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Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark Will Rock Your Upcoming Convention

United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, pursues his passion of helping others to succeed through being one of the top Las Vegas motivational speakers. Clay recognizes how many mentors he had at the beginning days of his entrepreneurial career and how that group help to develop him into the successful businessman that he has become. After achieving both business and financial success to a level far beyond his dreams, clay Clark was able to develop the Make Your Life Success Institute in 2007 in order to give back to the nation he loved so much. Farmers Insurance, Bama Companies, Southwest Airlines, UPS, Valspar Paints, and O’Reilly Auto Parts are just some of the companies that have chosen Clay as their entertainer and motivational speaker of choice.

Meeting and event planners looking to book a Las Vegas motivational speaker love Clay Clark! Audiences will be both educated and inspired by Clay’s positive mental attitude and guidance. Clay’s entertained and educated some of the top industry leaders. Audiences will learn not only how to save lots of money in the near future but make their businesses profitable more than they ever have been. Audience members have told clay that after presentations, their organization cannot stop talking about it among themselves and to others. Clay helps other people to succeed and gives them the tools and resources they need to guide them along the right path to reaching goals so that they may contribute to their organization and to society as a whole.

Clay is America’s a number one business coach and has been recognized nationwide for his business successes. He is able to show audiences how to conduct market research, build a website, coordinate obtaining professional pictures, print materials, and gain media attention in record time. Clay has a “positive mental attitude” and sets the precedence of being a very hard worker every day in his own companies. Clay has won awards that have given them statewide fame in the state of Oklahoma by both the Chamber Of Commerce, Oklahoma Magazine, the Record Journal. He has been featured in publications and in articles online including the knot.com, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all major TV networks.

Clay gives workshops and presentations specific to your organization based on what your goals and current issues may be. He implements “best practices” and philosophies used by the nation’s top corporations like GE, AT&T, and Apple. Clay gives presentations focused on key concepts for your organization like developing a positive mindset, vision, culture, quality, and expectations. He helps audiences from all organizations learn how to develop a high level of quality is is is very important to the success reputation of any business. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.Com, states that “if you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word-of-mouth is very powerful.” Audiences learn the importance of quality and how can exponentially grow their businesses.

Quiktrip, IBM, Farmers Insurance, and many many more companies have chosen Clay as their entertainer and educator of choice. He is able to communicate on a level that all audience members can deeply connect with and understand. Clay gives concrete, practical steps that organizations will take in order to achieve whatever objective they are seeking. He does this in a hilarious format that is both educating and entertaining. They won’t stop talking about the great time they had watching clay speak and being interactive participants in this one of a kind Las Vegas motivational speaker event. As you can imagine, Clay Clark’s schedule is extremely busy and available dates for Las Vegas motivational speaker events are very limited. Give is called the day to check on availability and let’s see how we can help to make your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event one that will be talked about remembered forever. We can be reached at 918-851-0102.

Las Vegas Motivational Speakers Serving Greater Las Vegas

The top business leaders in the world know that it is completely necessary to energize your organization from the top down before being able to achieve productivity, profitability, and business performance. The energy that comes from within is what drives action. Action without motivation and energy behind it is tedious, will be half-hearted, and will drag along. That could have a major negative impact on your profitability, quality of service, and reputation within the community. The most successful and productive companies hire Las Vegas motivational speakers to energize and bring focus to the entire organization, increasing profitability. It is an investment back into your company or organization.

No one brings more energy and laser-like focus to your company or organization than Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark. He is the US SBA “Entrepreneur of the Year” and has received numerous other awards for his ability to truly motivate his team. His amazing and effective Gifted ability to communicate with others has brought his first company “from the dorm to the board room”. Clay, a highly successful serial entrepreneur, owns nine successful companies all based on the same founding philosophy. Clay Clark has spent over a decade studying some of the most successful and brightest minds in business. All of these people have something in common: they have an amazing energy and vision, and an unbreakable stubborness to get what they want out of life.

Clay has worked with some of the top companies in the world like, Southwest Airlines, Bama Companies, Quicktrip, Valspar Paints, and Hewlett-Packard, just to name a few. He has been an entertainer, speaker, cheerleader, and antagonist consultant to hundreds of businesses. No matter what you need in order to be successful, Clay Clark can fill that role – and has time and again. Clay takes a seat as a team member in every business he consults to as America’s number one business coach. He takes your success seriously and personally, and holds himself accountable for the results.

Every business or organization that comes to Las Vegas has different needs. Clay actively listens to the needs and the concerns of your organization and will actively take part in addressing the issues head on with your audiences. He doesn’t just talk to audiences in gereralities, but humorously delivers the “how tos” of finding solutions for whatever your organization wants to accomplish. Yes, Clay Clark can deliver a powerful and life-changing experience on any facet of business or personal success. Clay has coached others concerning managing like a mogul, dominating the search engines, taking care of your current client base, and million dollar leadership.

Clay has the very unique ability to connect with audiences and give them hope to overcome any obstacle. One thing we all have in common is that life isn’t perfect. The richest and most successful men in the world all went through life altering tragedy’s on their way to the top. Just look at the biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. They all experienced terrible events like extreme poverty, loss of a loved one, lack of education, or several business failures. The difference is that they had a positive mental mindset. Clay has overcome many struggles in his life but continues to thrive despite circumstances around him. Audiences will learn the secrets to success and how we all contain those answers within. Call today and let us know how Clay can help you with whatever challenges you face.

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