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Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

It’s time to electrify your company and move them to greater success by selecting Clay Clark as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. A number of Fortune 500 companies have done the same thing by looking him as their motivational teacher and trainer. The reason he has been booked by these companies and rebook again is that he gives tools and techniques necessary to produce results that help you to increase profits and grow your company. A listing of the companies for whom he has been the motivational teacher and trainer and indication of his ability. A partial list includes such companies as: First Option Online Mortgage, Budweiser, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Oral Roberts University, Maytag University, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Farmers Insurance, Dell Computers, Quiktrip, And Southwest Airlines.

Clay’s business success has been documented by multiple awards denoting the success of his nine businesses. Twice named Entrepreneur of the Year, at ages 20 and 27 respectively, by the Tulsa Metro Chamber Of Commerce and The Small Business Administration. Clay was selected to deliver the keynote address for Oklahoma’s “Entrepreneur Day” at the state capital and local city. His DJ company is been named “Best of the Best” by the Wedding MBA. He has been featured on local Tulsa television on the program “Good Morning Oklahoma”. Is also a member of the “Top 40 under 40 Club” as named by Oklahoma Magazine which denotes the most successful business people in Oklahoma under the age of 40.

As noted before, when the main reasons that Clay Clark is in demand as a Las Vegas motivational speaker is a he delivers the tools and techniques necessary for business to grow and be successful, irregardless of the current business climate. Not only teaches how to train your sales team but also how to manage them for maximum ongoing productivity their methods for taking your existing client base and leveraging that for additional profitability and Clay teaches these techniques. He shows methods for monetizing your website traffic so as to deliver greater profitability. Perhaps as important as everything else is a clay shows how to build scalable business model which each person is able to adapt to their own personal needs and size of their company. Each person leaving McClay Clark’s motivational seminars will have a clear plan for developing practical action steps that they can begin to use immediately.

Despite what people may say about Las Vegas motivational seminars being boring and stuffy from time to time, you can be assured that will not be the case when Clay Clark is your Las Vegas motivational speaker. In fact his laugh and learn technique is proven extremely successful. His witty delivery and entertaining style it proved him to be not only an entrepreneur but also an educator and an entertainer. His sense of humor has been profiled in the Washington Post and New York Times in reference to his comedy parody songs.

There is no time to waste in selecting Clay Clark is your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. The demand for his services are increasing every day. So as not to miss out on the opportunity to have him as your motivational speaker and trainer, pick up the phone and call him at 918-851-6920. There’s much additional information available about the training modules that he has and more information about Clay himself to be found on his website. For that information, log on to his website@makeyourlifeepic.com.

Subject: Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Assume control of your future both personally and business wise by selecting Clay Clark is your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. Many Fortune 500 companies have been among those who made the decision to hire Clay is her motivational speaker and trainer. The results that he is produced for these companies go directly to the bottom line and help to grow the business. Consequently, Clay is in high demand as a Las Vegas motivational speaker. A short list of the companies for whom Clay has worked as a motivational speaker and trainer include such companies as: UPS, Dell Computers, Quiktrip, Southwest Airlines, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Boeing, Farmers Insurance, Budweiser, First Option Online Mortgage, The United States Government Accountability Office, Brand Source, Pepsi, and Valspar Paint.

Clay has a record of success as the owner of nine high-performing businesses. He is the author of three books about business. In addition to the successful business work, Clay is busy as the husband of Vanessa and father of five children all under the age of nine. He knows something about time management, obviously. Those that select Clay as their Las Vegas motivational speaker will find it he teaches a ruthless approach to time management that increases your productivity and limits the intrusion of others that would limit your productivity. He teaches how to create sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships such as developing a Million-Dollar Mastermind Mentor Network. The tools and the techniques that Clay teacher applicable across multiple industry types. He has been the motivational trainer and speaker for such industry groups as: access control and ID cards, advertising, appliances, aviation, banking, coffee, charities, commercial real estate, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, education, event planning, fitness, gourmet desserts, hair care, leadership development, limousine service, lawn care, lighting, jewelry, medical care, mortgage, paint, public relations, sports products, security, videography, photography, web design and development, and trade shows.

Clay has won multiple awards both statewide and nationwide. His DJ business has received awards from multiple bridal publications naming him the best of the best. He was named entrepreneur of the year in Oklahoma on two occasions, once by the Tulsa Metro Chamber Of Commerce and once by The Small Business Administration. Is been named by Oklahoma Magazine is a member of the “Top 40 under 40 Club” which designates him as being among the 40 most successful business people under the age of 40 in Oklahoma. He is also a member of The Journal Records Fast 40 Club, which designates him as owning some of the fastest-growing privately held companies in Oklahoma.

Lest someone think that a Las Vegas motivational speaker is going to be boring, set those thoughts aside when Clay Clark is your motivational speaker. He is developed to laugh and learn technique that fully engages his audience which in turn allows him to fully learn and utilize the tools and techniques which he teaches. His sense of humor has even been featured in articles in the Washington Post and New York Times regarding his comedy and parody songs.

Clay is one most highly sought after Las Vegas motivational speakers at this time. Waiting will only make it more difficult to match his availabilities with your next meeting in Las Vegas. So began today by calling Clay at 918-851-6920 to book him as your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. Additional information regarding Clay and the modules that he teaches are available at his website. You may get this information by logging on to his website@makeyourlifeepic.com.

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