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Las Vegas Motivational Speakers – Bring Energy with Clay

Clay Clark is America’s number one speaker in business coach. He entertains Las Vegas audiences for business and has spoken over 1500 audiences of all sizes. Clay is worked with some of the best companies in United States including Southwest Airlines, Bama Companies, Farmers Insurance, and Hewlett-Packard. Executives and entrepreneurs alike love clay’s ability to communicate with them and give them the information that they need to actually be successful. Hiring a Las Vegas motivational speaker is not a tough decision for you or your organization – where it should be. Think of it as a huge investment in back in your company. The employees and top managers of your organization are going to be motivated to come back and implement the steps they learn at clay’s workshops. This will reap benefits for your company’s that could be worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

Clay doesn’t just talk about business and what makes for a successful one, he owns all of his own businesses. And fact he owns nine successful businesses today. He found all of his businesses and organizations on one founding principle: that we should study successful people and businesses and do what they did to become successful. Then, we make slight modifications and adjustments to fit our lifestyle, goals, values, and business models. Clay’s applied this philosophy along with a positive mental mindset to each of his companies and they have reach their own great levels of financial success. Clay teaches the same philosophies to all audiences and businesses, but more than that he actually helps to implement specific steps as they relate to these philosophies.

Clay is a award winner as a business owner, qualifying him to be one of the most knowledgeable Las Vegas motivational speakers about business in the circuit. He has wowed the media as a US Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year and the Metro Chamber “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”. He is done this by creating the largest wedding entertainment company in US. He has also been seen on several major television networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News. He’s been in national magazines and nationally syndicated newspapers as a featured entrepreneur. He motivates and inspires others with the same philosophies and principles he used to become successful. Clay believes that there is success that lies within each of us and we just need direction and specific action steps in order to bring that success out.

Clay helps business leaders take their life back through life balance and through a lifelong learner approach to business education. Clay considers himself a student and I studied the most successful people and businesses in the world for well over a decade. Clay shares his very top readings and resources with audiences at presentations to help them know what books are worth it and which aren’t. Many of the top CEOs respect Clay for the fact that he is able to help others manage their life work balance. Clay in the addition to owning his businesses, stays happily married and is a great father to his five children.

Clay helps audiences with creating scalable and duplicatable businesses. If it’s not scalable and duplicatable it’s probably not worth your time. The goal is to reach a point to where you are making money through your business without actually having to be present. The Internet is critical with being able to do this, and Clay teaches audiences the systems that they need to implement and how to implement them at his interactive workshops. You will learn how to leverage social media platforms and why and how these can help you to reach your financial goals. Give Clay Clark a call today to check for availability and to see how we can make your upcoming event ethic at 918-851-0102.

Clay Clark As Your Upcoming Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is the best choice as your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker for your annual convention, leadership conference, corporate business event, or professional development conference. He has spoken with over 1500 audiences and inspired and motivated each person within those audiences to do great things. How does he know because he gets letters and emails constantly from past students who were both inspired, motivated, and intrinsically prodded to’s take control of their life and destiny and start their own successful business. Clay is worked with some the top companies in the world as their speaker and entertainer of choice. UPS, Valspar Paint, HP, Southwest Airlines, and Quiktrip have all chosen clay as their speaker motivator and business coach of choice. You will laugh and learn with Clay Clark America’s Number One Business Coach!

Clay is one of the top speakers and entertainers in the nation and is been named the US Small Business Ministration Entrepreneur of the Year. He Is a US Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award Winner and is been recognized as one of the 40 most successful business people in the state of Oklahoma under the age of 40. He is a true success motivator and excuses killer. They continually surrounds himself with positive minded people, and encourages others to move dream killers out of their lives. Clay’s been featured on top news and television channels including ABC, NBC, CBS. The Washington Post and the New York Times Have Also Feature Clay in editorials relating the entertainment industry to the talking heads of political media.

Audiences learn breakthrough leadership, how to achieve peak performance, diversity, and overcoming adversity through Clay’s energy filled presentations. Audiences will discuss with Clay how to really get the most out of a workday. Of course, time management is a major concern of topic. The thing is, time management is great and it’s super critical to productivity, but without being fully energized and motivated, a time management implementation structure will produce amazing results but only for a short time. That is why clay finds what other people’s passions are and helps them develop complete action steps in order to help them meet their goals based on their own God-given strengths. Clay explodes traditional thinking about stagnant businesses who do things the way they’ve “always been done” but yet want to increase their financial results.

Clay teaches audiences how to raise more private funds for your private private or nonprofit entity. Funding is critical especially in the time of recession. But venture capitalist and private equity fund managers want to see that you have a plan and that it’s going to work. They don’t give you money based on hope or belief in you because you’re a nice person. Clay teaches audiences how to instill trust in others through specific, measurable results oriented plans. No matter what industry you’re coming from, clay has unique ability to give you exactly what you’re looking for. He has helped businesses with all types of struggles and diversity and is not afraid to admit that he has faced his own diversity in his own businesses. Clay helps others learn through his past mistakes about business and life decisions that you can’t afford to make.

Audiences will be laughing out loud as they love this laugh and learn format from Make Your Life Epic Success Institute Founder Clay Clark. The Make Your Life Epic Success Institute Was Founded in 2007 after Clay Received the US Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He saw a huge need for competent business consultation and coaching as people continuously came to him asking ways that they can either improve their business or improve their finances. Join the thousands of other people who have been diligent about implementing clay’s techniques to improve results in their lives. Clay’s passions to helping you so give us a call today at 918-851-0102 to see how Queen we can help you at your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event

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