must have a level of energy that both excites them and challenges them in their lives. Clay helps others to realize what their purpose in life is, establish goals, and implement specific practical action steps in order to reach those goals.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven success record who has a passion for giving back to the business community as a Las Vegas motivational speaker. He and his entertainment company have entertained over 25,000 audiences throughout his career! He’s been able to book this many events and motivating his employees and gives all the credit back to the people who work hard to achieve their goals within their company. As you probably already have, we encourage you to look around the Internet at other business oriented Las Vegas motivational speakers. Why would we encourage this? Simply because we know that Clay is the most qualified, energetic, and motivational individual for taking your company to the next level there experiencing results. If looking at other websites and their qualifications reads as a bunch of babbling words, that’s because they are. Call us today, or sometime close to today, and experience results that go beyond inspiration. 918-851-0102.

Clay Clark – the Best and Most Inspirational Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is the most qualified business leader and inspirational Las Vegas motivational speaker available in the market today. What makes companies like Valspar Paints, Farmers Insurance, the United States Government Accountability Office, the Bama Companies, Quiktrip, and UPS choose clay Clark as their educator and entertainer of choice? It has to be his proven success record as a serial entrepreneur, continually taking his nine companies to higher levels of success. Clay Clark is also America’s Number One Business Coach and has helped thousands of people implement his proven systems to take their businesses to the next level of financial success. Clay is an author of the top selling book “Make Your Life Epic: from the Dorm Room to the Boardroom”, speaker, business coach, cheerleader, and business owner.

Clay not only my motivates others to meet their financial goals in business, is a successful business owner himself. There are thousands of successful business owners out there, but what makes Clay so unique is his amazing ability to communicate with audiences and connect with them on a deeply emotional level. He is able to take vague and lofty goals and put them into a practical action plan that helps people get to the path to actually achieving the set goals. There also many business theorist out there, much like business professors, but how many of those have actually felt the pain of growing a business to the level that you desire? Clay knows what it’s like to make sacrifices to achieve your financial goals. In the very early days of his first company, he actually worked seven nights a week for two years entertaining at events in order to buy better equipment put back into his business.

Audiences learn exactly how to go after a great work life and fate balance. To live a healthy and balanced life, we need to prioritize our time and spend it on what matters most. There are too many successful business owners out there who of neglected their families in order to achieve their own career goals. Although he owns nine successful and profitable businesses, Clay Clark is been able to maintain a happy marriage and relationship with his five children. Audiences learn effective time management strategies and prioritization’s that help them to be happy both at home and at work.

Learn what it will take to increase your sales immediately. You will learn the step-by-step action steps you must take to implement the best practice cells techniques used by America’s leading organizations. During this highly entertaining and interactive presentation, audiences learn how to generate more leads and close more deals right now. Too often, we give up when someone tells us NO, but this is what leads to quitting and failure, and therefore poverty. Audiences learn the right way to sell to ideal and likely buyers by solving their problems some of which they did not want to address which is why they told you NO.

Audiences will be inspired and highly entertained by America’s Number One Business Coach. Check out some of the YouTube videos on Clay Clark Las Vegas motivational speaker, and you will feel the energy being transmitted out of your computer screen into her own body from his dynamic and unusual presentations. Your audience at your upcoming convention or conference will leave the auditorium more focused, energized, and happy that they have a action plan in place to help them achieve goals that they of been thinking about for a long time. Give our offices a call today and we will check on availability for your upcoming event at 918-851-0102.

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