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Las Vegas Motivational Speaker and Entertainer Clay Clark

Clay Is Absolutely the most qualified and entertaining Las Vegas motivational speaker for your upcoming business event. He is the top Las Vegas motivational speaker as it relates to business for professional development conferences, corporate business events, workshops, keynotes, and leadership development conferences. An author, keynote speaker, business coach, and entertainer to some of the top fortune 500 and Blue-Chip Companies in the World, Clay is ready to meet your organization and its challenges head on. Southwest Airlines, UPS, Valspar Paints, Farmers Insurance, HP, and Many Many Others have chosen clay to be there entertainer speaker, and motivator of choice. He has traveled around the country giving practical and hilarious motivational speaking events companies truly wanting to motivate their employees and get better financial results.

Clay gives organization and company planners confidence to know that they are hiring the best and most qualified Las Vegas motivational speaker for their upcoming event. Why is that? Because how many Las Vegas motivational speakers can say that they are the US Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year? Or, that they have found the keys to success to actually own and operate nine successful businesses? Knowledge is great, but you need someone who is able to communicate with your audience on an amazing level that is going to give them the same keys to success that that speaker was able to find for him or herself. That is why clay Clark cannot be beat for any type of business presentation or workshop. He consistently is told that he is the best speaker that audiences have ever seen. That sounds like an extreme bragging point, but it is the honest truth! Take a look at our testimonials page or even some of our videos on YouTube.

In addition to being the US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, He Has Also Been Named the Entrepreneur of the Year by Tulsa Metro Chamber. He was nationally recognized by the United States Chamber Of Commerce As the National Blue Quality Ribbon Award Winner for His Business Success. Time Management is a huge topic for many of Clay’s audiences. In this digital age, we can get more done than ever, but there is also a downside to that. 85% of workers surf the Internet while at work for pleasure and a surprising number of men have been caught looking at, let’s just say things they’re not supposed to, while at work. That screams lack of motivation, focus, and drive from very people you hired that you thought would be the absolute most qualified for the job. So, what happened? Well, Clay’s audiences will learn how to manage like the top leaders in managing moguls of our day. Clay helps others to find their life and work passions and helps them to set specific goals and action steps to reach them.

Every business that is started must be both scalable and duplicatable. If a business is a passion, but is not scalable are duplicatable it is probably not your best choice if you are trying to get wealthy. We want to teach you how to be successful with your business, not how to work harder in your business. One of Clay’s popular topics has been how to create scalable and duplicatable businesses. This, of course can apply to your organization and to your existing business so as to create more consistency, better relationships, and higher profitability.

Audiences love the humor and witty delivery style that Clay delivers in Las Vegas. The best Las Vegas motivational speakers use humor and wit to convey information through an amazing communication ability that makes it easy for audience members to understand and apply. Audiences will be lost in time listening to Clay’s humorous stories about the early days of his career. They will get a real “what not to do” guide based on some of the tall tales and true happenings that come from Clay’s business in the early days. Give is called the day and see how we can make your next Las Vegas motivational speakers event a huge success. You can contact us through our website form or give our offices a call at 918-851-0102.

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark Has Helped Top Companies Make More Money

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark Has Made Some Serious Money. The thing is he is done at your hard work, determination, and perseverance to reach his goals. Has he done it through his professional speaking business as a professional speaker? Absolutely not. Clay is the owner of his own business, which he turned into the largest wedding entertainment service business in the United States. He is the US Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year for his amazing accomplishments in his young serial entrepreneurship career. He is also America’s Favorite Business Coach and is helped hundreds of companies and thousands of people to achieve their financial dreams through implementing best practices in their businesses.

Clay is one not only the US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Award, but he is been recognized for his ability to incorporate culture, vision, quality, and high expectations into each of his companies. Due to this commitment to excellence, he was awarded by the US Chamber Of Commerce with their National Blue Ribbon Quality Award. He’s been recognized here in Oklahoma as the founder of one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing companies. He and his companies have also been featured in magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.com, Modern Bride Magazine. The Washington Post and New York Times and Tulsa world have all featured Clay and articles relating to his business success. He is inspired and educated nearly 1500 audiences both large and small, and has actually entertained over 25,000 audiences through his entertainment company.

Valspar Paint, First Option Online Mortgage, UPS, Farmers Insurance, and Quiktrip have all selected clay Clark as their motivator and entertainer of choice. He is worked with hundreds of business owners to help them achieve their specific goals whether it be for profitability, leadership, for increasing customer flow. He is an SEO genius and a true marketing guru. Thousands of people have been inspired by an implemented clay Clark’s proven systems to exponentially take their business to the next level. The difference between Clay Clark and other Las Vegas motivational speakers is that clay Clark’s audiences experience results!

Clay teaches audiences how to vastly improve public speaking skills. By incorporating humor and thought provoking questions, you will develop a way to communicate with not only audiences, but also with friends, family, and others. You will learn the secrets to get others to do what you want them to do without them really knowing it. You will see ripple effects from this positive and proven system in your business and your bottom line. Communication is key to any relationship and business outcomes. Clay is one of the best communicators in the Las Vegas motivational speaker pool and he has a unique way of connecting with audiences on an emotional level.

Clay has faced adversity just like everyone else. What happens often with those that we see is very successful is that we don’t see them until they have already reach that level of success. We don’t see all of the sleepless nights, financial struggles, and emotional blocks that they have been able to overcome prior to that success point. Clay is the most humble successful Las Vegas motivational speakers on business and is fully transparent and candid about mistakes that were made throughout his company in the early days so that you can learn from those mistakes and not make them. Audiences will be laughing out loud at some of the hilarious stories as they take notes on what not to do! Give is called the day and see how we can make your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaking event one that you will remember forever at 918-851-0102.

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