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Want to Find an Amazing Las Vegas Motivational Speaker?

What exactly is it that you want out of your upcoming Las Vegas convention or meeting? Of course, your audience wants to get the most out of this trip and hopefully, they want to learn something too! When choosing your Las Vegas motivational speaker for your upcoming event you want to someone who is highly entertaining and can keep your audience interested and laughing the entire time. There are several entertainers like this in Las Vegas but how many Las Vegas motivational speakers you have a very deep knowledge and understanding of business systems and how to implement them are there? We can tell you, there is only one. On clay Clark is a Las Vegas motivational speaker and America’s number one business coach.

Clay is here as and is Las Vegas motivational speakers number one business motivational and success coach. He has worked with some of the nation’s top companies and has entertained organization such as Southwest Airlines, Quiktrip, UPS, Bama Companies, Maytag, Farmers Insurance, HP, and Many Many More! Slighted companies want this author and top business coach as their Las Vegas motivational speaker? Because clay gets it. More than of motivational speaker, clay has helped hundreds of businesses to turn things around, increase profitability, increase employee morale, and take their businesses to the next level. Clay helps businesses to implement philosophies and “best practices” from some of the top corporations in the world. As a Las Vegas motivational speaker, he helps audiences with the same philosophies and gives them practical action steps that they can implement right away.

So? Who is this clay Clark guy and what are his qualifications? Well, he is the United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, As Well As Being Recognized As the Metro Chamber Of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He Was Awarded the US Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award Winner for His incredible contributions in business. His wife and kids thinks he’s pretty cool to. He has been featured in several national and local publications including, not limited to, the New York Times and the Washington Post. You may have seen him on networks such as NBC, CBS, Fox News, or ABC.

Clay Clark overcame poverty in route to achieving tremendous business success and started his first successful business from his college dorm room as a freshman at Oral Roberts University. Clay received the Metro Chamber of Commerce “young entrepreneur of the year” for his “innovative best practice” customer service practices in his numerous business ventures at the early age of 20. By the time clay was 27 he was a nationally recognized as the SBA “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Today, clay is the owner of nine different businesses and travels the United States working as a engaging sales trainer, a nationally recognized educator, and America’s number one business coach.

Clay has based each of his businesses on one founding philosophy that he knows to hold true. “Study successful people and businesses, then do what they did become successful while making slight modifications to fit your values your lifestyle, your business model, and your goals.” Clay delivers this message with a witty sense of humor and gives practical step-by-step “how to’s” on industry “best practices “for audiences. Audiences love his hilarious and witty sense of humor and he is guaranteed to keep large audiences laughing the entire presentation, while at the same time, furiously jotting down notes that may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for their organization. Give Clay Clark a call today at his office to check on availability and to see how he can help make your life epic. He can be reached at 918-851-6920.

America’s Number One Business Coach and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is America’s number one business coach and has been recognized at the national level for his tremendous business contributions since starting his first company from his college dorm room as a freshman at Oral Roberts University. He is the US SBA’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” and the author of the top selling book “Make Your Life Epic: from the Dorm Room to the Boardroom”. Clay has helped thousands of people to effectively take their business to the next level by implementing Clay Clark’s Proven Systems. Most Las Vegas motivational speakers will be able to inspire and motivate their audiences. Clay’s audiences experience results and go beyond inspiration.

So, why do meeting and event planners love booking Clay Clark? Guests will be wowed with entertainment and education unmatched by any other Las Vegas motivational speaker. Clay has entertained and educated for industry leaders throughout the country including the United States Government Accountability Office, First Option Online Mortgage, Valspar Paint, Quiktrip, UPS, and Many More. He delivers his presentation in his witty, humorous, and relevant delivery style that keeps audiences laughing the entire presentation time. His relevant and highly interesting topics are applicable to all industry types if doing business in the United States. He has a unique ability to connect with today’s business professionals in an unforgettable and highly impactful way.

Clay Clark is not just a Las Vegas motivational speaker who makes his living from speaking. Hey, there are those guys out there! No, walks the talk and knows exactly what he’s talking about. He is the owner of nine successful businesses. He has coached hundreds of business owners and let them to amazing results taking them to the next level of their business. Clay’s founding principle is that we look closely at those who have been successful and then imitate exactly what they do, making slight modifications based on your own goals, values, lifestyle, and business model. Clay is helped some of the nation’s top companies implement industry “best practices” and philosophies used by some of the top corporations in the United States. Las Vegas motivational speaker audiences will get the same treatment as does his business clients. They will be given specific steps that they can take and implement right away in their organization to further their success.

Clay teaches audiences how to PR like the stars. There are some people who always seem to be in the news and in the headlines. In fact, clay has been featured in both the New York Times and the Washington Post. You may have seen him on networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox news. Your audience will learn how to work their way in the magazines, publications, and television programs that potential customers like and trust in this interactive training. This skill alone increases traffic flow, visibility, and profitability and like you’ve ever experienced before.

Audiences are guaranteed to be highly entertained and inspired by this interactive and educational presentation. Clay has a witty sense of humor that is pretty unique and guaranteed to not be duplicated by anyone in the Las Vegas motivational speaking industry. Audiences love clay’s ability to communicate in a way that really connects with them on a personal level. Audiences will be talking about clay Clark and his amazing presentation along with the invaluable notes that they were able to take away and implement to improve their lives beyond what they ever imagined. Calls today and let us know how we can help make your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event truly epic you can reach our highly effective and always accessible call-center at 918-851-6920.


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