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Best Las Vegas Motivational Speakers – Clay Clark and Make Your Life Epic

Clay Clark is a dynamic and powerful contributor to this nation’s business successes. Clay is the nation’s number one business coach and has been a serial entrepreneur his entire professional career. Clay is helped business is from some of the nation’s top companies including Farmers Insurance, United States Government Accountability Office, First Option Online Mortgage, Hewlett-Packard, and More. He is the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year, and is received national media attention for boosting his company to the largest wedding entertainment service company in United States. The National Blue Ribbon Quality Award was awarded Clay by the US Chamber Of Commerce for his commitment to quality vision and culture.

Clay helps other people to succeed the way that he was help to succeed in the early days of his successful entrepreneurship career. He is fired up and has a true passion for helping others, which is why he started the Make Your Life Success Institute to contribute to others’ successes and for fulfilling vision of guiding entrepreneurs to new heights of success. Clay receives letters all the time from past audiences and students that have been inspired and pumped about starting their own businesses. They have implemented practices and philosophies an actual steps that clay has taught them and had become successful very quickly. Clay sets I vacationed for themselves a teaches audiences how to create the same expectations for themselves and their businesses. We must all be yardstick of quality, and when we are, others will live up to those expectations.

Clay teaches audiences how to make their lives epic through 12 specific success principles. He shares audiences some of the best readings he is ever encountered that have guided helped him to achieve his own levels of success. Clay owns and operates nine successful businesses at the same time as staying happily married with five kids of his own. He believes in the worklife faith balance and teaches audiences how to give 100% in each of these areas to be the best. Clay rarely works from home, but that’s not to say that he has had some 4 AM meetings with clients in order to make time to get things done. Setting real goals for yourself is the first step clay helps you with practical steps you must take to achieve those goals.

Those attending clay speaking event will reignite the passion for business and life. Audiences may know your organization’s expectations are been, but without a vision and motivation, the results will never be more than mediocre. Action without working efficiently and intelligently will not lead to success. Clay had a vision that he wanted to create a company that helps others and gives them the tools to reach their own levels of success. For that to happen they must understand their own vision and motivation for implementing the strategies. Clay helps them to reach this vision and then gives them the practical steps that they can implement right away.

Clay delivers his presentations in a humorous delivery style that keeps audiences laughing throughout the entire time. It will be educated beyond when any book and provide and more importantly motivated to get out and start right away. We all have success within us, but each of us has our own motivators and reasons that we want to reach that level of success. Clay guides audience members and those that he coaches to find those levels of motivation and has a very unique and impactful way of inspiring others to be great. Call us today or check out our website to see how we can make your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event one of the most memorable and impactful investments that you have ever made to your own organization.

Clay Clark as your upcoming Las Vegas Motivational SpeakeR

Clay Clark is a wise choice for your upcoming Las Vegas motivational speaker event. Your guests will be what Howard with both a high level of entertainment and education that will have lasting impact on their lives. Clay is entertained and educated business leaders throughout the country for companies such as The Bama Companies, Farmers Insurance, Maytag, Hewlett-Packard, and Others. His witty, humorous, and relevant delivery inspire audiences and motivates individuals to deliver huge successes for the companies that they work for. Clay has a true unique ability to connect with today’s business professionals in a memorable and very impactful way. Audiences will be inspired more than they ever have been in their lives listening to clay’s dynamic presentation.

Please been recognized nationally and locally for his huge business contributions and vision. He is the US Small Businesses the Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year and Has Been Awarded the US Chamber Of Commerce National Blue Quality Award. He is the serial entrepreneur and what from the dorm room to the boardroom before the age of 21. He was named the Metro Chamber “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Early Age of 20, only two years after starting his first company. He is been featured in the New York Times in an article relating how politics plays a part in the entertainment industry. Jeff Jarvis also feature clay in a Washington Post editorial. His company has been awarded the best of weddings award several times by the knot.com. He has been seen on all major TV networks.

Clay owns his own businesses in fact he owns nine of them all while balancing a healthy family and spiritual life. Clay knows the difficulties of starting your own business and of being your own entrepreneur as a career. In the early days of clay’s career, he made many sacrifices to maintain a healthy marriage all while growing the business to the vision that he had for it. Clay works seven nights a week for two years raising money to invest back into the business for equipment and employees. At one point, he and his wife had to make a decision if you wish should go out and get a real job or continue to pursue his vision when they were not even able to afford the air-conditioning bill. As you may have guessed, he chose his vision and never look back. Clay knows what it takes to reach levels of success in business, the matter what industry or economic situation you may be in. He gives entrepreneurs and business owners everyday practical steps that they can implement right away to start down the path of reaching their goals.

Young entrepreneurs learn from Clay about how to start a business from scratch. He should know is he is never ask for outside financing for any of his businesses and has taken them all to high levels of success. Audiences will be truly motivated by his dynamic and encouraging positive mental attitude. His humorous and witty delivery style keeps audiences laughing as they learn the specific techniques and philosophies of some of the nation’s top corporations to increase sales and traffic flow be on what they imagined with a low-budget.

Clay gives example after example in his presentations of other businesses and entrepreneurs he is worked with to take them from near failure to high levels of success. Motivation and inspiration are key components to producing a high level of energy in everyone that he works with. Clay has great flexibility as a speaker and his topics are applicable to any industry and any size of group. Clay has educated and in the speaker for over 1500 audiences both large and small. Give clay and Make Your Life Epic Success Institute call today to see how we can truly change your business from the inside out at 918-851-0102.

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