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Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Commit yourself to excellence in your business by selecting as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker, Clay Clark. He is been the choice of many Fortune 500 companies when seeking to inject tools and information that will increase profits and grow your company. A listing of his clientele speaks volumes as to his success as a motivational speaker and trainer. Clay has been hired by such companies as: Hewlett-Packard, Bama Pie, Farmers Insurance, Boeing, IBM, Maytag University, Oral Roberts University, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Quiktrip, Southwest Airlines, Pepsi, Valspar Paint, Brand Source, Dell Computer’s, UPS, Oklahoma State University, First Option Online Mortgage, and Budweiser.

Clay is also received recognition statewide and nationally for his business accomplishments. He is been twice named entrepreneur of the year in the state of Oklahoma by the Tulsa Metro Chamber Of Commerce and by the Small Business and Ministration. You receive these awards at age 20 and 27 respectively. At Oklahoma’s “Entrepreneur Day”, Clay was designated as a keynote speaker at state capital in Oklahoma City. He was listed among the “Top 40 under 40 Club” by Oklahoma Magazine. His DJ company won multiple “Best of the Best” awards by the Wedding MBA. He has been featured on local television on the program “Good Morning Oklahoma”.

Clay know something about time management as he is the author of three books in owner of nine successful businesses all the while being the married father of five children under the ages of nine. He teaches in his training seminar time management techniques that can best be described as ruthless. Like all good business owners who guards his time sell asleep to ensure the highest productivity, but he also works to ensure that he does not lose time with frivolous undefined activities. This is a part of his daily action plan which he teaches at his Las Vegas motivational speaker seminars. Each person leaving his seminar will be able to identify a specific plan to train results that will change your business and their personal life. He will show you how to leverage greater profitability from your existing client base while the same time designing a marketing plan to verify and reach your ideal clientele. The net effect of this is that when you reach your ideal clientele effectively you can then also began to build the business model that ideally accommodates your preference and lifestyle.

Clay Clark is not your average Las Vegas motivational speaker because you’re going to find him extremely “different”. In other words, his laugh and learn technique will have you laughing hilariously while at the same time trying to take notes. But don’t worry, the technique works. The method to his madness is successful in the attendees to his motivational seminars are able to process and utilize more the material they learn when they find themselves in a laugh and learn seminar. Clay since of humor has been documented in feature articles in the Washington Post and New York Times in reference to his parody songs.

There’s no time to delay in choosing play Clark is your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. Word is spreading about his success as a teacher and trainer. Consequently, his demand for bookings is increasing. To ensure that he will be able to match his available dates with the dates in which you will be in Las Vegas take action today by calling him at 918-851-0102. Clay will be happy to speak we personally. There are many additional training modules that Clay has available. For more information about them logon to his website@makeyourlifeethic.com.

Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Make the choice of whom makes a difference in your company by hiring Clay Clark is your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. Clay’s experience as a motivational teacher and trainer for multiple Fortune 500 companies will help you focus on increasing your profitability and growing your company. His success in training and teaching and made him an in demand speaker by multiple companies. A shortlisting of the companies that have hired Clay include: Brand Source, Pepsi, Valspar Paints, Southwest Airlines, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Maytag University, Bama Pie, Boeing, Farmers Insurance, IBM, Budweiser, and First Option Online Mortgage.

Clay speaks to the issue of increasing profitability growing your bottom line from his own personal experience as the owner of nine successful businesses. He is high on practical application believes theory only to the academics. He is the author of three books related to his business experience. It’s obvious that Clay is quite familiar with effective time management seen that he is the married father of five children. He teaches effective time management techniques that are ruthless regarding management of your time for greatest productivity and avoidance of the time wasting activities. The effectiveness of his motivational teaching and training cut across multiple industry classifications. As an in demand speaker, he is appear before such industry groups as: trade shows, website in development, staffing, photography, medical care, ministries, life coaching, insurance, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, college and universities, commercial real estate, aviation, auto parts, tanking, advertising, apartment housing, appliances, security, urban renewal, and sports equipment.

The respect that Clay has earned for his successful business acumen is illustrated by the multiple awards that he is one both statewide and nationally. The Tulsa Metro Chamber Of Commerce selected Clay as their Entrepreneur the Year, when he was only 20 years old. Seven years later, the Small Business of Ministration named Clay as “Oklahoma’s Entrepreneur of the Year”. He is also appeared in state capital as the keynote speaker for Oklahoma’s “Entrepreneur Day” at the state capitol in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Magazine included him in the list of “Top 40 under 40 Club” as being among the most successful business people in the state under the age of 40. The Blue-Ribbon National Quality Award is presented to Clay by the US Chamber Of Commerce.

But, do not let your heart be troubled in thinking that your next Las Vegas motivational speaker is going to bore you to death. Far from it. Clay Clark is been recognized as having a witty delivery and entertaining style that is able to fully engage his audience so they can grasp all techniques and tools for business that he has to present to them. He can rightfully be called in equal part entertainer/entrepreneur/educator. In his sense of humor is presented in parody songs has been the subject of feature articles in the Washington Post and New York Times.

So, when you look for a Las Vegas motivational speaker that will give you the results of an increase to your bottom line and growth for your company there is only one choice for your next motivational speaker and trainer, Clay Clark. Demand for his services increases all the time so it would behoove you to begin immediately by calling him at 918-851-0102 to begin the booking process. More information regarding the training modules he has available and more information about Clay himself were available that his website. Simply log on to his website@makeyourlifeepic.com


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