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Clay Clark – Las Vegas Motivational Speakers That Really Deliver

Clay Clark is your best selection when it comes to hiring a Las Vegas motivational speaker for your upcoming Las Vegas event. He is the US Small Business Administration’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” for his amazing business contribution of forming the largest wedding entertainment company in US. He is the entertainer, speaker, author, and educator for some of the countries best businesses. He has been awarded as the founder of one of Oklahoma’s 40 fastest-growing companies and has been named the Metro Chamber “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Being Awarded This at the Early Age of 20. The US Chamber Of Commerce Nominated and awarded clay the National Blue Quality Ribbon Award for his commitment to quality customer service, culture, and vision. He is America’s Number One Business Coach through his school of leadership, the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute.

Clay owns nine of his own businesses and as implemented scalable and duplicatable business systems and each of them did break take them to the next level. He is founded all of his businesses on the same simple philosophy. He incorporates this philosophy into the business fabric of everyone he works with. It is to: “Study Successful People and Businesses. Then Do It They Did to Become Successful While Making Simple and Slight Modifications to Fit Your Lifestyle, Your Values, Your Goals, and Business Model.” This is at the core of how Clay will motivate and inspire your audience to be there best person they can be. Clay knows his subject matter, the subject of taking the business and exploding its productivity and efficiency, better than anyone else in the Las Vegas motivational speaker circuit.

Clay has motivated and educated some of the top companies in the United States, including Fortune 500 and Blue-Chip Companies. Some these companies include Maytag, Hewlett-Packard, farmers insurance, Oklahoma State University, Valspar Paint, and More. Audiences will learn how to develop a positive mindset in order to reach success the matter what comes your way. The greatest Americans and our history have all overcome enormous obstacles with they won’t quit attitude. Clay knows exactly what it’s like to overcome obstacles when trying to start your own business as an entrepreneur. When starting his first business, he worked hard to raise over $20,000 by working seven nights a week, and then spit it all in one day on equipment to further develop his business. Clay’s overcome poverty through his positive mindset and his great attitude is very contagious.

Clay teaches audiences how to develop their own Million-Dollar Mastermind Mentor Network. One of Clay’s favorite authors is Napoleon Hill who spoke on the importance of developing this mastermind network in order to achieve success goals that you would not be able to achieve on your own. You must surround yourself with positive minded people and cut ties with all those who are not. Clay that had to tell some of his closest friends that he cannot hang out with them anymore simply because he needed to put himself in a position of positive attitudes. This is made all the difference in being able to overcome obstacles and receive constant encouragement from others who’ve done the same.

Clay teaches audiences and a great laugh and learn style format. He facilitates his great philosophies and practical steps with a sense of humor that connects with everyone on a unique level. Audiences will learn how to improve their speaking skills using humor, and will find themselves implementing these new techniques to communication in all areas of their life both at home and at work. Clay is able to get audiences to laugh throughout his entire presentation also educating them to a level that they are hungry for. Call clay Clark and his great team today to check for availability or go to our website www.makeyourlifeepic.com.

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark Is One of the Best

America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark, is your best selection when looking for a Las Vegas motivational speaker. He is the US Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year and has motivated and educated hundreds of businesses both large and small. He helps business owners to implement procedures that he has implemented in his own businesses that have led to tremendous success an explosive sales. He is work for some of the top companies including Valspar paint, Farmers Insurance, HP, QT, and More. Clay challenges in normal lines of thought and questions the reality that we all accept. Clay has a very unique and powerful way of connecting with audiences on an emotional level.

Clay started his first business from his college dorm room at the age of 18. He knows what it means to sacrifice for your dream. Living as a young married couple, clay made a decision that he would be successful, despite the fact that they could not even afford air-conditioning in their apartment. He worked seven nights a week to raise money enough to continue to pour back into his dream of owning a successful DJ company. He has pictures from his early days has the president of his company from his desk in their bedroom with his young daughter. Clay eventually turn the same company into one of the largest wedding entertainment services in US.

When clay received recognition for being the US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, he started appearing everywhere in the media. He has been seen on ABC, Fox News Channel, CBS, NBC, and ABC News. He Was Featured in the Washington Post and the New York Times is a young entrepreneur pursuing his goals and dreams a reaching levels of success that give us all hope. Once he received national media attention for his business contributions, his phone really started ringing off the hook with people seeking his advice their own business ideas. The phone calls were overwhelming and Clay saw a deep need for competent and successful business people to mentor those who wanted to get there. Because of this, he started the Make Your Life Success Institute to help others meet their dreams as he guided them to success through one-on-one business coaching and speaking.

Clay teaches audiences how to quickly increase their sales revenue by implementing tried-and-true business systems that of been used by some of the top companies in the world. Sales have been measurable and methods need to be scalable and duplicatable. Clay doesn’t just talk in generalities he motivates audiences and gives them the tools they need to be successful. When implemented, the systems have proven to explode sales and increase traffic flow into businesses beyond what is often expected by some of the top executives in these companies. Clay is helped a local Starbucks manager go from being one of the last stores and coffee been sales to number one in holding cells of 613 stores in the entire region.

Clay has unique ability to connect with today’s business professionals in an epic and memorable way. He wow guests with entertainment and education while bringing them to laughter the entire time. Come join the thousands of people you have been motivated and already used clay’s proven systems to effectively take their business to the next level! Audiences are allowed by the powerful stories and helpful, practical ways that Clay has been able to improve businesses and increase success among all that he interacts with. Check out our website to see examples of what business owners and audience attendees are saying about the powerful presentations by Clay Clark. Give is called the day and see how we can help make your next Las Vegas motivational speaker event the most impactful on powerful investment you have ever made your business.

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  • Founder of DJ Connection
  • Founder of Epic Photography
  • Founder of the Tulsa Bridal Association Wedding Show
  • Founder of Make Your Life Epic Marketing / Advertising Agency
  • Founder of Thrive15.com
  • Former Owner of Party Perfect (Which is now PartyProRents.com
  • Co-Founder of Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge
  • Co-Founder of Fears and Clark Realty Group
  • Co-host of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show