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Clay Clark a Humorous Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Book Clay Clark for a Las Vegas motivational speaker and you won’t be disappointed.   Clay has won multiple awards including the United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and the U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award.  He has been featured in the New York Times and honored by Journal Record as being one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing 40 companies.  He has helped several successful business including Chick-Fil-A, Bama Corporation, Maytag, and O’Reily.  Many business owners rave about how he has helped them grow their business and achieve their goals.  He can help you business grow and become more successful too.  Book him today and get ready to learn and have fun doing it.

He is not only a business motivational speaker, but also a business owner.  Clay owns nine successful businesses.  He applies the many techniques he teaches every day in each of his businesses.  He does not just preach on business theory, he lives it.  His businesses are thriving and with his valuable insight yours can be too.  Clay has been a business owner since he was 18 years old and started his D.J. business in his college dorm room.  From those meager beginnings he has grown and become highly successful and he can help your business become successful too.

Clay teaches several helping techniques to help you grow and improve your business.  He can help you dramatically grow your business by implementing time management and proven sale techniques.  Learn how to scale and duplicate your business model with his wheel of wealth which will inspire, motivate, and entertain you.  Learn how to leverage social media to help you increase your profits.  He has many proven techniques to teach you how to have the most effective search engine optimization.  With Clay’s help your business will be on the fast track to success even in a down economy.  Discover how to manage like a mogul by learning secrets of some of the most successful companies in the world such as Disney, Southwest, and GE.

Not only is Clay Clark informative, he is also funny!  He is a entertaining motivational speaker.  He will have you laughing and taking notes so as not to miss any valuable information.  It won’t be just another boring presentation.  His witty and smart presentation will keep you entertained.  He will tell you hilarious stories of his early days and help you to learn from his experience.  Why settle for a dull presentation when you can enjoy yourself while learning from the number one Las Vegas motivational speaker?

Book Clay for your Las Vegas speaking event and you are taking a step in the right direction to improving your company.  His techniques and advice will help you grow your business and reach your goals.  He has many testimonies from satisfied customers who he has helped achieve their goals.  You could be the next big business success.  Book him today and take your business to the next level.

Clay Clark is an Outstanding Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

                Clay Clark is the owner of nine successful businesses and an outstanding Las Vegas Motivational Speaker.  Clay is an award winning entrepreneur.  His achievements include Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year, United States Small Business Administration Entreprenuer of the Year,  “Serial Entrepreneurship” nominee for the Tulsey Awards,  and many more.  He is America’s number one business coach and has helped many successful companies such as Farmers Insurance, Bama Companies 1st Option Online Mortgage, Valspar Paint, and many more.  Clay has entertained, inspired, and educated more than 1,500 audiances.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share which is sure to motivate you to become more successful in your own business.Call Clay today for more information.

Clay is not just a motivational speaker but he is also a successful business owner with a proven history.  Clay started in his dorm room at age 18 and now has 9 thriving businesses.  Since he is a business owner he is able to apply his business theories in everyday life which gives him an edge on motivational speakers who only do speaking events.  He applies his theories in everyday life in the current economy.  He is not speaking solely from a theoretical, scholarly standpoint, but a practical, nose to the grind stone standpoint.

One of the areas that Clay can offer you valuable insight in is how to dominate Google search results.  He will take you step by step and make sure that you know how to help your customers find you.  Clay has a wealth of knowledge on effective search engine optimization and use of social media to help grow your business and reach potential customers through online media sources.  Through his advice, you will not be in the dark.  Your potential customers will be able to search for you and find you without having to scroll through pages and pages of your competitors advertisements.

Another area that Clay can offer invaluable advice is on starting a business from scratch.  He can help you learn how to form a successful business and implement time saving and effective strategies to help you start, grow, and maintain your business.  Learn how to manage your employees successfully and keep them happy.  You can learn how to be an effective manager.  Don’t just wing it.  Clay Clark can help you design a business model that accommodates you and considers your ideal lifestyle.

Clay Clark will inspire your audience and have them thoroughly entertained all the while.  His storytelling and high energy presentation will have people laughing and taking notes at the same time.  His use of humor to teach business techniques is practical and highly entertaining.  Clay tells stories of his early dorm room business days that is sure to make you laugh and learn.  He has come a long way and his experience from growing a business from such humble beginnings is inspirational and is sure to motivate you to become more successful in your own business endeavors.

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