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Finding the Best Las Vegas Motivational Speaker for Your Company

In Las Vegas, things are serious but fun at the same time. This is one of the largest events your organization will have all year. Your company is looking for to your upcoming convention and what better way to reward them then with the best Las Vegas motivational speaker, Clay Clark. Clay has entertained and educated hundreds of companies from a variety of industries. Clay is the founder of one of Oklahoma’s 40 fastest-growing companies. He is owner nine successful businesses and their all founded on the same principles.

Clay believes that an organization should be based on one founding philosophy. That we should study successful people and businesses. Then, we will do what they did to become successful while making slight modifications to fit your lifestyle, your values, your business model and your goals. This basic philosophy, combined with practical action steps has helped clay to guide companies such as Valspar Paints, Bama Companies, Farmers Insurance, Quiktrip, and Southwest Airlines to successful results. Clay is helped people from all walks of life in different industries to meet their goals through practical action steps. Audiences are mesmerized by clay’s awesome ability to communicate at a level that almost seems to transcend everyday humanity.

Clay is the US small business Association entrepreneur of the year, and has been rewarded several times over for his contributions and successes in business. He is the founder of one of the largest wedding entertainment companies in the nation. He is the US Metro chamber blue quality ribbon award winner. After much media attention, clay saw the need to guide others with their quest to become successful in their own businesses. Clay started the Make Your Life Success Institute in 2007 to fill this void.

Audiences learn how to enhance their ability to manage time with Clay’s presentation. Over 90% of employees have checked Facebook at work. In this digital age, we are distracted more than ever and this kills productivity. Productivity killed is time wasted. Time wasted while trying to finish a task kills momentum and focus, therefore leading to nothing ever getting done as it should.

Audiences are hungry for practical advice that they can use to help them meet their goals. There are too many “gurus” out there with batter fluffy advice. Clay delivers what audiences want in a hilarious and entertaining fashion. A real “how to” roadmap that gets people to where they want to go. Call not a check for availability as space is limited. We can be reached at our offices at 918-851-0102.

The Best Las Vegas Motivational Speakers Light the Fire

Your upcoming organization is going to have the event of the year in Las Vegas. Now it’s time to find the absolute best and most effective Las Vegas motivational speaker. The best Las Vegas motivational speakers light the fire of in addition an inspiration in all of us. Clay Clark is one of the best Las Vegas motivational speakers when it comes to this ability. Clay is an inspiration all this and has that unique ability to light your internal fire to take control of your life.

Valspar Paints, Southwest Airlines, Farmers Insurance, Quiktrip, and UPS have all been guided by clay’s experience and coaching. Clay is a serial entrepreneur who has achieved success with online of his businesses. He is able to take complex issues and problems of some of the top companies in the world and turn them into clearly defined and systematic processes. Clay believes that action leads to production, but the problem is many people just don’t know what to do. Clay is been there. He has the experience of running one of the most successful wedding entertainment companies in the country.

Clay has been recognized as the Metro chamber entrepreneur of the year in addition to being the US SBA entrepreneur of the year. He is also been recognized as one of the founders of one of the fastest-growing companies in Oklahoma. He bases his companies and successes on one founding philosophy. A wise man seeks wise counsel. Do what other successful people have done and follow their lead. Of course, this works best when adjustments and slight modifications are made based on your business model, your lifestyle, and your goals.If your business is struggling and you would like to find a way to help it grow maybe learn something that you may not think that over the years it is important to seek out help. That is the nice thing about Clay Clark, he is been starting businesses for almost 15 years now. He has the experience to give a good speech and give you the knowledge you need to help your business grow. Clay does not teach theories the rather experience that he is gained over the last 15 years. You will not teach you anything that he is not tested himself.

Public speaking skills are so important in business and in life. Clay has overcome great challenges with public speaking to become a very sought after Las Vegas motivational speaker. Clay stuttered quite badly at a young age and even struggled to tell someone his name. Audiences will learn how to vastly improve their public speaking skills. They’ll be able to communicate better both at work and home. No matter what audience you will have, Clay will become able to speaking to them about a variety of topics. Whether you’re talking about marketing, SEO, public speaking or general business practices, Clay will build a help your audience overcome challenges in all aspects. Not only will you learn the lobby also have a lot of fun doing it.

If you want one of the most entertaining motivational speakers you want clay Clark. Clay takes no prisoners with his witty sense of humor and candid attitude towards the business environment today. More distractions than ever in this day and age and today’s audience must stay highly entertained throughout an entire presentation. Audiences will leave the theater still laughing and anxious to get home to review notes they took during the presentation. Call us today for availability at 918-851-0102 as spots fill up quickly.

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