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Laugh and Learn with an Effective Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

What type of Las Vegas motivational speaker do you want for your upcoming Las Vegas convention or meeting? Hopefully, you’re looking for someone who will inspire you to be the best person you can be. More than that, you want someone who is going to not only inspire you, who will give you guidance about how to achieve that level of success. No one has achieved real life business success while balancing family, work, and relationships better than Clay Clark. Clay is the Las Vegas motivational speaker of choice for those wanting to fire up members of their organization, while improving overall operations and efficiency.

Clay Clark, a serial entrepreneur, author, and business coach has helped hundreds of businesses to achieve levels of success that they had only dreamed about. As the author of three books, Clay has helped thousands of individuals to realize what they want out of life and give them the guidance to go get it. Clay is a successful business owner who started his first business from his college dorm room. He was recognized in 2007 as the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year, for founding the largest wedding entertainment services company in the nation. Clay now owns and successfully operates nine profitable businesses.

Southwest Airlines, Valspar Paints, Farmers Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, and Bama Companies all choose Clay Clark as their speaker, educator, motivator of choice. Clay has received rave reviews from audience members from every presentation he is ever given as a Las Vegas motivational speaker. He is the US Chamber Of Commerce national blue quality ribbon award winner. He has also been recognized as the Metro Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year and As the founder of one of the 40 fastest-growing companies in the state of Oklahoma. Clay’s Received All These Awards for His Great Business Contributions and for His Success with Taking His Companies to the Next Level.

Clay educates organizations on a variety of topics. Please visit Make Your Life Epic’s website to see a full list of how Clay can help transform you or your organization. Clay teaches how to effectively market to your ideal clientele. He gives audiences specific steps on how to find the most ideal and likely buyers for their products or services. Then he helps audiences to set up systems to effectively market to and close on these target clientele.

Clay Clark teaches how success is within the reach of anyone willing to diligently implement time tested business best practices. He delivers a pragmatic message and education with his unique sense of witty humor. Audiences will be laughing out loud as they learn how to implement these best practices and improve their lives. Your organization is guaranteed to have a great time for the entire our reason for day that Clay speaks. You can reach us at 918-851-0102 to check for availability as space is limited.

Epic Motivational Speakers in Las Vegas

Clay Clark knows what he’s talking about when it comes to being successful in business. He has not only started his own successful company at the early age of 18, but has been recognized on a national level for growing it into one of the largest wedding entertainment service companies in America. Clay was named as the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year for his accomplishment and growing this small business into an efficient and profitable large-company. These accomplishments have also gained recognition from the US Chamber for Their National Blue Quality Ribbon Award. Clay now owns and operates nine highly successful businesses.

Clay has learned exactly what it takes to grow into a successful company. He motivates team members and employees with each of his companies to produce outstanding results of profitability and efficiency. One of clay’s companies is dedicated to the mentorship and coaching of individuals and organizations wanting to improve their lives. The Make Your Life Success Institute Was Founded in 2007 after Clay received national recognition for his business accomplishments. Clay shares his passion and practical knowledge as a highly entertaining Las Vegas motivational speaker. He shares his knowledge with those who are looking for direction and guidance for their business organization.

Maytag, Southwest Airlines, Quiktrip, UPS, and Hewlett-Packard Have All Chosen Clay as they are entertainer and speaker of choice. Clay has received rave reviews from these companies and hundreds others he has worked with. The best Las Vegas motivational speakers know their subject through and through from personal experiences. Clay Clark is no exception as he is guided top executives and individuals from fortune 500 companies to their own personal and business successes. Clay does not speak on the theory of business or give a hyped up presentation that superficially energizes participants. Clay rocks and energizes audiences with his ability to communicate and give practical everyday “best practices” steps to participants that they can implement right away.

Clay has been asked to speak on over 50 topics other Las Vegas motivational speaker throughout the years. Audiences will learn how to equip and empower their local business community. Giving back to your community is something that Clay is very passionate about which is why he devotes his time to helping others as a Las Vegas motivational speaker. Audiences will learn how to involve and network with other local businesses within their community and how to for mutually beneficial relationships. Creating win-win situations for other people is one of the fastest ways to achieve success.

You and your audience will enjoy this highly energizing presentation presented in the laugh and learn format. Audience members will be laughing out loud as they take notes, knowing that they will be able to implement this information to help improve their lives immediately. Audiences will get a kick out of listening to some of the hilarious missteps from the early days of clay’s career. They will receive a funny “what not to do” guide in addition to learning very valuable the specific information. Call us today to see how Clay can help you and your organization achieve higher levels of success at 918-851-0102.

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