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Top Las Vegas Motivational Speakers – Clay Clark

What are you looking for when trying to find the best Las Vegas motivational speaker for your upcoming event? You need someone who has experience in what they’re talking about. Also, your audience demands someone who can communicate with them on a higher level than what they receive in everyday communications at work and home. They must be given guidance by someone who is been there, and at the same time, highly motivated and inspired by someone that they truly respect. This is what makes Clay Clark one of the most successful and sought after Las Vegas motivational speakers.

Clay is worked with some of the best and most well-run organizations in America. Some of these include Southwest Airlines, UPS, Maytag University, and Hewlett-Packard. Oklahoma State University, Bama Companies, Chick-Fil-A, and Farmers Insurance have also chosen clay as their speaker and educator of choice. He has helped to relate to both employees and top executives of these companies and give them real life practical steps in ideas to improve profitability and morale both at work and at home. Top executives love Clay’s ability to communicate and connect with audiences from a wide variety of industries. Clay has a true likability through his unique and witty sense of humor that enables him to inspire individuals from all walks of life.

Clay is helped hundreds of organizations to learn and implement specific skills necessary to achieve higher levels of success. One of many topics he teaches is how to design a business model that accommodates your ideal lifestyle. We all have our own lives, goals, dreams, values, and lifestyles. When it comes to an organization clay has an uncanny ability to motivate and inspire members to be the best that they can be while still being able to achieve their own goals. Las Vegas motivational speakers must be able to appeal to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Clay’s ability to give practical guidance while connecting on a deeper level with each individual in the room is a rare among Las Vegas motivational speakers.

Audiences will also learn how to enhance their ability to manage time. With all the distractions that we are faced with today, it’s easy to lose sight of our daily goals. Clay teaches audiences how to prioritize their day and every minute of their time, both for professional and personal events. How often you find yourself without any of your to do list accomplished at the end of the day? Could it be that you are pulled in several different directions throughout the day and was never able to gain traction? Clay helps audiences by giving them practical everyday solutions to these common problems of today.

How effective would a Las Vegas motivational speaker be without any sense of humor? Believe it or not they are out there. Audiences love Clay is laugh and learn presentation that will be remembered forever. Clay receives emails and phone calls from people who he inspired years ago who have now transformed their lives into something epic. Call us today for availability as spaces are limited and let us know how Clay Clark can contribute your organization at 918-851-6920.

Las Vegas Motivational Speakers for Your Upcoming Las Vegas Conference

Wow your organization at your upcoming Las Vegas convention by a great Las Vegas motivational speaker, Clay Clark. Clay takes pride in his amazing achievement of overcoming poverty in route to achieving tremendous business success. Clay started his first successful business while still a freshman in college. By the age of 21, Clay had received the Metro Chamber Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. At the age of 27, Clay received National recognition as the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year for growing that company into one of the largest wedding entertainment companies in America.

Today Clay is the owner of nine separate companies and travels the country working with clients as an engaging cells trainer, business coach, and it nationally recognized educator. Clay has entertained and educated for industry leaders throughout the country including Farmers Insurance, the United States Government Accountability Office, the Bama Companies, Valspar Paints, Quiktrip, and UPS. Clay has worked with thousands of others who have already used his proven systems to effectively take their business to the next level. As owner of his own companies, Clay understands what it takes to be successful. As a Las Vegas motivational speaker, he gives proven and practical tools audiences that they may achieve their personal and professional goals.

Check out the testimonials page to see what some of Clay’s past audience members and clients have to say about the impact the Clay has had on their lives. Using industry “best practices”, organizations are able to greatly increase profitability and efficiency in a relatively short amount of time. Clay speaks on a variety of relevant and impactful topics. Audiences will learn how to monetize their website traffic more effectively. They will learn the action steps necessary to dominate Google searches, resulting in heavy traffic flow. The specific website optimization presentation has the potential to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your organization.

Other presentations specific to you and your organization are available. Clay teaches the Millionaire Mindset to Time Management. Audience members will learn how to achieve more and how to get more things done. “Time management” is really a presentation about “Life Management”. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, You, and I are all bound by the same constraints of a 24 hour day. We all require sleep, but it’s what we do with the remainder of that day that really determines whether we thrive are merely survive. You will learn the secrets of the world’s most successful people during this incredible and life-changing training.

Clay has entertained and educated for industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies across varying industries. Clay has a very unique ability to connect with today’s business professionals in a memorable and impacting way. Clay’s humorous and witty delivery style keeps audiences entertained and learning the entire time. Clay is entertained educated and inspired nearly 1500 audiences both large and small. Call us today to check for availability at our offices at 918-851-6920.

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