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Entrepreneurs the Year, Great American on to the Newer and Number One Las Vegas Speaker for Business
This Content was Written by Make Your Life Epic Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Find a can educate your guest, bring excitement to your Las Vegas event and find the number one Las Vegas speaker for your business. Clay Clark is ready, prepared and one of the most inspirational American entrepreneurs of the 21st century. He started his first business back in 1999 and grew that into one of the largest mobile entertainment companies in America. He later went on to find a commercial production company, a photography company and several other businesses that are very successful to this day. The age of 20 he was awarded his first entrepreneurs award and honor which was the SBA Entrepreneur of the Year. Number one educator, entertainer and inspirational speaker for Maytag University, Quiktrip and Southwest Airlines.

Don’t miss out on the entrepreneur the year and everything he has to say about being successful. You won’t find a more entertaining speaker for your Las Vegas event and Clay Clark. He has a way of capturing the crowd and breaking down the successful methods that he uses in his own businesses. The time is now to find a Las Vegas speaker for your business. He has worked with several American entrepreneurs including Tim Redmond, Lori Montag, Jonathan Barnett and Clifton Talbert. His is the award-winning entrepreneur of three books and has five little humans that are his children.

Inspiration is something that Clay Clark is not short of. He’ll have your crowd jumping, crying, laughing and completely shutting off anything they feel is average and throwing it on the floor. Average is the enemy of remarkable and if you’re not remarkable your 100% invisible. If you truly want to change world around you it’s time to start thinking differently and move up in the world around you to a level of successfulness that nobody can deny. It’s all about over exceeding the expectations that everyone is ever had on you and your entire life. About being that entrepreneur and taking on that unrealistic goal of living out your dreams. If you’re a fish choose to swim in the sea don’t let other people convince you that you need to climb a tree.

Education is by far the most important thing that you can continually do throughout your life. No one is ever’s stop learning and there were always be someone who knows more than you do. Clay Clark constantly surrounds himself with people who are smarter than him and entrepreneurs are doing what he wants to do. He takes their wisdom, their knowledge and listens to them carefully. If he’s your Las Vegas speaker for business this is a great opportunity for you to start your custom-made education by listening, reading and applying what you know. It doesn’t do any good just to listen. You have to act on what you’re learning to achieve success.

All the information you need to know about motivational speaking, entrepreneur education and Las Vegas speaking for business. Visit us online at HTTP://makeyourlifeepic.com. Clay Clark is ready to completely well you and over exceed her expectations as a motivational speaker. He is looking forward to breaking off the old mindset and moving you upwards toward success and towards greatness. This is your chance to be everything you ever wanted to be and learn from America’s number one business coach. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity call him today.

Author of Three Books, Las Vegas Speak for Business and SBA Entrepreneur of the Year
This Content was Written by Make Your Life Epic Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

It’s now time to choose the award-winning entrepreneur who is making headlines throughout the United States of America. Clay Clark is been turning heads since 1999 when he took home the SPA Entrepreneurs the Year at the age of 20. He was turning heads again when he grew out of his college dorm room the largest wedding entertainment company in the nation. And he was turning heads even more when he founded in 2007 The Make Your Life Epic Entrepreneurship Education Institute. Clay Clark is worked with huge companies like Maytag University, Southwest Airlines and is the number one entertainer of choice for Quiktrip. Clay Clark has seen businesses fall and businesses grow because they use the right methods, tools and strategies to stay afloat in this day and age. Clay Clark specializes in teaching businesses and people willing to listen how to make their business survive and make it prosper when no one else is.

Education. Clay Clark goes straight to the core root of the prom which is most of the time lack of education. He’s not necessarily talking about high school or a university. But more so talking about the things that they don’t teach you in school. During college Clay Clark learned very quickly that what they were teaching in the classroom were not the things that he needed to know to be in entrepreneurs. Instead he found what he needed to know in books, people and the way he perceive the world. By changing all of these things he was able to surround himself with people smarter than him, change his mind set and read the books he needed to to become successful.

Along with talking about education the Las Vegas speaker for business will also ask you one very simple question. Surprisingly not many people know how to answer it. What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail? What would you do if you had all the money in the world and nobody could stop you? The biggest thing about starting a business is knowing what kind of business you must start. What is your dream? What can of entrepreneur do you want to be? And where do you want to be in the next 10 years? These are the questions that Clay Clark asked. Without a dream, without a vision and without a goal when you wake up in the morning you’ll have nowhere to go. It’s important to understand what you really want out of life and then go from there.

For Clay Clark it was simply not when he be poor any longer. He grew up poor and nobody helped him. He decided to move past what he was and start moving towards what he wanted to be. He took out his earrings, cut his hair and started wearing suits. Even though he was flat broke and lived in a tiny apartment without any heating or cooling he decided to start dressing who he wanted to be. He surrounded himself with entrepreneurs who are smarter than he was and started reading business books that were completely challenging how we perceive the world and what he thought was right. Just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it right. He was looking for the remarkable, the amazing and something that he hadn’t seen before. He quickly cut off the ties that were slowing him down and that even meant severing relationships that were no longer lifting him up.

So of your looking for the number one Las Vegas speaker for business consider Clay Clark. Go on his website, read his story and you too will be inspired about where he came from and where he has gone. He is looking to supply the same education, knowledge and skills to get people where they’re going. You don’t necessarily have to be wanting to do what Clay Clark is doing to be successful. He simply wants to take your dream and give you the tools to make it a reality. So go online today at HTTP://makeyourlifeepic.com. The time to start living at your dream is now and the time to acquire your entrepreneur education is right in front of you.


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