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Other Oklahoma PR Firms Don’t Match up to Make Your Life Epic.

This Content Was Written by Make Your Life Epic.

The reason the professionals here at Make Your Life Epic outperform other Tulsa public relations firms in almost every aspect is because we have a wide variety of practice areas to get your business the public relations tools it needs to succeed. Our practice areas vary from consumer to corporate the public affairs to your social impact to technologically outperforming all of your other competitors. Clay Clark and his trusted staff will give your company the PR it needs to achieve success in almost any market. We love living in Tulsa Oklahoma and we want to help your local business grow to that kind of company that can really expand into new areas.

Every day people gain more control over the messages they choose to consume and share. Consumers can spot when a company be is being disingenuous and not authentic. Giving here consumers the power to make or break a brand is important that you put up a good front in your public relations department. In this environment the best offense to consumers natural defense is to reach through by keeping people surprise, engage, and satisfied all while being delivered with consistent brand voice. Other Tulsa PR firms simply want to get you out there in any way possible. We want to tailor fit your message to make sure that your audience is constantly refreshed by your messages and your products.

Consumers are more than users of goods and services; there people with needs, wants, desires, ideals, and ambitions. Our team leverages consumer’s behavior and attitudes to create meaningful connections between your company and the people you’re trying to reach. We separate the observers from the active participants in the dedicated customers to nonchalant ones. We develop communication strategies that effectively touch each group. Our campaigns integrate expertise areas such as cause marketing, social and emerging media to build lasting relationships with individual consumers on a day-to-day basis.

We want to handle your public affairs in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. We implement policy by changing perceptions and inspiring action. We produce results through innovative approaches and aggressive execution that is tailored to the Tulsa Oklahoma area. Our Tulsa PR firms and Oklahoma PR firms are dedicated to helping you find PR firms in Tulsa that will get the results you need. And those results come from make your life epic. Our public affairs practitioners run political style campaigns that when issues, cutting through the clutter and taking your message to those who need to hear.

You need to start growing your business today, and start making your life epic. You can do that by calling 918-851-0102 or for additional information please visit us online to our amazing website at www.makeyourlifeepic.com. Our expert team is ready and waiting to take the reins on your business and show you just exactly what the best PR firm in Tulsa can do for you.

We take a different approach to PR in Tulsa.

This Content Was Written by Make Your Life Epic.

Here at Make Your Life Epic, we approach PR with your business in a different way than other firms in the Tulsa area. While most firms that what your business charge you a higher initial rate, we believe that a low fee is the way to earn a trusting relationship between our PR firm and our clients. When you use other Tulsa firms you pay the large fees and interest have to live with the results. At make your life epic, we charge a low initial fee to get the ball rolling and then we charge a commission of 8% on top of your growth income. That means if you don’t grow, we don’t get paid. We believe in a commission-based system because it keeps us honest and keeps us working hard for you. On the other firms make money regardless of their performance you can trust us to always get the best out of it, because after all if you don’t get paid we don’t get paid so we really want to see your business grow.

We are a Tulsa public relations firm, Make Your Life Epic helps clients solve business problems and achieve business goals through media relations, community relations, crisis communication, employee relations, social networking, marketing communications, and much more. The award-winning Tulsa public relations firm serves business-to-business, consumer and nonprofit clients. See what clay Clark and his team professionals here at make your life epic can do for your business. We understand the client’s goals and determine who can help or hinder their ability to achieve that goal. Then we decide which actions are needed by those influencers and identify what is preventing the company from taking the desired action now. Were all about making your life epic and we want to do it as soon as possible.

At its core, every business issue is a communication issue. Regardless of the issue that brings a client to choose from public relations firms we begin with the process called making your life epic. Clay Clark our president and CEO knows all about what it takes to get your firm off the ground. He’s a successful business owner of many Tulsa businesses including Juliet Films, make your life epic, DJ connections, an elephant in the room, and many more. Because he is been able to use his PR knowledge to get his firms off the ground he can use this knowledge to get your firm off the ground as well.

We run the gambit on things we can do for your company. We do advertising advisory boards Branding community relations, corporate communications, corporate identity, employee communications, litigation PR, marketing to medications, media training, practice development, and research with your social media. We can also get your company to the top of Google by using our search engine optimization team. They write quality content for your website see you can get back to business and worry about us getting your company known to the surrounding market in Tulsa Oklahoma.



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