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Finding the Best Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Clay Clark has entertained audiences large and small as an experienced serial entrepreneur. He has been the speaker of choice for some of the top companies like SW Airlines, Valspar Paints, UPS, QuickTrip, Maytag and Hewlett-Packard. He is able to connect with audiences in a way that inspires them to be better than they were before they walked in the room. Many people who have been mentored by Clay have gone on to start their own successful companies.

You want to get your audiences as excited as possible by their Las Vegas Motivational speaker so that they are entertained the entire presentation. Clay brings an amazing energy into any room and his positive attitude is contagious. He is guaranteed to brighten your day and improve your live if the principles he teaches are implemented. Clay has a lot to be excited about. He is a husband, father of five, and owner of nine successful businesses. He devotes his time to his passion of speaking, entertaining, and educating others as a Las Vegas Motivational Speaker.

Clay has been recognized for turning a business idea into a reality as a college freshman from his college dorm room. He then grew that business into the largest wedding entertainment service company in the United States. He was recognized as the US SBA “Entrepreneur of the Year” for that accomplishment. Now, Clay is an author and owner of nine different businesses in the fields of commercial production, photography, real estate, business coaching, and others. He has been recognized as the Metro Chamber “Entrepreneur of the Year” and also a winner of US Chamber Blue Quality Ribbon Award for his business contributions.

Clay has been featured in the New York Times. He was featured in the same article with Rush Limbaugh and Jay-Z. You may have seen him on CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX NEWS. The Washington Post has also featured him in an article by Jeff Jarvis. He is no stranger to national media attention, as he was first exposed to it after winning the US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year award. He started the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute after receiving numerous phone calls from people wanting his advice.

Audiences will laugh while learning and being educated on some of the “best practices” of business. They will not get general guidelines but will be given practical action steps that can be implemented right away. They will really appreciate that this information is actually helpful and will improve their lives. They will be amazed at how fast time flies as they laugh at his hilarious delivery and stay entertained the entire time. Audiences will leave the convention center with notebooks filled with information that could be worth hundreds of thousand s of dollars to their companies or organizations. They will learn some of the same practices and philosophies used from some of the top executives in the world at companies such as GE, Disney, and Southwest Airlines.

How to Choose Your Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

What are you looking for when it comes to choosing a Las Vegas Motivational Speaker for your upcoming event? You want someone who will both educate and entertain your audience at a level that they couldn’t get anywhere other than Las Vegas. The best Las Vegas Motivational speakers are both funny and can inspire or spark ambition in all of us. They do this through very effective communication. We all communicate on a daily basis, but the truly great Las Vegas Motivational speakers are able to communicate on a level that almost transcends everyday humanity capabilities.

Clay Clark is just that type of educator, entertainer, motivator, and speaker. His ability to communicate captivates audiences and fills a room with a high level of energy. You will be absolutely amazed at the strange way you connect with Clay and are able to understand exactly what he is talking about and how it applies to your life. His ability to communicate to others like this has taken years of experience and practice. Clay is a serial entrepreneur who has been recognized on the national level by the Small Business Association as their “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Clay has taken his special ability to speak and combined it with his rich understanding of applying industry “best practices” to become a great Las Vegas Motivational speaker.

Clay speaks to audiences about topics that when applied, have a huge impact on the lives of those that use them. Clay speaks on how to grow your business during a recession. Well, isn’t a recession just that – receeding profits? It definitely doesn’t have to be and hasn’t been for any of Clay’s own nine successful businesses. Audiences learn the powerful sales, marketing, and management techniques used by some of the top CEOs and executives in the world. When applied to their businesses or personal lives, the results on flow of income and profitability are astounding. If you are not thriving by this point in the recession, you need to change your game plan right now! Clay gives practical everyday steps to audiences so that they can implement these “best practices” right away.

So, why should you hire Clay Clark as your Las Vegas Motivational Speaker? Well, with his success record and list of past clients, you would be really missing out if you didn’t! Clay has entertained audiences large and small, over 1500 of them. Some of his most recognizable and prominent clients include O’Reilly Auto Parts, Maytag, Hewlett-Packard, and Southwest Airlines. He is the speaker, educator, and entainer of choice for Farmers Insurance, Bama Companies, HP, QuickTrip, and many others. Clay has turned to his passion and guides companies from all industries to higher levels of success. He consults to hundreds of businesses, and continues to balance a happy family and nine successful businesses.

Audiences love Clays witty sense of humor and candid delivery. He tells people like it is, as he has learned from some of the best business minds in the world. Audiences will laugh out loud as they hear funny “what not to do” tales from the early days of Clay’s career. Have you ever taken notes at a comedy club with an outstanding entertainer? It’s not that easy to do, but this is what the audience does as they try hard to take as many gold nuggets from Clays presentation as they can.

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