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Awesome Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Clay Clark gives one of the most motivational, inspirational, and practical presentations as a Las Vegas motivational speaker. Audiences are looking for someone who knows their subject well, and no one knows how to make your life successful better than Clay Clark. Who is Clay Clark? He is the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year, recognized for his success in the business world. Clay is an author, business consultant, and success coach. He is one of Oklahoma’s 30 most successful people under the age of 30, and is the founder of one of Oklahoma’s 40 fastest-growing companies. Clay is also a US Chamber National Quality Award Winner.

Clay realize that there was a need to coach others to success after winning the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Shortly after winning that award, his phone began ringing off the hook from people wanting to run their ideas by him or grab a cup of coffee. Clay established the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute in 2007 and is the Current President. Clay has led nine of his own companies to become highly successful and profitable. Clay loves helping others by guiding them to their own success through practical steps. no doubt that Clay Clark will provide the best information for small business owners to grow their business.

Clay is the business consultant and educator of choice for companies such as Farmers Insurance, Maytag Appliances, and Valspar Paints. Hewlett-Packard, O’Reilly, Southwest Airlines, and Quiktrip have chosen Clay as their entertainer of choice. Clay is able to connect audiences on a level that transcends everyday humanity. His practical steps help each individual to achieve their goals, no matter what industry they’re coming from. Clay is the perfect choice for your next company event.

Clay believes that affect time management is the key to successful productivity. Clay teaches audience members how to block of specific times in their day for specific tasks in order to achieve productivity on a level that they have not yet achieved. It’s great to have goals, and Clay make sure that everyone has specific, measurable goals. The peace that so many people miss is what to do next. Clay guides audiences on how to implement specific steps on a daily basis in order to actively achieve those goals.

Clay’s laugh and learn format keeps audiences entertained and excited the entire time. They will be furiously taking notes on information that will better their lives while laughing out loud about it. Audiences are given practical steps they can take and implement right away to help them achieve their goals. Audiences will get a “what not to do” guide from listening to humbling stories from the early days of Clay’s career. Your audience is guaranteed to walk away more energized and focused after Clay’s presentation. Choose the most awesome Las Vegas motivational speaker for your next event – choose Clay Clark.

Las Vegas Motivational Speaker Clay Clark at Your Next Event

Clay Clark is one of the sharpest minds among Las Vegas motivational speakers. He fascinates audiences and empowers them with practical steps to reach their personal and career goals. Clay is a business consultant and entertainer to several fortune 500 and blue-chip companies. He has empowered employees of companies such as O’Reilly, Hewlett-Packard, Farmers Insurance, and Maytag. He has received rave reviews from companies like Valspar Paints, Southwest Airlines, Oxy Fresh, and Quiktrip.

The best Las Vegas motivational speakers know their subject very well. They can communicate with audiences on a level that transcends everyday humanity. Clay is founded nine businesses all of which are still operating at a highly profitable level today. As a success coach and business consultant to hundreds of business owners, Clay gives others the tools they need to take themselves to high levels of success. Reaching goals of either a personal or business nature cannot be accomplished without daily practical steps to get there.

Clay is the US Small Business Association Entrepreneur of the Year. He has been awarded the US Chamber Of Commerce National Blue Quality Ribbon Award. He was recognized as one of the 30 most successful people under the age of 30 in the state of Oklahoma. He has also the founder of one of the 40 fastest-growing companies in the state of Oklahoma. He’s been featured on networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC. He has been seen in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Clay helps others to set personal career goals based on what they feel would make their life epic. Clay guides audiences to ask questions about what they truly want out of life and helps them set goals based on that vision. This is where many other success coaches fall short. Instead of stopping there, Clay shows audience members how to set specific steps that they can implement immediately to help them achieve their goals. Clay also teaches on scalability and duplicating processes.

Clay’s true witty humor is delivered in this laugh and learn formatted motivational presentation. Your audience will walk away with notebooks filled with valuable information. Audiences will be highly entertained as they learn “what not to do” from hilarious stories of Clay’s early career as a serial entrepreneur. Clay connects with audiences on a very approachable an emotional level and leaves them inspired, energized, and with tools in hand to become successful. Choose the best Las Vegas motivational speaker, Clay Clark for your upcoming organization meeting or convention.

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