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Searching Las Vegas Motivational SpeakerS

When choosing your Las Vegas motivational speaker for your upcoming organization conference, you shouldn’t make the decision without some deep thought. You want to choose someone who’s going to connect with your audience at a level that almost transcends humanity. Your audience wants to listen to someone who both educates and inspires them. That’s why you should choose Clay Clark as your Las Vegas motivational speaker. Clay has helped hundreds of business owners go from despair to success through his basic principles and pragmatic approach to business.

Audiences are coming to Las Vegas expecting to be inspired by someone he knows exactly what they’re talking about. Clay Clark is a serial entrepreneur who owns nine successful businesses. He started his first business at the age of 18 and grew it into one of the most profitable wedding entertainment companies in the nation. Clay was mentored by some of the brightest minds in business early on in his career. He has since taken every business that he has owned to its own level of success. He spends his time not only running his companies, but speaking educating and entertaining individuals who have dreams of their own.

The US Small Business Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, has been awarded for his business contributions many times over the last 10 years. He has been recognized as the founder and owner of one of Oklahoma’s 40 fastest-growing companies in the state. He has also been recognized as one of 30 of the brightest minds in entrepreneurship under the age of 30. Clay was also awarded the US Chamber Of Commerce National Blue Ribbon Quality Award. He Is Also the Recipient of the Metro Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Time management is a critical factor to success in any business and life in general. Clay teaches his audience how to be diligent with their days and strict with their schedules in order to be more productive than they ever thought possible. Next, clay teaches his audiences the how to’s and why’s of setting meaningful goals for themselves. They are given the tools and actual action steps that they can implement to reach these goals relatively quickly. Lastly, clay shows audiences how to take processes that work and make them scalable and duplicatable.

Gives one of the most humorous yet educational presentations available among Las Vegas motivational speakers. He uses his natural delivery style utilizing his humorous wit and candor to deliver a pragmatic message. Audiences walk away with notebooks filled with valuable information that they can implement right away. Audiences will be laughing out loud as they learn steps they can take to turn their dreams into reality. You will be captivated by clay’s delivery and ability to communicate with his audience.

Would Look for When Selecting Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

You will be praised for your wise selection of Clay Clark as your Las Vegas motivational speaker after your next big Las Vegas event. Join other top executives and CEOs who choose Clay as their educator entertainer and speaker of choice. Companies such as Southwest Airlines, Quiktrip, Hewlett-Packard, and O’Reilly have all praised Clay for his effective delivery and energizing presentations. Maytag, Bama, Oxy Fresh, and Farmers Insurance rave over Clay and his ability to connect with their audiences. Clay has helped hundreds of businesses over the years in turning things around and his knowledge spans across all business industries.

Audiences want the best when it comes to attending an event featuring a Las Vegas motivational speaker. They expect to be taken to a place that they have never been before and enlightened with information that could take their lives to the next level when applied. Audiences are hungry for valuable information, not just business theory. Clay Clark owns several highly successful businesses himself and searched for the same answers early in his career that he shares with his audiences. Clay doesn’t teach business theories that you can learn about in a book, rather he teaches the nuts and bolts of how to take a dream and turn it into a reality.

Clay started receiving an innumerable number of phone calls after winning the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year 2007. People wanted to go to someone who could help them to know with their business idea was of any value or could be done. Clay started the Make Your Life Success Institute shortly after as he had a passion for helping others reach the same level of success that he had. He began speaking and entertaining for some of the top companies in the world, in turn improving profitability, morale, and idea generation within each organization. Clay was awarded the US Chamber Of Commerce National Blue Ribbon Quality Award as well as the Metro Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year.

Clay helps audiences understand the three key ingredients to any successful business. The first is goal setting. Not only do we need to set goals, but Clay teaches audiences how to put specific action steps in place that have no choice but to weed them to successfully achieving those goals. Time management is another critical factor in the success of goal achievement. Your audience will learn of practical ways to improve time management substantially by focusing and concentrating effort in specific time periods. Lastly clay teaches the importance of making processes scalable and duplicatable so that they may be repeated the same way every time.

Clay’s presentation is hilarious and educational the same time. You’ll laugh is stories from early on in his career and really learn what not to do from some of the early failures which we can all learn from. Clay has been on ups and downs throughout his career and audiences will love laughing at Clay as he humbles himself with learning opportunities that he has faced. Everyone will be able to relate to the funny and touching stories that clay is able to communicate at a personal level. Don’t let the selection of your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker be a learning experience. Choose the best, choose Clay Clark.

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