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Clay Clark is ready to be Your Next Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

This Content was Written by Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Choose a Las Vegas motivational speaker who will cultivate not only want, but a need for success. Such a speaker can be found in Clay Clark. He has a proven track record of teaching and training corporations and methods of increasing their success. Such companies as Valspar, The O’Reilly Auto Group, Farmers Insurance, Maytag, Hewlett-Packard, Ubuild It, and Oxi Fresh have selected Clay Clark as teacher trainer and motivator for their organizations.

Clay is the owner and operator of multiple successful businesses, so he speaks for framework of practical everyday experience. He teaches not just theory, but practical methods for dealing with objections and creating opportunities. He uses a laugh and learn format that captivates his audiences attention. Attendees to his seminars can be seen writing furiously to keep up with a practical application items that he presents to them, items that they can use today developing success.

An accurate description of Clay Clark with the a “serial entrepreneur”. He is successful in starting and building businesses as proven by the multiple awards that he has won. The Metro Chamber Of Commerce voted Clay as the Entrepreneur of the Year. The US Chamber recognized Clay’s business practices by awarding him the National Blue Ribbon of Quality. And true to form, the US Small Business Administration also named Clay as their Entrepreneur of the Year.

Clay teaches specific action steps that can be implemented immediately for improving business and improving personal lives. He shows his audience how to build duplicatable business models that can be scaled to the size of their own personal needs. He teaches goal setting along with techniques to ensure the goals being set on a timely and regular basis. He also teaches time management as if it were a war against you. He shows you how to make sure you’re not having your time stolen from you. In the final analysis, he teaches a winning mindset which is what separates the successful business person who wants to grow his business from the person who’s just trying not to lose his business in today’s market.

Begin taking steps today to book  Clay Clark as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. As mentioned earlier, Clay is an in demand speaker whose schedule is beginning to fill up.Take action today to match Clay’s availability with your schedule. Call him at 918-851-0102. For further booking information, log on to his website at MakeYourLifeEpic.com. Don’t miss the opportunity to have Clay Clark as your Las Vegas Motivational Speaker.

Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Looking for Las Vegas motivational speaker to help drive more profits and increase sales? Then, choose Clay Clark is your next motivational speaker in Las Vegas. A partial listing of Clay’s clients is a testimony to his capabilities in helping companies push himself to increase their sales and productivity. Clay has been selected to teach and train for such corporations as: The O’Reilly Auto Group, Farmers Insurance, Maytag University, Hewlett-Packard, Valspar, Ubuild It, and Oxi Fresh.

Clay has developed a laugh and learn format which serves to fully engage his audience at motivational seminars. His presentation technique has been referred to as ‘laugh and learn’. A casual observance of the audience indicates that people are taking notes at a furious pace all the while that they are laughing. This entertaining and witty style serves to convey facts so effectively that many people in audience will fill more than one legal pad with notes. And most importantly, they retain the information and they apply it to improve their performance in business and in personal lives.

Clay, a self-described “serial entrepreneur”, has won numerous awards verifying his ability to build and grow businesses. The Small Business Administration voted Clay as their Entrepreneur of the Year. Recognizing Clay’s business methodology, the US Chamber presented Clay with the National Blue Ribbon of Quality Award. And, the Metro Chamber Of Commerce named Clay as (what else?) their Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay owns and operates several successful businesses while at the same time serving as a motivational speaker and trainer. He speaks from everyday experience on techniques for overcoming objections and taking advantage of opportunities.

An attendee to Clay Clark seminar can inspect to learn how to ruthlessly handle time management so as not to have inefficiency in their business life. Clay also teaches the fundamentals of goal setting with techniques for follow-up to make sure the goals are being met on a daily basis. Clay also teaches how to build a scalable and duplicatable business model capable of meeting your own business financial needs. Clay teaches the techniques and habits required to build the winning mindset which separates the ultra successful from the also rans.

Clay is already receiving books as a Las Vegas Motivational Speaker. His schedule is filling up. Take action today.  Contact Clay to determine his availability as your motivational speaker.  Call him at 918-851-0102. Or, log on to his website, MakeYourLifeEpic.com, for information regarding booking Clay as your speaker.



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