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Clay Clark Is a Dynamic Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark is the premier Las Vegas motivational speaker available for your upcoming Las Vegas convention our biggest business organization meeting. Clay founded the Make Your Life Success Institute in 2007 after being named the US Small Business Administration’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” for founding the largest wedding entertainment service company in the United States. Make Your Life Epic Success Institute is the home of the author, entrepreneur, entertainer, and America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark. Clay has helped hundreds of business owners to navigate their businesses to success by implementing best practices used by some of the most brilliant business minds in the United States. He has worked with some of the nation’s most recognizable and successful businesses.

Clay is no newbie to serial entrepreneurship himself. Clay started from humble beginnings in a small Midwest town in Minnesota. Once he decided that he wanted to be successful in business, he developed the positive mindset necessary to achieve goals and be more than mediocre. He started his first business venture while an eighth-grade, creating music disks for each of his “customers”. Clay started his first company as a college freshman from his dorm room at Oral Roberts University. Within a couple of years, he was named the Metro Chamber Of Commerce “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” and recognized by Oklahoma magazine as the founder of one of Oklahoma’s 40 fastest-growing companies. Now a multimillion dollar business, his wedding entertainment company leads the industry profitability. He now owns nine separate successful businesses, and is able to balance his family and faith at the same time.

Clay teaches more than business theory when he motivates and entertains some of the nations top companies. He has worked with companies such as Southwest Airlines, UPS, Bama Companies, US Government Accountability Office, and Farmers Insurance. Executives love clay’s ability to communicate well with audiences of all sizes. Clay has entertained over 1500 audiences of every size and in every industry. He is able to not only help individual set business goals to improve their financial standing, but gives them specific steps that they needed take to implement and reach those goals. Clay loves entertaining and audiences will be energized and help captive voluntarily the entire presentation time.

Clay teaches audiences how to leverage their existing client base in order to increase profitability and traffic flow for their business. The current customers we have we really need to take care of as they are most likely to grow the business by word-of-mouth. There are some people that we need to go over and above for often as they are centers of influence and can grow businesses through connections on for seen. Taking care of those sinners of influences and our current client customer base has been critical to the successes of clay’s businesses even in times of recession. Clay teaches audiences how to continue to grow business even in times of recession through being diligent with scalable and duplicatable business systems that are put into place.

Clay consistently delivers at practical and usable message with all audiences while delivering it in a witty and humorous style. Audiences will be laughing out loud as they take notes that they will take back to their own companies and implement. Presentations are so much better whenever there is a great sense of humor involved in matters rare among other Las Vegas motivational speakers as it relates to business development. Clay is the ideal speaker for business events, leadership development conferences, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and workshops. Give our offices a call today to check for availability as dates are filling up fast. Make Your Life Epic Success Institute Can Be Reached at 918-851-0102. Give is called the day of see how we can help you to make your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaking event the top of your organization.

Make Your Upcoming Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Event Epic

Clay Clark is your best choice as it comes to Las Vegas motivational speakers. Clay is an outstanding motivator in speaker and is helped thousands of people to reach their goals. Clay Clark is the US Small Business Administration’s US Entrepreneur of the Year. He receive this honor due to his tremendous business contributions. He has one other words such as the US Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award, and the Metro Chamber “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at the early age of 20. Clay has been featured in numerous publications, both nationally and locally. He was featured in a New York Times article piece which analyzed the interrelationship between politics and the entertainment industry. He has been featured in a Washington Post editorial by Jeff Jarvis and has been seen on networks such as Fox News, ABC, NBC, and CBS. He and his companies have been seen in magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Modern Bride, and Inc.

Clay owns nine successful businesses each in with its own identity and great success. He has consulted to people and businesses in almost every industry, including healthcare, real estate, retail, insurance, transportation, and more. Clay is the proud father of five children and has been able to stay happily married despite his busy schedule. He teaches audiences how to strive and achieve a healthy balance between faith, family, and business and uses his own life as an example both good and bad. Clay is America’s number one business coach and has helped hundreds of companies define goals and implement best practices in order to achieve results that they are after.

Clay has worked with some of the most brilliant minds and companies in business including many Fortune 500 and Blue-Chip companies. Clay teaches audiences in a specific workshop relating to Internet and Google search results. Audiences learn how to dominate Google search results by implementing best practices, understanding that the Internet is only a machine and entering in the correct information can bring your company to the top of the search. The step-by-step action steps that you must take if you want to dominate the Google search results are taught. This interactive workshop definitely has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars of extra income in your organization.

Clay’s a funny guy and he is very good at communicating specific examples from his past coaching clients and from his own companies in order to help audiences understand where he’s coming from. Anyone can talk in generalities, and many do, but that’s not Clay style. He wants to make sure that he is connecting with each audience member and an energetic and engaging way and more importantly make sure that each audience member fully understands what it takes to get the results they are seeking. Clay hears from audience members all the time about the awesome impact presentations or workshops is made on their lives check out our testimonial page to see what people are saying about Clay Clark and the Make Your Life Success Institute.

So what exactly are you looking for when it comes your Las Vegas motivational speaker? You want someone who is going to keep your audience engaged and intense the entire time. Audiences are coming to Las Vegas to be entertained and there will be nothing short of highly entertained when listening to and interacting with Clay. You’re guaranteed to have a great time and learn information that will help improve your life when implemented. Clay is one of the most sought after Las Vegas motivational speakers and days in availability making are limited. You can give Clay or his fantastic team a call today at 918-851-0102.

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