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Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Embrace the skills of the best from the best of Las Vegas motivational speakers by choosing Clay Clark as your next motivational speaker and trainer. It only makes sense to seek out the best. And you will want to have not only personal success with a track record of helping others to reach success also. Clay’s success as a motivational speaker and trainer are verified by the multiple companies that have hired him. Many of those organizations are Fortune 500 companies. Just a sample small portion of clay Clark’s clientele list would include: Budweiser, Bama Pie, First Option Online Mortgage, Boeing, Oklahoma State University, Farmers Insurance, UPS, Hewlett-Packard, The United States Government Accountability Office, Or O’Reilly Auto Parts, Dell Computers, IBM, Pepsi, Valspar Paints, And Southwest Airlines.

Clay brings a track record of personal success in business having been the founder and operator of nine successful businesses. He has also authored three books on business and business history. The Journal Records Fast 40 Club recognizes Clay is a member for being the owner of the fastest growing privately held companies in Oklahoma. Clay’s bridal DJ service is one multiple national awards including the “Best of the Best” by the Wedding MBA. Nationally, he has been awarded the Blue Ribbon National Quality Award by The US Chamber Of Commerce. He has also been named twice as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Tulsa Metro Chamber Of Commerce and The Small Business Administration. The entrepreneur awards were presented to Clay at the ages of 20 and 27.

So what does Clay Clark teach at his Las Vegas motivational speaking seminars? He teaches you the methods for increasing your sales and growing your floor prospects irregardless of the current business climate. He teaches how to effectively use leverage with your existing client base to add additional profitability both the same time showing you how to monetize your website traffic more effectively. The bottom line is just that, he teaches how to add to your bottom line so as to grow your business and increase profits. He also teaches how to develop marketing for your ideal clientele so that you in turn can develop your own personal lifestyle to meet your ideal requirements. And if you get a chance. Be sure and ask Clay to share the techniques for developing a Million-Dollar Mastermind Network. This concept alone will revolutionize your business far beyond your wildest imaginings.

The techniques and tools taught by Clay Clark are effective across multiple business types. He has been the keynote speaker for multiple industry groups ranging from such diverse Company types as: access control and ID cards, advertising, apartment housing, bakeries, ranking, bridal services, carpet cleaning, copy services, college and universities, commercial real estate, construction, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, event planning, furniture, hair care, insurance, leadership development, limousine services, lawn care, lighting, jewelry, medical care, ministries, mortgage brokerage firms, paints, photography, videography, retail sales, sports products, and employee staffing.

So what are you expecting from Las Vegas motivational speakers? Well, whatever you are expecting, you can throw that out the window. Clay Clark is in a single word, unique. He brings a wedding and entertaining style to his presentations. So you can forget about being bored to tears. More likely, you have tears in your eyes from laughing so hard. Clay employees and laugh and learn technique is been successful in getting people to retain more knowledge than they ever believed possible. He is able to entertain while educating people on how to become successful in their field. It would be a fair statement call him equal parts entrepreneur/educator/entertainer. And if you don’t think Clay has a decidedly different sense of humor, just check out the articles in the Washington Post and New York Times regarding his comedy parody songs.

So now is a point of decision. Do you pick up the phone to begin the booking process for Clay Clark, the best of the best of Las Vegas motivational speakers? Or, do you miss the opportunity to change the path to a trajectory of success that you have not dreamed of previously? It all begins with a phone call. Pickup the phone and call Clay Clark at 918-851-6920. More information regarding Clay and his training modules that can be customized to your personal needs can be found at his website by logging on to makeyourlifeethic.com.
Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Sort through all the information regarding Las Vegas motivational speakers and you will come to one conclusion, Clay Clark should be your next motivational speaker and trainer. This is commonly shared opinion held by multiple Fortune 500 companies who have hired Clay for training for their companies. Clay is an award-winning entrepreneur. Clay is relatively young yet he has multiple years of experience as a successful owner of nine businesses. He is a published author of three different books regarding business techniques and history of his businesses. The Tulsa Metro Chamber Of Commerce and The Small Business Administration have each named Clay Clark is their entrepreneur of the year, at ages 20 and 27 respectively. His businesses in the bridal industry have been named “Best of the Best” by the Wedding MBA. He is a member of Oklahoma Magazines “Top 40 under 40 Club” signifying Clay is one of the most successful businessmen under the age of 40 in the state of Oklahoma is recognized by his peers.

As mentioned earlier, Clay Clark has been the speaker of choice for multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as a diverse group of industries. A partial client list of Clay Clark’s would include: Bama Pie, Farmers Insurance, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Maytag University, IBM, Oral Roberts University, Quiktrip, O’Reilly Auto Parts, They’ll Spark Paint, Southwest Airlines, Pepsi, Dell Computers, Brand Source, United States Government Accountability Office, Oklahoma State University, First Option on My Mortgage, and Budweiser. Clay is also taught the tools and techniques for increasing profits and growing companies across such diverse industry groups as: web design, sporting equipment, videography, photography, public relations, restaurant, ministries, medical care, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, construction, college and universities, commercial real estate, bridal services companies, advertising, access control and ID cards, apartment housing, and appliances.

Suggested Zachary what is it that Clay Clark does that is so different from other Las Vegas motivational speakers? Clay is able to effectively focus on the key elements for helping people pursue their passions in both their personal life as well as business. This translates into effectively motivating employees. He helps companies to identify market to their ideal clientele. This results in developing a business that allows the individual to build a business model that accommodates their own personal lifestyle requirements. Clay teaches management techniques to help revolutionize your approach and enhance your ability to manage time. One of the most important things for customizing success for your business to Clay teaches how to build a duplicatable business model that can be scaled to your own personal requirements.

Clay Clark brings a unique dynamic to Las Vegas motivational speakers. He can be called an entertainer, because he has his audience laughing hilariously. He can be called an entrepreneur, because he is just that and has the awards and the business record to prove it. He can also be called an educator. And that’s exactly what he is. Clay Clark teaches his audience how to change their business and change their life for the better. Attendees to Clay Clark’s motivational seminars leave a plan of action on how to fulfill personal goals and dreams. Clay’s witty delivery and entertaining style and even been the subject of newspaper articles by the New York Times and the Washington Post as they wrote about his comedy parodies.

So what is your delay? Tools and techniques for reaching success rate your fingertips. Pick up the phone and call Clay Clark to book him as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. His phone number is 918-851-6920. As mentioned before, Clay has material that can be customized to specific industry groups and needs. For information regarding that and information regarding Clay Clark himself, you may log onto his website@makeyourlifeepic.com. Again, don’t delay. The demand for Clay Clark services as a Las Vegas motivational speaker is growing every day. Call immediately to ensure that he will be available for your next Las Vegas business seminar.


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