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SBA Entrepreneur the Year Clay Clark Best Las Vegas Speakers for Business

This Content was Written by Make Your Life Epic Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is at the top the list when it comes in the best Las Vegas speakers for business. He is successfully started and oversees 10 businesses including a production company, and entertainment company and an entrepreneurship learning institution. He started his first business back in Tulsa Oklahoma as a freshman in college at Roberts University. That business soon grow into one of the largest entertainment companies in the industry and has hosted over 25,000 events including companies like Quiktrip, Southwest Airlines and Bama Companies. Since 1999 Clay Clark is worked with several companies throughout the United States including Maytag University, Farmers Insurance and Oxie Fresh. Grow your business today.

If you’re looking to grow your business, influence your crowd and find the best Las Vegas speakers for business than Clay Clark is the number one choice. Looking to educate and empower those one need decline the ladder success Clay Clark can put you on the elevator and shoot you straight up. He’s looking to give you the tools when it comes to marketing, search engine optimization and other unique abilities to push through this modern world and build your own entrepreneur empire. Clay Clark has a passion to see people grow and businesses succeed no matter how young or how old.

Entertainment us and then that Clay Clark just does. In fact these the number one entertainer and educator for Southwest Airlines and Bama Companies.’s education comes from reading books and surrounding themselves with big-time American entrepreneurs like Lori Montag and Clifton Talbert. He believes that by studying successful people and mimicking their methods you too can become one of the greatest American entrepreneurs like Rockefeller or Andrew Carnegie. Clay takes this very seriously and knows that if you’re willing to work hard you can have one of the most successful businesses ever hit the United States. Clay Clark is the number one best Las Vegas speakers for business because he pushes the crowd and entertains the guest.

Along with entertaining will also inspire you to achieve greatness. Clay Clark story begins with him struggling to start his first business out of his college dorm room back in Tulsa Oklahoma. He raised $20,000 only to spend it all in one day to pay for DJ equipment and wedding sound equipment to start his first business DJ Connection. He knows what it’s like to come up against opposition and leap over hurdles that never seemed and. But he also knows that if you keep pushing forward and keep pushing aside the opposition you will eventually get to where you’re going. Have the drive to make your life epic.

Find out more information about Clay Clark and the best Las Vegas speakers for business at HTTP://makeyourlifeepic.com. This is your chance to inspire, motivate and ultimately educate your crowd at your Las Vegas event. Don’t miss out on the SBA entrepreneurs the year Clay Clark and booked him today. Learn from America’s greatest business coach and world-class American entrepreneurs. Owner and partner of over 10 businesses and father to five amazing children. Clay Clark literally never sleeps.

Clay Clark Best Las Vegas Speaker for Business and Motivational

This Content was Written by Make Your Life Epic Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Choose the best Las Vegas speaker for business and the absolutely amazed by the SBA Entrepreneurs the Year and Metro Chamber Of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs the Air. Clay Clark electrifies, inspires and educates your Las Vegas crowd. He pushes them forward and makes them truly believe that they can achieve the greatest success imaginable. Clay Clark oversees over 10 businesses throughout the United States. He’s an all-around American entrepreneur who is looking to educate and inspire those wanting to start their own businesses. His goal is to give each person the action steps to climb down mountain and conquer their own level of success. Started his first business as a freshman in college Clay Clark is grown to be America’s number one business coaching and Las Vegas speaker for business.

Don’t rely on anyone else but the best. Clay Clark is looking to educate everyone and enabling them to make their life epic. He strongly believes that life is not a dress rehearsal and if you’re going to do something now is the time to do it. He gives you the key components and the tools necessary to operate in this ever-changing and technology-based world. Whether you’re a current business owner or an upcoming business owner he can give you the right set of skills to move forward and success in a matter what industry. He’s worked with plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, dentist, barbershops, website designers, production teams and entertainment industries. Well-rounded and ready to be your Las Vegas speaker for business.

Clay was highly inspired by the great American entrepreneurs and pioneers Andrew Carnegie and Rockefeller. He read about these great American men and Napoleon Hill’s number one business book Think and Grow Rich. After reading this book lay knew that he could achieve the same level as success as these men had. By following their methods, studying their secrets and doing exactly what they did while also saying true to himself. Clay Clark was able to achieve everything and anything he could ever want. Growing up poor Clay Clark knows what it’s like to have nothing and come against opposition. His advice is just shut up and do it.

So if you’re looking for the number one Las Vegas speaker for business and the top motivational speaker for your event there’s only one place to find him. Go to HTTP://makeyourlifeepic.com. He has a passion, drive and a desire to help people get to where they’re going. Whether it writing a book or starting a new business Clay Clark was to give you the ability to make it to this world with the right tools and the right work ethic. By stripping down the old mindset and completely renewing your thinking he believes that you can accomplish just about anything. As the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad once said your mentality dictates your reality. Clay Clark is here to completely change your mentality and renew your mindset.

Still have any doubts about Clay Clark? Check us out online to find out if he’s the right Las Vegas speaker for your business. No matter what, no matter who and a matter why Clay Clark believes that everyone has greatness on the inside of them. It’s about tapping into that greatness and moving forward with the right skill set. Whether it’s marketing, advertising, training your sales team or simply moving forward and what you’re already doing play Clark and help. Visit us online to book him today for your Las Vegas speaking event. You won’t regret the moment he walks onto that stage.

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