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Looking for Las Vegas Motivational Speakers?

This Content was Written by Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

When you are selecting your next motivational speaker in Las Vegas, select a speaker who is in demand from many large corporations.  Choose Clay Clark as your speaker.  He has effectively taught methods for increasing sales and grow profits to corporations representing multiple industries.  A partial list of clients includes such companies as: Hewlett-Packard, Maytag, Farmers Insurance, Valspar, Ubuild It, and Valspar?

Clay is noted for his witty delivery which makes him not only an entertaining speaker, but an effective speaker. This is Clay’s laugh and learn technique. His audience retains more when Clay teaches than from many other speakers. He communicates techniques and principles for success in business, as well as in your personal life. It can be amusing to watch people scramble to take notes in between bursts of laughter. It is also quite common to see an attendee at one of Clay’s motivational seminars leave with two legal pads full of notes.

One of Clay’s direct intentions is for attendees to leave with a specific set of action steps to begin their journey to success. He will press each attendee to make commitments and action steps to meet those commitments. In doing so, Clay is showing the techniques and principles necessary for developing the winning mindset. Clay views the winning mindset as the difference between the ultra successful and the also-rans in the business world.

Clay describes himself as a serial entrepreneur and a successful one at that. He is a winner of such awards as: Metro Chamber Of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, US Chamber National Blue Ribbon Award Winner, And the US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay knows of what he speaks because he currently operates multiple successful businesses. What he teaches is not just theory, but the tools that he uses on a daily basis to obtain personal success.

Each attendee to one of Clay’s motivational seminars in Las Vegas can inspect to leave with a full understanding of how to ruthlessly manage your time for highest productivity.  Clay teaches how to set realistic and achievable goals, then follow up to assure attainment of these goals. And, Clay shows how to build scalable and duplicatable business models that fit your specific needs.

The next time that you are looking for motivational speaker in Las Vegas, check for the availability of Clay Clark. He can be reached by telephone at 918 – 851 – 6920 or via the Internet at his website which is makeyourlifeepic.com. Call today.  His schedule is filling quickly.

Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Clay Clark, award-winning entrepreneur and motivational speaker, is available to be the speaker at your next motivational seminar in Las Vegas. He has award-winning credentials as a businessman. He has won the US Chamber National Blue Ribbon of Quality Award. He was named by the US Small Business Administration as Entrepreneur of the Year. Like wise, the Metro Chamber Of Commerce selected Clay as their Entrepreneur of the Year.

Clay’s speaking style is noted for being a combination of entertainment and teaching. This is Clay’s ‘laugh and learn’ technique. This allows Clay to draw his audience’s attention and improve their retention of the techniques that he teaches. Each person who attends one of clays motivational seminars in Las Vegas will leave with specific and practical action steps to begin their journey to success.This gives each attendee the tools for improving sales and growing their profit immediately.

The effectiveness of Clay’s presentations can be documented by simply listing the clients that have sought him out as their motivational speaker. He has spoken to taught motivational techniques and sales techniques to companies from a variety of industries. A partial list of these companies include: Oxi Fresh, You Build It, O’Reilly Auto Group, Farmers Insurance, Maytag, And Hewlett-Packard.

Attendees to Clay’s motivational seminars learn how to build scalable and duplicatable business models He shows how to set and achieve realistic goals with follow up techniques for assuring the goals have been met. Clay shows how to effectively manage your time so as to minimize lost productivity. Perhaps most important of all, Clay teaches and demonstrates the techniques necessary for developing a winning mindset. Is this winning mindset that separates the successful from the also-rans.

To learn how to increase your income and your sales, as well as achieve success in your personal life, select Clay Clark is your next motivational speaker Las Vegas. To determine Clay’s availability as your next speaker, call 918-851-0102. Or, you may  log on to Clay’s website at makeyourlifeepic.com to determine his availability.  But hurry, Clay’s schedule to filling up at a fast rate.




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