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Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark Will Light the Fire at Your Next Event

Clay Clark is the perfect speaker, motivator, and educator for your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaking event. Clay is spoken with over 1500 audiences and has entertained over 25,000 groups over the span of his career. He is the US Small Businesses Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year and has been recognized for this for his amazing business results. He educates and motivates business owners from companies both large and small on a daily basis. Clay has formed his nine businesses, each into a duplicatable and well oiled machine that produce profitability even when he’s away. Clay’s been recognized both locally and nationally in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and has been seen on major television networks like Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC.

Clay Has a Passion for Helping Others and He Does so Every Day through His Mentoring with His Company Make Your Life Success Institute. The Make Your Life Success Institute was formed in 2007 after clay saw a huge need for competent business coaching to those who needed it. Clay received lots of help and advice from mentors that he sought out during the early days of his entrepreneurship career. Without wise counsel from others we are left to fend for ourselves and the results of that are hardly ever great. Your audience will be completely fired up from clay’s amazing energy and sought after educational value. Clay’s owner of his own businesses and has taken each of them to great levels of success. How many other Las Vegas motivational speakers can say that they’ve done something like that?

Clay has been awarded many times over for the continued success that he seek that he has. He is the Metro chamber Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Is Recognized As One of the 40 most successful business people under the age of 40 in the state of Oklahoma. Clay founds all of his businesses on the same philosophy which is to study other people and businesses have been successful and then do what they did to reach that success level, making minor adjustments to fit your lifestyle, goals, and values. So how do we find out what other companies did to become successful? Will clay has researched this for over 15 years it continues to implement “best practices” that are used by the top corporations like Apple, Disney, and AT&T.

Of course clay’s highly rated Las Vegas motivational speaker presentations are funny, because Clay is one hilarious person! But don’t be fooled, clay is all business when it comes to making sure that his audience is educated in the laws of success. He has a personal experience through his struggles both good and bad that he has persevered through to achieve great financial wealth. Hammering of the iron molds the sword and Clay challenges traditional corporate thinking and has audience members question the way they do things and why they do them if they want different results. Audiences take away actual practical steps that they can implement right away in order to help them achieve their goals.

Audiences love clay’s hilarious delivery style in his laugh and learn format. Did you ever have a high school teacher who was so funny that you always remembered having fun in their class and the coursework seemed a little easier because they were such great teachers? I can say the same is true for clay although he makes it even better by bringing energy into the room and making sure his audience transfers that energy out of the room takes excited to take what they’ve learned back to the room corporations and organizations to implement. Clay Clark is available only on certain dates as his schedule is very demanding give us a call and let us see how we can help you at 918-851-6920.

Best Business Las Vegas Motivational Speaker – Clay Clark

What you looking for when contemplating food is higher as your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker? You probably know someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about and can communicate it in a way that is both entertaining and educating. The best Las Vegas motivational speakers have a very unique ability to communicate with audiences. This is no different than with Clay Clark, America’s Number One Business Coach. Clay has been the speaker of choice to over 1500 organizations throughout his career as a young entrepreneur. Clay is actually entertained over 25,000 groups through his entertainment company, DJ connection. Clay is a dynamic motivator and thinker and helps companies around the United States to improve profitability, efficiency, and successes.

Clay is not without his own struggles as he started from very humble beginnings. He grew up as a poor middle-class white kid in the Midwest. He never knew exactly what it would be like to have financial success and security, but he knew that he wanted it. He started his first business from his college dorm room and only two years later received the Metro Chamber entrepreneur of the year award. Clay scratched and clawed to get to the top in those first two years of his business. Even while married with a young daughter, clay work seven nights a week in order to raise money to buy more equipment for his business. Now, he is still happily married and the father five beautiful children. He is able to balance his faith, family, and nine businesses and still manage to sleep most nights.

Education of those that he comes into contact with his up of the utmost importance to Clay. Clay has authored three books and owns nine businesses each reaching their own level of success. Clay has worked with some of America’s top companies including Valspar Paints, Maytag, Farmers Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, Southwest Airlines, and Quiktrip. Executives Love Clay and his unique ability to communicate with audiences from top-level executives to young entrepreneurs trying to start their own businesses. Communication is truly the key from what makes someone a good speaker to an excellent speaker. Clay has never received a negative review from any of his 15 hundred presentations. He is motivated and inspired audiences to go out and do great things all over this great country.

Clay teaches audiences how to dramatically increase their sales revenue through implementing industry best practices. Sales tracking is a necessity in clay teaches you exactly how to know when something’s not working and how to change it. There’ll be no vague discussion about the philosophy of sales and finding something that might work, his audiences get direct and practical advice with steps that they can implement right away to increase sales for their company or organization. That’s why he is one of the most sought after Las Vegas motivational speakers in town.

Book Clay today and see how he can breathe life right back into your business or organization. Audiences walk away from clay’s events buzzing about how awesome the speaker was and how much he really made them think about things. He will give them the tools they need to be successful right away and typically, this comes back to the company you’ll bring thousands of dollars from information learned. It is of investment that some of the top fortune 500 companies have made and continue to ask Clay Clark back as a Las Vegas motivational speaker. Give us a call today at our awesome facility at 918-851-6920 and let us know how we can help make your upcoming event epic.

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