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Outstanding Las Vegas Motivational Speakers – Clay Clark

Hiring Clay Clark for your next Las Vegas motivational speaking event is one of the best decisions you can make for your company or organization. Clay is worked with hundreds of companies over the last several years, inspiring and motivating others with the tools they need to achieve success. Clay is the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year, and is recognized as one of the most successful business people in Oklahoma under the age of 40. He is also the US chamber National Blue Quality Ribbon Award Winner, and the Metro Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay Not Only Inspires and Motivates Others, but Gives Them the How to Use of What They Need to Do to Reach Their Goals.

The best Las Vegas motivational speakers fire up their audience. Not a superficial rah-rah session, but a true feeling of energy stemming from the successful person inside we are all trying to channel. Clay is no exception. Clay’s energy lights up the room and audience members will leave feeling more focused and have the tools in hand they need to face their goals head-on. Clay has experience with all nine of his companies, one of which he was able to turn from a one-man operation into one of the most successful wedding entertainment corporations in the country.

Clay is worked with hundreds of CEOs and frontline employees to help them reach their both personal and career goals. People need and want guidance and direction from someone who knows what they’re talking about. That person is Clay Clark. Clay has worked with companies such as Valspar Paints, Southwest Airlines, UPS, Home State University, and Maytag. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, Clay’s practical steps specific to your line of work will produce unbelievable profitability and increase flow traffic.

Audience will learn how to reignite their passion for life and business. Without passion for what you are doing you lose drive vision, and things are just plain dull. You may be able to be successful because you’re good at what you do, even if you hate it. But the truth is that over time, you will become tired and life will have no zest. Clay helps audiences to discover what they are truly passionate about. They will not only discover that why put the how to get where they’re going to get what they want.

Audiences love Clay’s hilarious presentations. They are so valuable and at the time same time so funny. Clay will guide both individuals and companies to achieve things outside what they would normally be up Ladue on their own. This is what he is exceptional at. Finding that person inside who strives for success but needs that direction. Clay will find that man and have them laughing throughout the entire presentation. Call us today at 918-851-0102 and book Clay.

How to Find the Best Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is a highly successful serial entrepreneur who owns nine successful businesses. He has helped hundreds of business owners by working through operational problems and implementing systems that increase profitability and traffic flow. He has worked with some of the top fortune 500 companies to help them refine their marketing and sales systems. Clay is worked with Farmers Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, Valspar Paints, Bama Companies, and Quiktrip. Clay guides leaders from all different types of industries and assistance are applicable to increase business and happiness for all walks of life.

Clay basis all of his businesses and successes on one founding principle. He has studied those who have been successful. He then did what they did to become successful while making slight modifications based on lifestyle, goals, and values. It’s not necessary to re-create the wheel when trying to figure out how to make your business successful. Clay helps audiences learn how to identify what is important of them and where they want to go. He then helps them to nail down exactly what they need to do to get there.

Clay will love to come speak to your audience at your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event. He has a passion for helping others to reach their goals and dreams. Clay started from humble beginnings in a small Midwestern town, with a strong desire to be successful. He owes much of his success to several mentors that guided him in the early days of his career. Now Clay helps others because he was helped.

Clay is one of the most successful businessmen to ever come out of Oklahoma, who has not made his fortune in oil and gas. Clay started his first business at the early age of 18 from his college dorm room and grew it into one of the most successful wedding entertainment companies in the nation. He has won the small business Association Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Chamber Of Commerce National Blue Quality Award. He was recognized in the city as the Metro Chamber entrepreneur of the year. He was recognized as one of the most successful businessmen under the age of 40 in the State of Oklahoma.

Clay is a hilarious presenter that audiences love. He gives loads of information with a bolt of energy and a smack of wit. Audiences will laugh out loud at the candor Clay shares about business today and what it takes to actually be successful. Audiences will be given a “how to” guide on what to do to reach their goals. Calls today for availability at spaces fill up fast at 918-851-0102.You may also find more information makeyourlifeepic.com. Here you’ll be able to get in contact Clay as well as see past videos of events that he is done before. This is a great way for you to go on and see what Clay is all about. You’ll see the Excellency he tries to put into each and every speech. Be sure that when you hire Clay is your next Las Vegas motivational speaker you will give everything he’s got and try and teach your audience has stay motivated to stay successful.

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