The Make Your Life Epic Mission:

As my team has achieved success, it has not made me selfish; but it has truly opened my heart to the importance of showing how one can align his or her passions in a way that can and will produce a profitable business vehicle to take you to the destination of your dreams. I know that the wisdom I’ve gained through various successful and prolifically unsuccessful entrepreneurial endeavors that I have attempted since the age of twelve will be educational, inspirational, and entertaining to you as the reader.

Imagine being unable to sleep, as if you were in an I-Don’t-Want-To-Miss-Santa-Clause kind of way because your mind is always thinking of fun, new ideas and concepts that you could implement at your job the next day. As Def Jam founder and entrepreneur Russell Simmons has written, “The goal is to be able to live your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or Marvin Gaye sang a song. To be able to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke but to feel that way all the time.” Imagine what it would be like to never worry about money (because the people with the most money worry about money the least). Imagine what it would be like to actually get paid to pursue your passions. Imagine for a moment . . . but keep reading.

It is my intention that this website will help you see that the successes I have achieved up to this point are not “amazing” or the direct result of one single “great” event or decision. My early successes have all resulted from my personal application of the universal success principles that are available to all of us.

The practical education I needed to change and renew my mind is available to anyone reading this website. As President Abraham Lincoln once put it, “You must practically educate yourself, regardless of your accessibility to formal education” (this coming from a guy who attended approximately eighteen months of formal schooling en route to becoming president). However, the knowledge found in this website is meaningless and worthless if not applied IMMEDIATELY once it has been gained. So as you read this website, make sure you have a pen by your side so that you can write down the action steps and ideas that come to your mind as you read this website. Write in the margins. Circle valuable new ideas. You own the website. So you might as well make it your. MARK IN IT.

With the prevalence of the Internet, we all have access to virtually limitless amounts of information, yet most of us do so little with this readily available information. Many of us rack up huge personal debts pursuing highly theoretical bachelor degrees that we will never use. Many of us get upside down in home loans (owing more for them than they are worth) because we are told that they are a good investment despite the fact that the first three years of a mortgage are nearly all interest, and yet the average American does not live in their home for more than three years. However, amidst our studies of the Byzantine Empire, our trips to college football games, and our mortgage payments, our student loan payments and our car payments, we are not told that the majority of the world’s wealthiest people do not have college degrees and would not get one even if they had the time because they are too busy inventing, innovating, and producing profit.

This website is intended TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS by allowing you to learn from my past experiences, failures, and successes. Through my brief life history, you will discover the epic-ness of your own existence. Through my errors, you will discover what the great author Napoleon Hill called “the seed of an equivalent benefit” revealed through each adversity that I have encountered—the “seed of an equivalent benefit” that is only viewable to those armed with a positive mental attitude. The POSITIVE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS reading through this website WILL FIND THE “SEED OF AN EQUIVALENT BENEFIT” through each story. Through every success I experience, you the POSITIVE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS will find yourself getting excited as you become aware that the small successes I have achieved are VERY MUCH attainable to you as well (and I have a small brain).

“This is our life, and if we eat right, sleep right, have great genetics, detox our bodies, drink eight glasses of water per day, refrain from eating egg yolks and sugar, experience no stress, and live in a bubble, we might live to experience a hundred years on earth. We must make the most out of these times. Every day we have is a gift (to paraphrase the late, great, success author Napoleon Hill). Dreams are the captains of souls, and we must let the captains steer our ships. If we hit rocks along the way, if we lose our way, and God-forbid . . . if we die before reaching your destination, at least we lived, at least we set sail.

Growing up as Americans we have an easy go of it . . . starting a business, a family, and overcoming poverty in America is easy in comparison to attempting to accomplish these same goals in Cuba. Try starting a company there; try getting a business loan there; try getting Castro motivated to believe in your dreams. As Americans we live in a land of unbelievable opportunity. Merely existing in a quasi-depressed, pharmaceutical-drug-enhanced daze for eighty-five years is a pathetic way to go through our lives. We must reconnect with our dreams and begin to formulate a plan to realize them. We only have one life to live, and it is better to have tried and failed than to have gone though life as Mr. or Mrs. Mediocre.” – DJ Clayvis


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