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Las Vegas Motivational Speakers That Spark Ambition

Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to have a conference or annual business meeting. Las Vegas conveys a message of high quality and your guest will expect no less from their Las Vegas motivational speaker. The best Las Vegas motivational speakers are able to motivate each individual on a personal level, and maybe even transcend humanity at some level. The best companies hire the highest quality Las Vegas motivational speakers, they hire Las Vegas motivational speakers like Clay Clark. Clay’s unique style of delivery along with his ability to inspire others at the most basic level has propelled him to the top of the list for Las Vegas motivational speakers.

Fortune 500 and blue-chip companies such as Valspar Paints, Southwest Airlines, Farmers Insurance, and many others have chosen Clay Clark as their Las Vegas motivational speaker of choice for major company events. Clay has had a lasting impact on each of these businesses according to top executives. Clay’s consistently asked to return as a speaker due to his uncanny ability to Spark ambition and inspiration in the hearts of his audience members. As the United States Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner, Clay knows how to inspire and lead teams to great success.

In addition to the US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Clay has one several other awards such as The US Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award, the Metro Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 30 and 30, and others. He is been recognized by the knot.com as the founder of one of the most successful wedding entertainment businesses in the nation. He has been featured in media outlets such as ABC, NBC, Fox news, CBS, Business Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post. Clay’s the entertainer of choice for companies such as Maytag, Bama Companies, Hewlett-Packard, Farmers Insurance, O’Reilly’s, and Others.

As one of the best Las Vegas motivational speakers, Clay Clark thrives at the top of his field. He is an excellent communicator and was called to become a motivational speaker in 2007 after achieving tremendous media attention from winning the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Clay had a strong desire to help those who were constantly calling and emailing wanting his advice in their business struggles. Clay communicates to his audiences with clarity, power, and conviction. Clay is a proven leader who has had success motivating and inspiring employees in every company he has taken to the top of success.

Clay is able to deliver a funny presentation at emotionally connects with the audience. Clay’s candor and humility comes through with learning stories about his early career. The audience will laugh out loud at some of the hilarious stories from Clay’s early career. Clay helps audience members answer the question of what they want. He then gives them the tools necessary to show them how to do it today. You can check for availability for your upcoming event at 918 – 851 – 6920.

Most Inspiring Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Millions flock to Las Vegas every year for the highest quality entertainment and leisure available. Your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker events will be held to a high standard as your attendees will expect only the best from their Las Vegas motivational speaker. Your Las Vegas motivational speaker must be able to entertain, inspire, and energize your audience. Clay Clark will delivers an energy unmatched by any other Las Vegas motivational speaker. He is a speaker choice to some of the world’s most highly respected companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Bama Companies, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Quik Trip, Southwest Airlines, in many others. Companies often ask later return to the future speaking events based on outstanding consistent reviews from audiences.

Clay started his career at the early age of 18 from his college dorm room. He turned that small DJ operation into one of the most successful wedding entertainment companies in the nation and still operates this company today. He has been awarded for his business successes time and time again. He is the United States Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay’s Been Featured in Several Publications and Media Outlets Including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Business Journal, and many others.

Clay is the owner and founder of nine very successful businesses. After Clay was awarded the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year, he received an enormous amount of media attention. This, in turn, exposed him to the masses and he received an overwhelming amount of outreach from individuals and business owners who wanted to “pick his brain”. Clay had a passion for helping others and felt led to mentor those who desired his help. Clay has helped key executives for major corporations motivated employees to turn businesses around.

Clay formed the Make Your Life Success Institute in 2007 to help others reach their personal and business potential. Was started as a focus on business success were himself turn to a focus to help others achieve that same level of success. Clay is one of the top Las Vegas motivational speakers because of his experience helping others find their success. After attending plays Las Vegas motivational speaker event your audience will walk away more energized, more focused, and ready to implement positive changes in their lives. His unique ability to deliver a hilarious presentation along with a pragmatic message has made him a highly sought after Las Vegas motivational speaker by only the most successful Fortune 500 companies.

If your company or organization is looking to you for the highest quality entertainment available for your upcoming event look no further than Clay Clark. Don’t take a high risk gamble with your reputation and the success of your event hiring someone who will not deliver up to the high quality standards of your company. He’s the entertainer of choice for Fortune 500 companies such as Farmers Insurance, Quiktrip, Southwest Airlines, Valspar paints, Hewlett-Packard, and others. You’re in Las Vegas for your event so why not select the best? Call us for availability at 918 – 851 – 6920.

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