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Best Las Vegas Business Coach and Motivational Speaker

If you are planning a Las Vegas event or convention and looking for a great speaker then look no further than Clay Clark.  Clay Clark is an award winning MC / Host for more than 1,500 events for highly successful companies including Bama Companies, QuikTrip, American Airlines, Farmers Insurance and many colleges and universities.  Clay overcame poverty and many obstacles to become a highly successful business owner of 9 different companies, sales trainer, business coach, and a nationally recognized educator.  He has been featured in a Washington Post editorial by Jeff Jarvis and in the New York Times.  He has won numerous awards such as the Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year , U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award, United States Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year,  and many more.  He is highly qualified and experienced.

Clay’s experience as a tremendously successful business owner allows him to speak from experience.  He not only knows the business theories, but knows how to successfully implement them to achieve great things in the current business climate.  His practical knowledge is much more useful because of the experiences he has had in growing his companies from the ground up and being intimately involved in their management and operation.  He is not just speaking from an intellectual perspective, but has been in the trenches so to speak.

Clay can teach you how to make your life epic.  Learn the 12 success principles, apply the daily activities, and read the readings that he recommends and see how Clay has managed to successfully won and operate 9 different businesses all while staying happily married with 5 kids.  He can teach you how to prioritize your time and goals so that you can be most effective.  Learn how to set goals and implement them all while using techniques to manage your business and your life to the best of your abilities.  Even the most successful people, Bill Gates, Oprah, are only given 24 hours a day.  Learning to best manage the 16 or so hours of the day that you are awake is key to your happiness and success.

The Entrepreneurship Wheel of Wealth is another tool Clay uses to teach and motivate.  Clay uses the wheel of wealth to teach how to achieve life goals by building a business model that is scalable and duplicatable.  Learn how to make your business capable of running without you and free up time for your family or other businesses.  Learn the secrets to balancing life and work and most effectively managing your time and business.  The Entrepreneurship Wheel of Wealth can help.

Clay is not only very experienced and knowledgeable, he is also entertaining and funny.  He has the unique ability to have you laugh and learn your way into a successful business owner.  Clay is very passionate about what he does and his energy and passion is very motivating.  Audiences are captivated by his stories from his meager beginnings and his road to success.  Why book any speaker when you can book Clay who is both entertaining and knowledgeable?

To check availability and book Clay Clark for your next event call 918-851-6920.

Clay Clark: Top Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

                If you are looking to book a top Las Vegas motivational speaker Clay Clark should top your list.  Clay has entertained at more than 1,500 venues big and small for several of the nation’s top businesses.  Some of the businesses clay has presented for are Southwest Airlines, UPS, O’Reilly, Maytag, Valspar Paint, Bama Companies, QuikTrip, and several more top companies.  Clay is a serial entrepreneur and has won multiple awards such as the U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award, United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year.  Clay has been featured in a Washington Post Editorial by Jeff Farvis and has been featured in the New York Times.  Clay has the knowledge and experience necessary to make him one of the best motivational speakers in the country!

Clay is not just a motivational speaker who speaks on topics or theories he has never put into practice.  Clay is the successful owner and operator of 9 successful businesses.  He is involved in the day to day of each business and practices what he teaches.   Because of his experience and current involvement in the real business world, he is able to uniquely relate to current business owners.  He teaches practical skills and advice that has been tested in his own businesses and has helped make him a tremendous success.  His perspective and experience give him a real edge against motivational speakers who only speak from a hypothetical or theoretical standpoint.-

One of the tools Clay often speaks about is the Entrepreneurship Wheel of Wealth.  The Entrepreneurship Wheel of Wealth will inspire, motivate, and entertain audiences.  Through his use of the Entrepreneurship Wheel of Wealth Clay will teach listeners how to achieve their life goals by building a scalable and duplicatable business model that can work without them.  If you are required in every facet of your business then you are limited in the amount of success you can achieve.  By figuring out how to plug others into your business while still being involved in the necessary aspects you will be able to experience real growth and take your business to the next level.

Clay will have audiences laughing as they learn!  His witty and practical delivery style keeps audiences engaged and entertained.  Clay is the entrepreneur who went to from the dorm room to the board room before age 21.  Stories of his journey are not only highly entertaining and funny, but something that should be learned from.  One of the philosophies Clay stresses is that if you study successful people and businesses you can adapt what they do to make it work with your life style, values, business models, and goals.  Many of the most successful business people of all time accumulate fortune through the application of some of the same principals.

Do not delay!  Call 918-851-6920 and find out how you can book Clay Clark for your next meeting or convention!

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