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Clay Clark: Top Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

If you are looking for a motivation speaker in Las Vegas to help you grow your business Clay Clark is your man.  He is an award winning entrepreneur and successful business owner.  His list of wards includes the U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award, Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year,  and many others.  He has been featured in the New York Times and the Washington Post.  Clay Clark has helped many successful business including UPS, Quicktrip, and Oklahoma State University.

Clay is not just a motivational speaker.  He is also a business owner which means that he applies his theories in the real world.  Clay is the owner of nine businesses that are thriving even in today’s down economy.  Clay uses the theory that he teaches and it has helped him achieve great success.  He has been a business owner since he was 18 years old when he started his D.J. business in his college dorm room.

Clay will teach you many valuable techniques to help your business become a success.  He will help you learn how to start a business from scratch.  He offers advice on effectively motivating your employees.  He can teach you how to improve your public speaking skills.  He can help you learn how to enhance your ability to manage time more effectively.  Learn the millionaire mindset to time management and you will achieve more and get things done.  “Time Management” is really about “Life Management” according to Clay.  Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.  Learn how to make the most of the 16 or so hours of the day that you are awake.

Clay will have you laughing and learning as he tells you stories about his experiences in the business world. He recounts stories from his past that will help you to learn from his experiences and have a great time doing it.  Learn from him as you are thoroughly entertained.  Why book a boring speaker when you can book Clay Clark and not only learn proven techniques from an award winning entrepreneur but also enjoy yourself?  Clay is passionate about what he does and it shows in his presentation.  His energy is infectious and will motivate you to acheive.

Clay attributes his success to his great interest in studying successful people and business.  He has done that himself and made modifications to fit his lifestyle.  Business owners can learn from him and take their business to the next level.  Reach your goals and have the success that you desire.  Clay Clark has vision and passion that he will share with you to help you learn to be more successful. Meeting and event planners love to book Clay because he wows guests with his entertaining style and vast business knowledge.  Clay inspires his audience with his incredible seminar.  He helps people succeed by offering them encouragement and inspiration.  Clay is America’s number one business coach and his work ethic and attitude is outstanding.

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker: Clay Clark Owns Multiple Businesses

                When choosing a Las Vegas Motivational speaker you want someone who not only is educational and informative, but also someone who practices what he preaches.  Clay Clark owns and successfully operates 9 different businesses.  He is the recipient of many awards including U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award, United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and he has been featured in the New York Times, and Washington Post.  His resume includes helping many big name companies including Chick-Fil-A, QuikTrip, Bama Companies, UPS, Southwest Airlines, and several more.  He is highly experienced and knows what he is doing.

What sets Clay apart from many motivational speakers is that he is actually in the trenches day in and day out working as a serial entrepreneur.  He owns 9 successful businesses and is very involved in the day to day running and success of each business.  He does not just speak theory, he gives practical, tested advice to business owners. Clay is extremely passionate about what he does and wants to help others to be successful too.  His experience helps make him a great motivator and teacher.

Need to grow your client base and reach more customers?  Clay is an expert in this area and can teach you how to effectively market to your ideal clientele, leverage your existing client base, and get more customers.  One of the tools he uses to help you grow your business is by teaching you how to have effective search engine optimization and be found online.  He teaches the secrets to being top in Google searches so your customers do not have to read through pages and pages of your competitors ads just to find you.  He can also teach you how to leverage social media, such as Twitter and Facebook to increase your profits.

Not only is Clay knowledgeable and motivating, he is also a great entertainer and is very funny.  He will have you laughing and learning your way to becoming a successful business owner.  Clay likes to recount stories of his beginnings as a college freshman in his dorm room at ORU where he started his first business.  His audiences are always well engaged and have a great time learning how to take their business to the next level.  Why book a boring Las Vegas motivational speaker when you can book Clay Clark and have a great time!

Clay not only successfully manages 9 business, but he is always happily married and has 5 kids.  He is able to do so much due to effective time management.  Clay firmly believes that you have to have a millionaire mindset.  Bill Gates, Oprah, and everyone else only gets 24 hours each day to get all their goals accomplished.  You have to make an effort to make the most out of each of the approximately 16 hours that you are awake.  Clay makes sure that he doesn’t waste his time and he can help you too learn how to best manage your time.

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