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City’s Number One Choice For Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

This Content was Written by Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

A Las Vegas motivational speaker should have credentials that verify him as a business success. Clay Clark is the winner of multiple awards such as: Metro Chamber Of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, US Chamber National Blue Ribbon Award Winner, and The US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay is prepared to pass on the knowledge that he is obtained for increasing your sales and growing your profits.

Clay, in addition to being a motivational speaker, owns and operates multiple successful businesses. Because of this, he speaks from practical everyday applications as opposed to just theory. He teaches the techniques necessary to overcome objections and take advantage of opportunities. He understands the issues facing the person beginning a business start up as well as the business owner who is trying to increase sales and grow profits.  Clay began his businesses from his freshman dorm room.  He’s been there.  He’s done that.

Clay is a sought after motivational teacher and trainer by many corporations. He is able to teach and train techniques that are applicable to a wide spectrum of industries. Not the leas of which, Clay teaches techniques and methods for increasing sales and growing profits. The O’Reilly Auto Group, Farmers Insurance, Maytag, Hewlett-Packard, Valspar, Ubuild It, and Oxi Fresh are but a sampling of the corporations for whom Clay has taught and trained. His presentations to these organizations has been invaluable in developing a winning mindset for his clients. Clay believes that it is the winning mindset which separates the ultra successful from the also-rans.

Clay has developed over a period of time a laugh and learn format which is proved to captivate his audience in such a way that they are eagerly hanging on his every word as evidenced by the number of notes that they take. Often an individual at one of his motivational seminars we found it have taken more than one legal pad full of notes. This is indication that Clay is giving the tools necessary to create practical action steps to begin positive changes in business immediately.

In addition to training for creating personal, practical action steps, Clay also teaches time management in which he stresses getting the most out of each day and ruthlessly dealing with distractions. He also teaches goal setting which includes practical steps of follow-up to be sure that daily progress is being made toward the goals of the been set by each individual. Clay also teaches how to build a scalable and duplicatable business model which can be applied to each individual’s personal needs.

Began today to select Clay Clark is your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. It is important that you check on his availability as soon as possible. You may reach him by phone at 918 – 851 – 6920 or via his website at makeyourlifeepic.com.

Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Choose a Las Vegas motivational speaker who can help your company turn the corner in increasing sales and increasing profits. Clay Clark should be your motivational speaker choice. He is already the choice for teacher and trainer by numerous corporations. The techniques Clay teaches are effective in any business climate. And, a partial client list shows that he is effective irregardless of the industry to which  he speaks. He has been the teacher/trainer for companies such as: Hewlett-Packard, Maytag, Farmers Insurance, The O’Reilly Auto Group, Valspar, Ubuild It, and Oxi Fresh.

Clay, as the owner of multiple successful businesses, has first-hand knowledge of the challenges for turning the corner and staying afloat during any business climate.. He speaks not in theory. He speaks from practical daily methods for overcoming objections and developing opportunities. Clay began building his businesses while in college.  He originally worked from his dorm room.  He understands the stresses and opportunities of being a business start up as well as growing an existing business.

Clay’s success as a “serial entrepreneur” is verified by the prestigious awards that he has received. The US Small Business Administration has named Clay as their Entrepreneur of the Year. In recognition of his business practices,  The US Chamber National presented Clay with the Blue Ribbon of Quality Award. And in keeping with the serial entrepreneur theme, the Metro Chamber Of Commerce also voted Clay as the Entrepreneur of the Year.

Clay’s unique laugh and learn format is captured the imagination of his audiences. He opens minds of his audience for new ways to think outside of the box. Each person in his seminar will be taught how to develop specific action steps that they can use immediately to begin improving their financial results. It is common to see an attendee of one of Clay’s seminars walking away with multiple legal pads full of notes taken during his presentation.With the information learned and the applications for the information, attendees of Clay’s seminars are able to begin immediately to grow their sales and add to their profits.

Anyone attending one of Clay’s motivational seminars can expect to learn how to deal with time management and a ruthless manner so as to get the most out of each and every day. Clay also teaches goal setting with specific footsteps for follow-up which insures daily advancement toward one’s own personal goals. He also teaches how to build a duplicatable business model which is scalable to the size of each company’s needs. And finally. Clay teaches the habits and techniques necessary for developing a winning mindset that since the individual at a superior advantage over everyone else in his or her field.

When looking for a Las Vegas motivational speaker who is capable of helping you turn the corner toward greater profits and sustainability, choose Clay Clark as your next motivational speaker. Call him today at 918 – 851 – 6920 or log onto his website at makeyourlifeepic.com to verify his availability for your next event.




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