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What Successful Business Owners Do When They Have a Problem

This content was written for Make Your Life Epic

What does the US small business administration’s entrepreneur of the year do when he needs a marketing company to outsources work to?   First, he searches all the best marketing firms in Tulsa and then he decides to start his own firm because none of the firms in Tulsa could fill his need at a reasonable price. Then what does he do with his new marketing firm? He goes to work helping thousands of business owners grow their businesses across the country and worldwide. That is what successful business owners do when they see no optimal solution to their problem. They simply create the solution.

Clay Clark, founder of the marketing and PR firm Make Your Life Epic,  and US small business administration’s entrepreneur of the year wants to help as many people as possible start and run a profitable life-changing business. He doesn’t care if they’re small or enormous he simply wants to help people run more efficient and more profitable businesses.   

He saw a need in the marketplace  small businesses were unable to afford the enormous expense of hiring a marketing and PR form, yet they were stuck because they couldn’t do all the work themselves either because they didn’t know how or because they just didn’t have the time and manpower to get done. He also saw that a lot of the big marketing firms in Tulsa were charging exorbitant amounts of money to do just one or two things for a company. Many times those one or two things that the marketing firms were supposedly doing for a company led to little or no growth of the company they’re doing a for.

This is what happened with Clay as well, and that’s why he decided to start his own PR and marketing firm. He was paying extraordinary amounts of money to multiple marketing agencies and firms, and he wondered why he couldn’t find a firm that would do all of his marketing and PR services under one roof and for one price. Since he couldn’t find it, he started one himself. Not only did he start one himself but he also figured out how to bring the price point down so that nearly anybody can afford his services. He has done this by creating a customized pricing structure to allow people to get exactly what they need and exactly what they don’t need for a price that will fit their budget.

When it comes to running a business with the exception of Clay himself running your business for you there really is no service that Make Your Life Epic cannot deliver for you.  Clay and his team are dedicated to ensuring that your business grows, and your life improves by working with them. This is why they do not require any contracts. They want to ensure that you continue to work with them because you see the value of their service in their continuing to help your business grow.  So if you’re in a search for marketing firms in Tulsa stop your search now and just visit https://makeyourlifeepic.com/.

Best Marketing Firm in Tulsa

This content was written for Make Your Life Epic

Make Your Life Epic is one of the top marketing firms in Tulsa.   It might even be the top firm in Tulsa depending on what your business is and what your needs are. Most businesses pay PR firms and marketing companies tens of thousands of dollars for them to do very little work. Make Your Life Epic has business owners pay very little money for them to complete a tremendous amount of work. So they basically flipped the entire industry on its head and instead of gouging companies for ridiculous sums of money to do little to no work to actually grow their business they are going to grow their clients business while requiring the business to pay them little money. How does this work and why does it even make sense from a business standpoint?

It does because they are helping business after business becomes more and more successful so that they have more business than they can handle. They are in a constant state of hiring to ensure that they can service the demand for their marketing services. Make Your Life Epic  Founder and U.S. Small Business Association  Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, finds it ridiculous so many marketing firms in Tulsa charge their clients outrageous prices and do so little to actually grow their business and grow their bottom line. He knew there needed to be a change and saw a gap in the marketplace. Nobody offered quality reliable marketing services for reasonable rates that would actually allow a company to be able to grow and be profitable.

Clay created a  marketing firm that will save you up to 80% of the costs that are regularly associated with the marketing and the growth of a business. They are dedicated and on a mission to help business owners increase their profits, take their business to the next level, and make the business scalable to increase the quality of life of the business owner. They also will help simplify a business owner’s life by having one point of contact for as many of the business marketing tasks as possible. Clay refuses to lock anybody into a contract because he wants to only provide value and let the business owner decide on if that value is worth him continuing to work with Make Your Life Epic.   Furthermore, Clay wanted to ensure that he could help as many businesses small or large as possible which is why he offers customized pricing to ensure a package that will fit any budget.

The services that are available when working with Make Your Life Epic , the best of all the marketing firms in Tulsa, are pretty much limitless. However, the services that are most frequently used are graphic design, social media, workflow design, branding, business development, franchising, event planning, executive coaching, advertising, copywriting, sales training, interior design, and capital raising. If the service that you need is not on this list, I can guarantee Make Your Life Epic has a way to make it happen and ensure that they will make the services available to you with his little hassle as possible.

What do you need from your marketing firm?

This content was written for Make Your Life Epic

There are so many marketing firms in Tulsa how in the world do you choose which one is right for you and your company? Another question to ask is, do you actually need a marketing company for your company? You likely wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t at least slightly interested in trying to figure out which firms are the best firms for you. However, before that question gets answered you need to know what exactly you’re looking for when it comes to a marketing firm. If you don’t know what you’re looking for in a marketing firm you will end up spending a whole lot of money on some marketing firms that aren’t going to do a whole lot of anything to help you grow.

Do you need SEO?  Do you need public relations? Do you need graphic design? Do you need website design? Do You need social media management? What exactly are you looking for when you’re looking for marketing firms in Tulsa?  In other words, what are the most important things that your company wants to outsource to a marketing firm?  For the majority of small businesses out there the things that need to outsource are graphic design, search engine optimization, and web design.   That is typically it ,nothing more nothing less.

The best marketing firms in Tulsa really only come down to the best marketing firm in Tulsa called Make Your Life Epic.  Make Your Life Epic is the best marketing firm in Tulsa simply because they provide an extremely high level of service with a very short turnaround at a significantly discounted rate from any of the other marketing firms in Tulsa.   There is no firm in Tulsa that can beat their low price, and there are few firms in Tulsa that can compete with their speed of delivery.   So if you’re a small or large business that is looking for branding, public relations, search engine optimization, graphic design, and website design you’ll save money, save time, to get faster results by using the PR public relations agency Make Your Life Epic.

The commitment of your time is only one hour per week. In this one hour per week Make Your Life Epic will be able to grow your business by utilizing industry best practice solutions and their world-class creative and design services.   Their sole purpose is not to take your money, like most marketing firms, it is to make your money.

They have successfully worked with and grown businesses in practically any industry that you could name. As long as you have a vision and work ethic Make Your Life Epic will add fuel to your fire and help you grow your company as big as your ambitions and work ethic will take it.  Make Your Life Epic  Has worked with thousands of business owners helping them to make their business dreams and lifestyle a reality. If you need the absolute best marketing firm in Tulsa contact Make Your Life Epic  by going to makeyourlifeepic.com or  somehow chasing down the insanely busy and successful founder U.S. SBA  Entrepreneur of the year Clay Clark.

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