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Most Motivating Las Vegas Speakers

When looking for Las Vegas motivational speakers, you have several choices when it comes to entertaining your company. You want a speaker who’s been through it all, not one who has made a living just by coaching others about business systems they have never used. Clay Clark is a successful entrepreneur who began his career at the age of 18 out of this college dorm room. He created a very successful DJ and entertainment company, which he still operates today along with eight other highly successful companies. Clay is an expert at motivating individuals to perform at levels they never thought possible.

Clay is the speaker of choice for several Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett-Packard, Farmers Insurance, Southwest Airlines, Maytag University, and others. Clay’s unique delivery style keeps audiences highly entertained while providing them with strategies that they can implement right away. Clay has never had a speaking event where he has not been told that he is the best speaker they have ever had. He has a way of connecting with audiences on a personal level that is rare among successful business speakers.

Clay has won numerous awards both at the national and local levels. He is been featured in the New York Times and Washington Post. His been awarded as the SBA Entrepreneur of the Year for his exceptional success with creating jobs and building highly profitable companies. He is also been awarded US Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award, Metro Chamber Of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, and Founder of One of Oklahoma’s 40 Fastest-Growing Companies. Clay has motivated employees of companies such as Valspar, Farmers Insurance, Maytag, and others.

Clay started from humble beginnings in the Midwest and always had a burning desire to be successful in business. Through much trial and error he is been able to achieve success through developing foolproof systems that anyone can implement. Clay keeps audiences laughing with his hilarious stories and what not to do experiences. He coaches audiences to be highly effective and gives them the tools necessary to be successful. Look no further than Clay when trying to find the best Las Vegas motivational speakers.

Clay’s been invited back as the choice Las Vegas motivational speaker for several blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies. You will laugh, you may cry, and you will definitely be inspired when hearing Clay speak at your next Las Vegas speaker event. Don’t take a high-risk bet when looking for the best Las Vegas motivational speaker for your event. Book Clay Clark, Las Vegas motivational speaker, as a guaranteed winner for your organization. Call Clay’s office to check for availability today at 918 – 851 – 6920.

Entertaining Successful Las Vegas Motivational Speakers
By: Make Your Life Epic Success Team

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Clay Clark, has come a long way since developing his first successful business out of his freshman dorm room. Years later, Clay is now owns and effectively manages 9 different businesses, as well as balancing his life with his 5 children and beautiful wife. Clay’s unique approach to life design is inspiring and motivational. The audience will walk away with practical action steps that they can start on that day. The audience will walk away feeling not only refreshed and motivated, but empowered with direction.

Clay has entertained Fortune 500 companies such as Valspar Paints, Hewlett Packard, O’Reilly’s, Farmers Insurance, and many others. Clays background as an entertainer and actual business owner brings excitement and humor to his educational and practical presentations. Don’t be fooled by other professional speakers who have good intentions, but have never actually been successful in running a business. Your group will laugh and be engaged at the same time as Clay brings a rare mix of inspiration, motivation, humor, and candor as someone who has learned from his years of experience as a business owner. Finding a speaker like Clay is rare!

To find Las Vegas speakers, most people go straight to the internet. That is most likely what has lead you to this site. Clay Clark, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, is an award-winning entrepreneur. He was awarded the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007. Other awards include U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner, Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of one of Oklahoma’s 40 Fastest Growing Companies. He has been featured in the NY Times and the Washington Post. He is the entertainer of choice for Valspar, Hewlett Packard, O’Reilly’s, Farmers Insurance and others.

Clay will bring humor and candor to your next convention or meeting as your Las Vegas Motivational Speaker. He delivers a pragmatic message, and your group will walk away with a plan to take their life in the direction they wish. While there is a place and time for general messages about motivation and life, you need action steps to know how exactly you will get there. Clay shares stories of how not to do things, mostly from his early days as a young entrepreneur. Stories of his career will both motivate and inspire the audience, and his unique sense of self-deprecating humor and delivery will have your crowd completely engaged.

So, what are you looking for when searching Las Vegas motivational speakers? Someone who inspires. Someone who motivates. Someone with humor. Someone who has been there and succeeded. Someone like Clay Clark. When you make the decision to go with Clay you will get the best of the best when it comes to motivational humor backed by experience. You can guarantee that the knowledge is rock solid and motivation will inspire you. Make the decision to make your next conference in Las Vegas  as great one and go with Clay Clark from Make Your Life Epic. Clay has been speaking and motivating individuals to greatness for along time now. His knowledge is backed by real life experience. you can be sure that when Clay comes to speak at your event he will inspire your attendees and do so in a fun and entertaining way. For the best motivational speaker call Clay Clark at 918-851-6820.

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