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Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Make a choice that will make a difference in the bottom line of your business and in your own personal success by booking Clay Clark as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. Many others have booked him as well including multiple Fortune 500 companies. Clay is able to effectively demonstrate the tools and techniques that create growth in your business there regardless of the current business climate. In fact, he is been so successful that a partial listing of his clientele includes: Farmers Insurance, Oral Roberts University, Quiktrip, Southwest Airlines, Valspar Paints, UPS, Budweiser, IBM, And Boeing.

Clay has developed and started nine successful businesses. He speaks from personal experience as opposed to theory. And, his successes been recognized by his peers and multiple business organizations. The Tulsa Metropolitan Chamber Of Commerce selected Clay at age 20 as their Entrepreneur of the Year. The Small Business Administration recognize Clay at age 27 as “Oklahoma’s Entrepreneur of the Year”. Clay is a member of the Journal Records Fast 40 Club which recognizes the fastest growing privately held companies in Oklahoma. The US Chamber Of Commerce presented Clay with the Blue-Ribbon National Quality Award.

Clay Clark is been able to effectively communicate business techniques to companies from multiple and diverse industry groups such as: advertising, appliances, auto parts, banking, bridal service companies, coffee, college and universities, commercial real estate, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, fitness, gourmet desserts, hair care, insurance, leadership development, life coaching, lawn care, medical care, mail order, jewelry, public relations, restaurants, sports products, employment staffing, videography, web design and development, accounting and tax preparation, and trade shows. Simply put, the techniques that Clay teaches work irregardless of the industry type.

Clay teaches how to build a business from scratch. He also teaches how to build duplicatable business models that are scalable to your own personal needs. He goes beyond goalsetting to teaching importance of monitoring for results. And he teaches a ruthless approach to time management that allows you to get the most out of your day while preventing the distractions that take away from your productivity. The teaching how to monetize your website traffic for more and greater profitability. And, perhaps as important as anything, Clay will teach you how to develop a Million-Dollar Mastermind Network, which will propel you to opportunities far beyond what you can see at the present time. Social media platforms can be very profitable, IF you know how to use them effectively. This is just part of what Clay teaches in his Las Vegas motivational seminar.

And it as an unexpected surprise, attendees took Clay Clark’s Las Vegas motivational speaking seminars find that they are brilliantly entertained while taught effective business techniques. Clay uses a laugh and learn technique that gets his audience fully engaged. The result is that attendees to his motivational seminars leave with notebooks full of information that they can began to apply immediately for improving their bottom line as well as creating a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Don’t waste another day in your life. Begin immediately to implement the changes necessary for success which come from selecting Clay Clark is your Las Vegas motivational speaker. As seen by his client list mentioned earlier, Clay is highly sought after. Therefore, pick up the phone and call him today at 918-851-0102 to book him as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. For more information regarding Clay and booking information, log onto his website@makeyourlifeepic.com.

Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Adapt to the changing business climate of today by learning new techniques for growing your bottom line. The best way to do this is by selecting Clay Clark as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. Multiple Fortune 500 companies have made that same decision in the end result is he shown them how to increase the profitability and grow their bottom line. Small sampling of his customer base includes such companies as: O’Reilly Auto Parts, Maytag University, IBM, Boeing, Farmers Insurance, Pepsi, Oklahoma State University, Southwest Airlines, First Option Online Mortgage, and Budweiser. The list of companies seeking Clay Clark as a Las Vegas motivational speaker is growing all the time because he is able to show them tools and techniques that increase the bottom line and grow their profitability.

Clay, the owner of nine successful businesses as well as being a sought after Las Vegas motivational speaker, is recognized for his personal success via multiple awards. The Tulsa Metro Chamber Of Commerce named Clay as their Entrepreneur of the Year when he was 20 years old. The Small Business Administration named Clay as Oklahoma’s Entrepreneur of the Year when he was 27 years old. Oklahoma Magazine named Clay is one of the “Top 40 under 40 Club” which recognizes successful business people in Oklahoma who are under the age of 40. His wedding DJ business has received multiple awards from numerous bridal publications as being the best of the best in its category.

So, it would be safe to say that what Clay brings to Las Vegas motivational seminar are practical techniques that are derived from actual experience, not just theory. He teaches some of the most vital techniques for growing income and increasing sales. Shows how to dramatically increase the sales and flow of prospects. Clay has built his businesses from scratch, so he can speak objectively the obstacles and the successes they come from starting your own business. He teaches how to leverage your existing client base while at the same time developing the market to your “ideal clientele”. Clay also teaches how to design a business model that accommodates your ideal personal lifestyle. Clay should know something about this since he is the married father of five children all under the age of nine.

One of the unexpected highlights a Clay Clark’s Las Vegas motivational speaking seminar is it he is downright entertaining. Forget any preconceived ideas to have about Las Vegas motivational speakers being boring. Clay Clark is equal parts entertainer, entrepreneur, and entertainer. The method behind his style helps to get people in a mindset for learning. That sounds simple enough, but look at the notebooks filled with notes as his attendees leave his motivational seminar. They’ve written a personal guide for how to obtain their goals and increase their business. All the while, his attendees are laughing themselves silly. It’s an amazing technique that mixes laughter and learning, but the main thing is “it works”.

Clay Clark is becoming one of the most highly recognized and sought after Las Vegas motivational speakers. As a result, it is necessary that you take action today to book him as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. He can be reached by phone at 918-851-0102. Or, for more information regarding Clay and booking information, you may log onto his website at makeyourlifeepic.com.
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