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Wise Choice When Searching for Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is your best choice when finding a high quality Las Vegas motivational speaker. Who is Clay Clark? You could ask some of the top executives from some of the largest and most profitable Fortune 500 companies he has worked with. Clay is the speaker educator and entertainer of choice for companies such as Farmers Insurance, Southwest Airlines, O’Reilly, and Hewlett-Packard. Clay has also entertained companies including Oxy Fresh, Bama, Quiktrip, and Maytag appliances. CEOs and employees alike both love Clay’s ability to communicate with audiences across several industries.

Audiences want the best speaker possible when they come to Las Vegas to see a Las Vegas motivational speaker. Clay Clark is a business owner himself, not just someone who teaches business there. Clay started his early career as a serial entrepreneur at the early age of 18 years old and never look back. Through times of self learning and ups and downs, he continues to bring companies to unthinkable success through his proven strategies that anyone can implement. Clay gives audiences everyday practical steps that they can implement right away to lead them to achieving goals that they had only dreamed about before.

After achieving the award and being named US Small Business Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay was everywhere in the media. As his popularity grew, he received an overwhelming amount of phone calls from people wanting to run their business ideas by him and asking for help and advice. Clay started the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute in 2007 and is helped hundreds of business owners turn their businesses around and achieve enormous amounts of success ever since. He is the Metro Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year Winner, Founder of One of Oklahoma’s 40 Fastest-Growing Companies, Recognized As One of the Oklahoma’s Most Successful 30 under 30. He was also awarded the US Chamber Of Commerce National blue ribbon quality award.

No matter what an individual’s goal is, it cannot be achieved without practical action steps. Clay helps his audience members to set measurable clearly defined goals and then helps them to identify daily action steps that will actually show them how to get there. Diligence with your time is the most critical thing that people do not take seriously. Clay helps his audiences to understand how important it is to set aside specific times for specific task on a daily basis and to diligently stick to that schedule in order to get things done quickly. He then shows business owners and entrepreneurs have actually scale and duplicate the systems that they create.

Audience members will laugh out loud while scrambling to take as many notes as they possibly can in the short time that Clay speaks. He has a classic laugh and learn format that companies from all industries continuously praise him for. Audiences will learn what not to do from stores based on the early days of Clay’s serial entrepreneurship career. You’ll laugh and maybe even cry with some of the touching stories that Clay is able to communicate at a personal level that everyone can relate to. Don’t gamble on your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker. Choose quality as you organize this event, choose Clay Clark.

What to Look for When Hiring a Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is the best selection when you search for which Las Vegas motivational speaker you are going to choose. Have you heard of clay Clark before? You probably have declamation point he is the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year and was awarded this in 2007 for his highly successful entrepreneurship career. He has also been awarded the Metro Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year, and the US Chamber Of Commerce National Blue Ribbon Quality Award. He Was Recognized As the Founder of One of the 40 Fastest-Growing Companies in Oklahoma. He Is Also Been Featured As One of the 30 Most Successful Oklahomans under the Age of 30.

Your audience will expect only the best from their Las Vegas motivational speaker. They are going to demand someone he knows their subject well from personal experience. Clay Clark owns his own businesses and has led each of them to a highly successful status. He started years ago at the early age of 18, and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. Clay gives audiences everyday practical steps that they can implement that very night that will help them get closer to their ultimate goals.

If you somehow have not heard of clay Clark before, you should take lead from some of the top CEOs from several fortune 500 companies that clay has worked with. Clay is the entertainer educator and speaker of choice for some of the most successful companies including Southwest Airlines, Bama, Quiktrip, and Hewlett-Packard. He has worked with some of the top companies such as Maytag Appliances, Farmers Insurance, and O’Reilly Auto Parts. Clay has been featured in several national publications including, but not limited to, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He has been featured on networks such as Fox, ABC, ABC, and CBS.

Clay speaks to the top things that all their successful businesses have in common. They are all able to efficiently manage their time. Clay teaches how to steps for audience members so that they can get more done in a day the never thought possible. He also helps audience members to set real goals that can be achieved easily with this steps that he gives his listeners. We all set goals, but what are the specific things that you do to make sure that those goals become a reality? Clay helps audiences with questions like these and gives them the actual tools they need to bring dreams into reality.

Clay is humorous charm and wit wins over audiences time and again. He will have audiences laughing out loud from some of the hilarious stories originating from the early days of his young entrepreneur career. Audiences will learn what not to do from some of the stories so that they will not make the same mistakes from pursuing their dreams. Audience members will be laughing out loud as they learn from one of the most refreshing Las Vegas motivational speakers in the industry. Don’t make a high risk bet when hiring your Las Vegas motivational speaker. Choose Clay Clark.

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