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Energize and Educate Your Organization with Clay Clark – Number One Business Coach and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark, US SBA “Entrepreneur of the Year” and America’s #1 Business Coach, is a nationally recognized speaker, coach, entertainer, and business leader. Clay has helped thousands of people in the world of business break through ineffective business philosophies and has helped changed the overall perception of how top leaders manage their companies and organizations. With more than a decade of overcoming personal and business obstacles he has been nationally recognized for his business efforts of creating the largest wedding entertainment company in the United States. A successful serial entrepreneur, Clay challenges conventional business wisdom with a “lets do it” attitude and the application of business “best practices”. Audiences learn innovation, leadership, and energy generations in the same way that the top corporations in the world manage their executives including Disney, GE, and AT&T.

Clay is the entertainer and dynamic speaker of choice for companies like UPS, Hewlett-Packard, Valspar Paints, SW Airlines, Maytag, and many others. Clay takes organizations and bursts through psychological walls to open the gates for greater profitability, more energy, innovation, greater traffic flow, monumental leadership, and more! Clay is the real deal, not like some other Las Vegas Motivational speakers who speak on business, but in reality have only been a public speaker for 20 years with no business experience. He has helped companies and individuals by implementing real practical steps and systems that when followed dilligently, have no choice but to produce outstanding results. He laughs in the face of those who “talk the talk” but have never “walked the walk”.

Clay is an innovative serial entrepreneur who inspires others to be great. He has been recognized and awarded at many banquet dinners across the United States for his buiness contributions, but those awards have never phased him. He is one of America’s most humble business people, but yet has a fire from within that burns for being the best people we can strive to be. Clay is first and foremost a husband and father of five and helps others to find ways to strive for balance between faith, family, and career. Clay teaches the Wheel of Life to many people that he coaches and mentors in order to find a way that we can truly balance what is most important in our lives.

A businessman, business success coach, author of three books, entertainer, and Las Vegas Motivational speaker, Clay follows his passion of helping others to succeed. Early on in his career, Clay recognized the powerful energy that a Mastermind Group creates. Clay credits much of his success to those who gave him wisdom and advice early on, and now he has devoted himself to giving back in the same way to young entrepreneurs and busniness owners. He started the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute in 2007 in order to educate the business community and give back to this nation that he loves so much. He has helped to take hundreds of businesses to the next level with his genius ability to apply best practices into the existing fabric of the business he is working with to produce extrordinary results.

Every talk and business presentation that Clay delivers is designed and molded to fit with the challenges that his audience is facing. No presentation that Clay has ever given has been exactly the same. Check out the amazing testimonials from some of the people who have come into contact with this guy and have had their lives completely changed for the better. He delivers every presentation, and every conversation, for that matter with his unique and witty sense of humor while audiences are educated from a new perspective. His interactive presentations and workshops get creative juices flowing with audiences. The result is always worth thousands of dollars to anyone who implements the action plans created.

Clay Clark Brings the Electricity – Las Vegas Motivational Speakers

Your company or organization needs, yes needs, more energy and motivation to produce results that are truly remarkable. No matter what your company or organization does or has issues with, Clay Clark can help. Clay helps audiences reignite their passion for business and for life with his energy and guidance. Mere action without motivation is pointless and will only lead to mediocrity. The best companies invest in Las Vegas Motivational Speakers because they want to reap the rewards from what they know it can bring. Someone is truly limitless when they are motivated and have a true passion for what they do. Clay Clark, America’s number one business coach, is no exception.

Clay started from humble beginnings with many obstacles to overcome on his way to a highly successful business career. Clay overcame the poverty mindset and rewired his brain with a positive mindset and is now one of the most impactful, and sought after Las Vegas Motivational Speakers in the nation. DJ connection was started out of his college freshman dorm room and is now the most profitable and largest wedding entertainment companies in the United States. Clay owns nine businesses and helps some of the top executives across the US build scalable and duplicatable business systems. He shows audiences how to work smarter and more efficiently in order to produce results at record speeds.

Some of the nations top companies have chosen Clay as their educator and entertainer of choice (Valspar Paints, Maytag, O’Reilly, Southwest Airlines, and QT). He guides audiences in the same way that he guides those top companies. Executives, managers, entrepreneurs and those that strive to be so love the way that Clay is able to connect with them and help them to define their vision. Clay teaches audiences how to dramatically increase your sales and the flow of prospects. Audience members will be able to implement the best practices of sales to systematically and continually increase the number of clients wanting your goods or services.

Audineces learn all of the secrets to optimizing your Google search engine results. You will be armed with the same tools and simplified steps that it takes to come up on the first page of Google results. This workshop information could be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to your organization. If your website isn’t coming up on the first page of a Google search engine, then you don’t exist in the eyes of your potential customers. Just think about it…when searching for where to buy something, do you ever go past the first results page? Neither do your customers.

Clay inspires and motivates audience members with motivational personal experiences of business success and overcoming obstacles. They will learn how to develop the positive mindset of a leader. They will know what practical steps they can implement in their business to earn the respect of a leader by “doing” and producing results. Audiences are educated and entertained by this humorous and witty, yet information-packed workshop. Space is very limited, so please call us at 918-851-0102 for more information.

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  • Founder of DJ Connection
  • Founder of Epic Photography
  • Founder of the Tulsa Bridal Association Wedding Show
  • Founder of Make Your Life Epic Marketing / Advertising Agency
  • Founder of Thrive15.com
  • Former Owner of Party Perfect (Which is now PartyProRents.com
  • Co-Founder of Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge
  • Co-Founder of Fears and Clark Realty Group
  • Co-host of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show