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Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark Is America’s Most Humble Businessman

Clay Clark is your man when it comes to hiring your next Las Vegas motivational speaker. Clay is the author, speaker, and entertainer of choice for some of the world’s top companies. He has entertained audiences both large and small, totaling over 1500 different crowds. Clay knows how to entertain and educate your audience based on his years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of one of the 40 fastest-growing companies in the state of Oklahoma. He is been recognized on a national level for his business contributions for growing his company into the largest wedding entertainment service company in the United States.

Clay knows exactly what it takes to become successful in business. Las Vegas motivational speakers who knew know their subject through a lifetime of experiences are able to connect with audiences and give them information that could be worth thousands of dollars to them as individuals. Clay is no exception to this. The US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, started from humble beginnings in a small Midwest town. Clay started his first business from his college dorm room as a freshman and Oral Roberts University. He grew that same company into and nationally recognized wedding entertainment service company and now owns nine total businesses. Although clay understands industry “best practices” he does more than review philosophy with his audiences. He gives audiences the actual steps that they need to take in order to achieve their goals based on these laws of success.

Clay is worked with some of the top companies in the United States including Valspar paints, Farmers Insurance, Southwest Airlines, Quiktrip, and Maytag. In Addition to Being the Small Business Administration entrepreneur of the year, he is also been honored with the US Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award. He has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post editorial, ABC, Fox News, CBS, and NBC. Clay is admired for his positive attitude and mindset and for his ability to take an idea and grow it into a reality. Top executives from some of the countries largest organizations love Clay’s ability to take complex issues and problems and turn them into workable and duplicatable systems.

Clay teaches audiences how to leverage their existing client base. The goal for any business, whether a service or product company, should be to capture the lowest hanging fruit possible to increase sales and profitability. Clay demonstrates how to not only build great relationships with existing clients, but also how to offer added value sales and services to help improve the lives of your existing clientele. Audiences also learn how to effectively motivate employees. We are all faced with an innumerable number of distractions in today’s technology age, and let’s face it, distractions kill productivity. Audiences learn how to bring together employees as a whole and how to find each employee’s internal motivation and exploited.

Companies and organizations alike love clay’s ability to bring laughter and excitement into the room when he’s present. Audiences always leave more energized and focused ready to attack their goals with practical everyday application steps that they can implement right away. Audiences will be laughing out loud as they scramble to take as many notes possible, mainly because this information could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to them or their organization. Audiences will learn from clay’s delivery style that humor can also drastically improve percentage of success on sales calls or other forms of communication. Give is called the day and let us show you how we can turn your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event into one that will always be remembered.

Booking the Most Impactful Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

If you’re looking for a way to educate your audience for your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event, while at the same time doing it in a way were they are extremely entertained, then you definitely need to book Clay Clark for your upcoming event. Check out our testimonials page to see what passed company executives and audience members are saying about Clay Clark in his ability to increase the business successes of companies large and small. Clay is America’s number one business coach. He is the communicator and entertainer of choice for companies such as HP, UPS, Farmers Insurance, Maytag, Valspar Paint, Bama Companies, and More. Clay Is the Author of Top-Selling Book “Make Your Life Epic: from the Dorm Room to the Boardroom”. He Is Also the US Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Clay has amassed a numerous amount of media attention and rewards to add to his resume. In addition to being the US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, He Is Also Recognized by the Metro Chamber Of Commerce As Their Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He was honored by Journal Record as being one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing 40 companies. He is the US Chamber Blue-Ribbon National Quality Award Winner, and Has Been Featured in the New York Times. He Has Also Been Featured in a Washington Post Editorial by Jeff Jarvis. Clay Is the Founder of the Largest Wedding Entertainment Service Company in the United States. He is also the owner of nine highly successful businesses. Clay is happily married and balances his business success with his family success as he is the father of five beautiful children.

Clay’s business knowledge and experience stretches well beyond what is typical of other Las Vegas motivational speakers. After receiving media attention for the entrepreneur of the year award, clay saw a huge need for intelligent business coaching, both to large organizations and to young entrepreneurs wanting to start a business. Because of this clay started the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute in 2007 to fill this void. Since that time clay has meant toward thousands of business owners and implemented industry “best practices” used by some of the top executives at the largest corporations in the world, including Disney, AT&T, and Pfizer. Clay teaches more than just business theory to each of the students that he both motivates and educates. Clay gives specific, practical steps that people need to implement in order to increase both profitability, happiness, and fulfillment of their goals.

So, what exactly does Clay teach audiences? There are a huge variety of topics that clay is spoken on, all both relevant and specific. Executives love the fact that Clay’s topics, all centered on “best practices” relate to businesses across every industry. Clay teaches audiences how to manage effectively. Management is used at every level of an organization, an efficient effective management is vital to the success of that business. You will discover how to implement the best practice management systems, philosophies, and strategies used by America’s top companies.

Book Clay Clark for your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event if you want your audience to be blown away by an incredible speaker communicator. The best Las Vegas motivational speakers know exactly what they’re talking about and kinking communicated in a way in which everyone can not only understand but can mimic and implement in their own lives. Clay delivers his presentations in a witty and humorous style that at the same time delivers effective, and applicable information to all those who attend. Calls today to check for availability as dates are very limited. You can call our highly efficient and very profitable call center at 918-851-0102.

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