10 Reasons Your Business Needs A Tulsa Marketing Agency

Tulsa Marketing Agency


1. Avoid Playing a Game of Guess Who

What is Marketing and what does it do? By definition, Marketing is “ The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”. Without marketing, research, development, and advertising, no business would succeed. You may be thinking “ Well that’s very pessimistic of you” but in reality, it’s the truth! It’s the truth for every small business owner/entrepreneur, and any major corporation or affiliation. Marketing breaks down into smaller segments that are: Advertising, and Research. You need both of these things hand in hand, so you know what kind of services or products appeal to your clientele base. If you didn’t do the research into what kind of goods or services are needed, you could end up creating or providing a wonderful service…but if no one needs it, your business will still fail.

For instance, a business transaction occurs when you exchange goods and services for money. It’s as simple as that. Now the reason Marketing is important is similar to then saying “ If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound”. If no one knows your goods or services exist, what is the point of creating something no one needs?


2. Increase in Sales Revenue

Working with a Tulsa marketing agency will increase your sales revenue…if marketed correctly! That is the key! Have you ever seen a commercial or a sign done so poorly, you’re standing there thinking, “ Who in the world came up with that idea and why?! ” When marketing your goods or services, you often want to keep in mind K.I.S.S. This stands for keep it simple stupid. You want your messages, billboards or flyers to be short, sweet, and to the point! You need to come up with something to grab your viewer’s attention! Think of this as the perfect opportunity to showcase your no-brainer. Which is a deal so good! No one can turn it down.


3. Saving Businesses and Entrepreneurs Time

If you are running your own business, I’m sure there are a million things on your mind! You need to make sure you keep the products and services stocked and ready to go. You have to manage your team of employees, or if you don’t have your own team of employees yet, you are running around trying to do the work of 10 people! So instead of worrying about how you’re going to put food on the table by bringing in new business, turn ovr all of your marketing strategies to a team who knows what they’re doing. They can handle all of your marketing and advertising, and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.


4. Leave Marketing to the Pros

With someone’s first interaction with your company, it needs to be memorable! It needs to grab the bull by the horns! If your future clients see an advertisement for your company that is poorly done, or it’s confusing and doesn’t make sense, it’s going to be like eating Brussel sprouts…it’s going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Anytime your working on any print pieces or website edits, you use different programs. If you are not familiar with these programs or how to create a full-proof layout for a print piece, you could cause more harm than good. By working with a Tulsa marketing agency, it ensures that someone who is not only familiar with the design programs but actually great at it! It ensures that your services will be advertised well!


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5. Marketing Is Just as Much About Research as It Is Advertising

If you were a plumber, wouldn’t you provide a detailed inspection and diagnose the issue before knowing down any walls, or replacing pipes? Just like any other problem solver, it’s important to know what problems, issues, or lack of services exist. The reason money is exchanged for goods and services is because it meets a need. If you are providing anyone with goods, or services, it’s important your do your research and looking for a need or looking to solve a problem before creating anything. Your Tulsa marketing agency can take your research, and turn it into useful information for your company.


6. Establishing Your Brand

Within marketing, you not only complete research and advertising. You create and establish your brand. Branding is extremely important! It’s oftentimes as important, or more valuable than the good or service. In 2018 Forbes magazine reported that 38% of users will leave a website if it looks unattractive. That’s right! Beauty sells! That is why your branding becomes your value. Take into account Apple products. The boxes that their products come in, are so sturdy and durable, they will last a lifetime! Tiffany & CO has because recognizable by their specific shade of teal. Now anytime someone sees a teal bag or box, they assume it’s from Tiffany’s! Their value has become associated with their branding.


7. Print Pieces, Websites, and More

By hiring a marketing team, your website, advertising, and print pieces will be in excellent hands! That’s right, we assist in creating and producing your website, posters, advertisements, and print pieces such as flyers, services worksheets, a workflow chart etc. This can be a lot on your plate when you’ve got so many other things going on. In 2019, Forbes Magazine reported that “ using software to purchasing digital software has risen, and is growing rapidly. Programmatic ads currently make up 62% of all digital ad buying”.


8. Marketing Helps You Reach Goals

The only way for you to reach your financial goals, is for you to sell something! By advertising and showcasing your goods, services, and what you can do as a business, you’ll have a larger inflow of new clientele coming your way. Marketing allows you to reach your goals. Think of your business as a ladder, and your goals are something you’re reaching towards. Every rung on the ladder is something essential and needed in your business. You’ve got sales, marketing, management etc. Marketing is an essential rung on your ladder to success.


9. Let’s Get down to Business and Sell Something

Now that you have the tools and knowledge to do something, it’s time to reach out and hire a Tulsa marketing agency. Your marketing will ease your burdens by handling your advertising, websites, and print pieces. It’ll be handled by a professional team, who has knowledge and experience in these different areas. You’ll see more business once you leave it up to the pros.


10. Growing Your Business One Customer at a Time

Just like the bat signal in Batman. Your Marketing and Advertising will act as your signal to potential customers. You are showcasing your handmade products, or offering services that could benefit someone else. You are fulfilling a need. Now that you are marketing and getting the word out there about your services, you will see your business grow, one customer at a time.


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